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M 10-2, T-F 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

Equus Ferrus
28x45, Mixed Media $NFS
Michael Alpay

Simply Wicked
36x48, Oil $NFS
Andrea Ambrose

11x14, Ink $NFS
Shay Austin

Valentines Queen of Hearts Hat
26x21x21, Mixed Media $NFS
Shay Austin

Back to Back
22x30, Mixed Media $900
Ruth Banarer

30x40, Oil $1500
Norm Beal

Look Mom, No Hands
36x40, Photography $950
Susanne Belcher

Mannequin Row in Bx NY
15x30, Acrylic $800
Maggie Cabral

20x16, Photography $300
Joanne Chase-Mattillo

moseying along
24x30, Oil $
Ray chavez

14x20, Acrylic and Ink $475
Christopher Conroe

What Fools These Mortals Be
22x27, Digital $485
Preston Craig

Something Completely Different
11x14, Oil $$875
Lynne Fearman

Sunflowers For Mom
10x10, Oil $500
Marian Fortunati

18x14, Oil on canvas $850
Richard Frederick

55x18x10, Painted Assemblage, Acrylic paint $8700
Richard H. Freund

it's Fishy
7x6x4, Painted Assemblage, Acrylic paint. $500
Richard H. Freund

Precious Cargo
5x11x4, Painted Assemblage, Acrylic paint. $600
Richard H. Freund

Wait for me!
30x30, Acrylic $375
Ann Blessing Gallagher

Stays Up Late
48x36, Acrylic $575
Ann Blessing Gallagher

10x8, Mixed Media $275
Debra Garrison

Something's in the Air
24x24, Oil monotype $NFS
Susan Gesundheit

Over Leaf
24x24, Oil monotype $NFS
Susan Gesundheit

Sometimes I Can Sneak Out of My Body
7x7, Found Objects Assemblage $250
Sylvia H Goulden

Waiting for Alice
12x6x6, Clay $433
Traci Gunn

Birdman Of Owl-catraz
11x9x4, Clay $333
Traci Gunn

What Goes Round
20x16, Watercolor $300
Toni Hanson

Bottoms Up
15x22, Watercolor $895
Judy Heimlich

Natural Habitat
11x14, Oil $376
Holly Highfield

Riding the Wave
30x40, Acrylic $2075
Stephanie Holznecht

In Plain Sight
30x30, Acrylic $2550
Stephanie Holznecht

peggys cove
16x20, Oil $450
Walter Hurlburt

Harper in the Pink
6x6, Oil $NFS
Tricia Kaman

Lucie Lincoln, Self Portrait with Italian Cookies; Pat Kelbaugh, watercolor, $375
13x9, Watercolor $375
Pat Kelbaugh

Pigeon Man of Notre Dame
18x24, Oil $NFS
Anna T. Kelly

Andy's Donuts
16x20x10, Mixed Media $1000
Tim Koch

12x18x10, Wood, spray paint $300
Tim Koch

12x14x10, Mixed Media $500
Tim Koch

I want my mommy
11x17, Photography $500
Ken Kochakji

Portrait of a Lady #6
12x9x4, Mixed Media on palm frond $105
Dottie Korn-Davis

Bird in Bubble
5x8, Acrylic $NFS
Renate Lichter

First Blush (Diptych)
24x24, Acrylic $950.00
Ginger Linden Cross

18x36, Acrylic $950.00
Ginger Linden Cross

Clouds Over Fruit Trees
15x11, Watercolor $1500
Carolyn Lord

Seventh Street Heaven
16x20, Oil $2500
Carolyn Lord

Visiting a Tithonia
16x20, Oil $850
Rosina Maize

Surf Town USA
18x24, Oil $1800
Marie Massey

Bad Kitty
8x8, Sculpture $425
Margie Murray

15x11, Mixed Media $350
Rea Nagel

Sunshine Village
9x12, Mixed Media $NFS
Cathy Nestroyl

A Toast to Carmel
12x16, Oil $NFS
D. Wynne Nixon

Strawberry Machine and Gum Ball Basket
16x20, Oil $NFS
D. Wynne Nixon

Tag You're It
14x18, Oil $700
Patricia O'Hearn

Schwarzen Dachshundes
28x22, Oil $1500.00
Angela T. Phillips

Tea for Four
20x24, Oil $1950
Anette Power

Gotta Dance
13x26, Oil $1700
Anette Power

Life Savers
16x20, Oil $3500.00
Margaret Raab

Candy Slices
22x16, Oil $3000.00
Margaret Raab

18x24, Acrylic $475
Cheryl Radetsky

Bring Magic
18x24, Acrylic $475
Cheryl Radetsky

Owl Wisdom
18x24, Acrylic $475
Cheryl Radetsky

Mighty mite
30x20, Watercolor $1000
Gregory Radionov

30x20, Watercolor $1000
Gregory Radionov

Hawaiian press
20x30, Watercolor $1000
Gregory Radionov

Too bright
30x20, Watercolor $1000
Gregory Radionov

Midnight Snack: Idene
30x30, Oil $2500
Hannah Reinhard

Lucy in Green Sweater
36x48, Oil $3000
Hannah Reinhard

18x11x8, painted fired clay with palm frond $2800
Toni Reinis

79 cents
8x24x8, fired and painted clay $1800
Toni Reinis

17x14x10, fired and painted clay $2900
Toni Reinis

24x18, Oil $1200
Jorge Rodriguez

Dunking Donut
20x20, Oil $750
Terry Romero Paul

Pink With A Cause
36x36, Oil $2900
Terry Romero Paul

Sprinkles On Top
30x24, Oil $950
Terry Romero Paul

Sweetheart Cake
30x15, Oil $700
Terry Romero Paul

Microwave Tower
15x21x11, Hedge limbs, copper, cedar $400
Kenneth Ronney

12x9, Oil $800
kuniko Ruch

10x10, Oil $
kuniko Ruch

17x6x6, wood $15000
Eugene Seregin

16x11x5, wood $15000
Eugene Seregin

Rose-Colored Glasses
22x14, Transparent Watercolor $NFS
Natalie Smythe

Self Portrait
15x11, Watercolor $1500
susan spector

Magic Carpet Ride
11x9, Mixed Media $Not For Sale
Randy Sprout

24x18, Mixed Media $1500
Leonard Spunt

16x16x, GLASS $650
jackie steimke

Purple Haze
38x40, Acrylic $1100
Linda Stelling

String Therory
36x48, Acrylic $1100
Linda Stelling

24x18, Mixed Media $1200
Young Summers

Cormorant Line Up
12x16, Oil $1050
Jane Thorpe

Follow The Leader
20x22, Oil $3200
Elaine Verchick

Taxi Tales
9x12, Oil $400
Glenn Waggner

40x13x13, Mixed Media $600
Brenda Welsh

Tube Worm - Macro
11x14, Photography $200
MIchael Wicks

Giant Pistachio
43X54, Oil $2,500
Evan Wilson

Learning to Surf
52X108, Oil $5000
Evan Wilson

26x20, Watercolor $NFS
Setsuko Yoshida

The Jungle's Gilded Mistress
11x14x4, Mixed media/Assemblage $950
Natalie Zimdahl

15x30, Mixed Media $1000
Robert Zimdahl


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