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Either Oar
22x15, Watercolor $1800
Diana Aliberti

48 x 60, Acrylic $4000
tom amidon

A Tisket, A Tasket
13x16, Watercolor $1000
Kathy Armstrong

Winter Creek
20x13, watercolor $900
Janet Arsenault

Heart and Soul
16x27, Watercolor $1725
Kate Aubrey

Sun, 7 a.m.
20x15, gouache $950
christopher baker

The Walnut Vendor
19x12, Watercolor $3000
Karen Barnes

Painted Ladies
22x30, Watercolor $1200
Gordon Bashant

Zurich Cafe
18x30, watercolor $3000

Net Repair Shop
15x16, Gouache $500
David Belling

50 Chevy
13x20, Watercolor $750
David Belling

Cool Descent
32x20, Watercolor $NFS
John Bierley

Warm breeze
14x11, Gouache $600
Lucinda Getty Bush

24x32, Watercolor $3500
Ken Call

Silkie Chicks
14x16, Watercolor $2800
Deborah Chabrian

Then There Were Two
21x18, Watercolor $1400
Candace Cima

From Above and Below
22x30, Watercolor $2640
Alonzo Clarke

14x17, Watercolor $NFS
Connie Clutter

Fantasy for Strings
18x28, Watercolor $2400
Rachel Collins

26x23, Watercolor $NFS
David Colon Jr.

Zebra Lunch
30x22, Watercolor $1800
Teresa Cromwell

30x22, Watercolor $1800
Teresa Cromwell

Dream Fragments
22x22, Acrylic $3600
Elaine Daily-Birnbaum

28x20, Watercolor $3000
Ratindra Das

The former Strand Theater, key west, Florida
17x27, ink and watercolor $1400.
Roger De Muth

Rocky Slope
22x30, Mixed Media $3000
Pat Dews

Lamparilla - Havana Cuba
22x30, Watercolor $5,000.00
Tracie Doerner

16x24, Watercolor $1295
Gary Eckhart

Totem Shadows
20x30, watercolor $2400
Patrick Faile

Strength and Struggle
26x20, Watercolor $1800
Alicia Farris

30x38, Watercolor $2800
z feng

Winter Tree
30x22, Watercolor $2500
z feng

Leaves of Autumn
7x10, Watercolor $490
Jeanette Fournier

30x40, Watercolor $2500
randy globus

Citrus sp: Spanish Orange
11x15, watercolor $600
Pauline Goldsmith

Near Bloom
20x30, Watercolor $6500
Xi Guo

Canton Bazaar
14x19, Watercolor $2000
Cindi Handy

Waterfront at Crail Harbor
23x15, Watercolor $1200
Catherine Hearding

Santa Fe Square
15x15, Watercolor $1500
Janine Helton

Just Jessica
16x17, Watercolor $1500
Janine Helton

Light Reading
22x15, Watercolor $NFS
Anne Hightower-Patterson

Unexpected - Osprey Nest
29x40, Watercolor $3600
Sandra Hildreth

Strining A Though-In The Eye Of The Storm
18x12, Mixed watermedia $650.00
John James

Security System
11x15, Watercolor $750
Cheryl Johnson

Poms and Green Grapes
30x22, Watercolor $5000
Chris Krupinski

From the Top
30x22, Watercolor $5000
Chris Krupinski

Anxiety II
x, Watercolor $
Jennifer LaMarche

Shooting Star
13x19, Watercolor $1200
Jeanne Lampson

Sagrada Familia's Transcendent Light
21x14, Watercolor $NFS
Timothy Lederach

Arizona Roadrunner
14x21, Watercolor $700
Fiona Lovelock

15x22, Watercolor $NFS
Christine Verga Maday

Black Pond
13x20, Watercolor $3000
Jeffery Mathison

Three Magnolias and Silver
20x28, Watercolor $NFS
Laurin McCracken

Song of Peace
21x14, Watercolor $1900.
Carol McSweeney

In The Limelight
13x20, watercolor $NFS
Robert Mesrop

Rough Neighborhood
22x30, Watercolor $15000
Dean Mitchell

Low Battery
17x23, Watercolor $1000
kyle mort

Just Around the Bend
14x23, Watercolor $800
Mary P. Murphy

Change Up
19x27, Watercolor $2400
Catherine O'Neill

Dad's View
19x27, Watercolor $2400
Catherine O'Neill

Sabrett on 5th
20x28, Watercolor $5000
Elizabeth Oberman

Roots #1
22x30, Watercolor $3000
yuri Ozaki

11x15, Watercolor $850
Janet Palmer

True Blue 8
22x30, Watercolor $6500
Gay Paratore

Fall Farewell
21x29, watercolor $2800
Kris Parins

14x21, Watercolor $1500
Ann Pember

8x11, Watercolor $350
Linda Peterson

Open Sky
20x27, Watercolor $1400
Steve Philbrook

10x14, Watercolor $850
Trish Poupard

Pots and Pans
24x18, Watercolor $NFS
Thomas Rebek

14x19, Watercolor $800
Bob Ripley

Cloud Gazers
14x20, Watercolor $NFS
Alayne Sahar

Fire Dance
18x18, Watercolor $1250
Arena (Ying) Shawn (Xiong)

Sleep Helps, Figure Study No. 1
11x14, Watercolor, transparent and opaque and some ink $600
Carol Siracuse

Fly Fishing
15x22, Watercolor $2500
Mel Stabin

Moose River
18x24, Watercolor $1850
Roland Stevens

24x17, Watercolor $1800
Jane Stoddard

Deciduous # 4
10x10, Watercolor $300
Sally Stormon

Buggy coming into the City
20x26, Watercolor $1400
Eileen Sudzina

Peony just open
11x14, Watercolor $400
Michiko Taylor

Heads or Tails II
15x22, --Please Select--watercolor $995
Don Taylor

We're Home
15x22, Watercolor $2500
LIsa Wagner

Into the Light
15x11, Watercolor $800
Kathryn Wedge

Corner Market
26x40, Watercolor $4500
Susan Weintraub

Goldfinch Nest in the Goldenrod
16x20, Watercolor $1200
Margaret Wilson

Monarch Feeding Time
18x18, Watercolor $1100
Margaret Wilson

Shopping Therapy
22x30, Watercolor $
Lois Wolford

Green Baselisk
8x12, watercolor on vellum over panels $$2800
Carol Woodin


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