PleinAir Magazine presents the first annual "Plein Air Salon." In the spirt of the French Salon created by the Acade'mie des Beaux-Arts in Paris, this annual competition with bi-monthly contests leading to an annual Salon winner is designed to stimulate artist growth through competition and to reward artists through recognition and $20,000 in cash prizes. It is our belief that cash prizes assist in removing pressure to earn a living and help create an environment to thrive and develop new work in a pressure-free environment.

Each bi-monthly competition will offer recognition awards, visibility through PleinAir Magazine's newsletter editions plus awards of materials and supplies.

The competition is an annual contest with a bi-monthly component. Winners of each bi-monthly competition will be entered into the annual contest at which time a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and runner ups will be selected.

We will be rewarding up to $20,000 in prizes plus many merchandise and recognition awards. In order to enter you’ll have to register for your first entry and can use your sign-in and password for additional entries or future entries.

1st place: $ 15,000 cash prize plus more!
2nd place: $ 3,000 cash prize plus more!
3rd place: $ 1,500 cash prize
3 finalists: $ 500 cash prize
Plus showcase of all winners in PleinAir Magazine!

We're excited to launch this brand new art competition and are looking forward to the great works of art we're sure to see submitted!

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Competition Rules:
Each entry must be accompanied by an entry fee, which is non-refundable unless the image is rejected. The fee for the first image submitted is $30.00 and each additional image submitted is $11.00 each (US Dollars). There is no limit to the number of images you can enter in each bi-monthly contest and images can be re-entered in subsequent contests as many times as you wish. Competition is open to residents of any state or country where acceptable by law. All painting subjects accepted including studio and plein air works of any subject matter including, but not limited to landscape, architecture, still life, figurative, or portraiture in any size and made with any medium including oil, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, and others. PleinAir magazine reserves the right to reject or not display any image, which it feels is inappropriate or distasteful or the image quality resolution is poor. All images submitted in digital format and must be presented without frames and must have the signature of the artist. By submitting you agree that you are not submitting images, which are copies of other artists works or copyrighted materials and that you are the copyright holder and are submitting original work. By submitting you are agreeing in advance to have your artwork published on any Streamline Publishing, Inc. website, email, Facebook or Twitter page or other electronic or printed means, including PleinAir Magazine’s website and in PleinAir Magazine and promotional materials in perpetuity. If the publication requests a high-resolution image for higher quality reproduction purposes you are in agreement that you will provide this in a timely manner when requested. Each contest ends officially at exactly 12 midnight following the published final day of each contest.

All individuals entering must be at least 18 years of age to accept cash prizes. Entries will not be accepted if sent by mail or physical delivery of photographs, discs or actual paintings.

Annual Awards: $20,000 in Cash Awards

1st place: $ 15,000 Cash Prize plus article on the artist in Plein Air Magazine.
2nd place: $ 3,000 Plus Feature in the digital edition of Plein Air magazine
3rd place: $ 1,500
4th place: $ 500
Plus showcase of all winners in PleinAir Magazine!

Bi-Monthly Winners

Artist Profile on one Weekly Newsletter Plein Air Today
Framable Award Certificate
Products: To be announced


Each bi-monthly competition will be judged by a guest judge who will be provided with tools to rate the artworks and select the best of each competition.


The Grand Prize Winners will be annouced at the Plein Air Convention in Red Rocks, Nevada!

Past Winners May/June July/August September/October November/December January/February

January/February Jurors are Kathryn Stats and Kenn Backhaus

Nancy Crookston

Size: 8x10 Medium: Oil
Title: "Maggie"
Comments: First Place. Love the color harmony of this portrait. Great use of value and edges. Loose but controlled brushwork make for an unlabored painting effort.

Comments: 1st Place: This amazing jewel of a painting uses a full spectrum of temperature to give form to the facial structure which is entirely in shadow. The punch of strong light supports the reflected light that is so well stated. The predominantly cool skin tones serve to heighten the joy in experiencing the luscious warm tones where they appear. Superior brushwork and edge treatment!

Nikolo Balkanski

Size: 20 x 30 Medium: Oil
Title: "Sunny Winter Day"
Comments: Second Place. Through design, the light and shadow patterns and the handling of the medium, this artist found the poetry in a very simple subject. Bravo!

Comments: 2nd place Strong composition and lively use of color , light and shadow make this gritty scene a feast for the eyes.

Jeffrey Watts

Size: 23 x 17 Medium: Oil
Title: "Katrin"
Comments: Third Place. Great use of decorative design contrasted by the subtleties of the portrait. This artist's use of the medium displays a confidence only defined through experience and knowledge.

Comments: 3rd place The strong design in this piece first caught my eye. The background and scarf are richly treated to support and give shape the focal point of the face which also reflects its shape in the throat. The many angles, with no two being equal, are complimented by the curved shape of the scarf to complete the image of this lovely woman. The expression of the subject, who appears quite exotic in dress an hair, can speak to the viewer in many ways.

Jim Wodark

Size: 30x40 Medium: Oil
Title: "Good Morning Balboa"

Comments: A wonderful illusion of atmosphere captured in this painting. Good spatial arrangement of positive and negative shapes in this unique composition.

zhaoming wu

Size: 30x40 Medium: Oil
Title: "Glory"

Comments: Beautiful color harmony captured in this sensitive well drawn figure. Great use of light, shadow and edge control.

Casey Baugh

Size: 20x30 Medium: Oil
Title: "Autumn"

Comments: The use of edges through great brushwork make this wonderful painting. Love what the artist has done with the simplicity of subject matter. A very unpredictable painting with great results.

jeffrey watts

Size: 12x16 Medium: Oil
Title: "Babushka"

Comments: Strong, confident brushwork in reds and greens provide excellent support for the detail and character in this work. Great edgework helps move the eye around this painting so as to enjoy every aspect of the work.

jeffrey watts

Size: 9x12 Medium: Oil
Title: "Winter Light"

Comments: strong draftsmanship, great design and color harmony balanced with a variety of brushwork. The artist has given the viewer a sense of assuredness through the use of the tools and the medium.

Dean Larson

Size: 30 x 30 Medium: Oil
Title: "Summer Cafe"

Comments: Strong design, color harmony and the movement of light through this painting, all contribute to a compelling whole. The backlighting on the figures leave their shadow tones colorfully subdued, while that same light, shining through the glassware on the tables and across the ground, makes for a sparkling light which recedes, disappears and reflects in just the right balance.

Thomas kegler

Size: 12x16 Medium: Oil
Title: "cranberry bogs - Nantucket"

Comments: Sensitive handling of the subtle tones and color changes in this piece, which indicates midday, are handled in such a way as to keep rewarding the eye as it travels throughout this lovely painting.

Ned Mueller

Size: 10x12 Medium: Oil
Title: "Sunday Morning-Port Townsend"

Comments: Strong composition and effective use of color move the eye pleasantly through the painting, returning to the, strong, well placed center of interest which is well supported by water in the foreground reflecting both dark and light.

jeffrey watts

Size: 9x12 Medium: Oil
Title: "Charlotte"

Comments: This beautifully placed subject involves all sides of the canvas. The blue tones run from cool and travel right up to a rich red violet to add an extra element of excitement complimenting the face and eyes. The energetic use of paint and texture enhances the softer quality of this lovely face to provide a rich viewing experience.