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It's just a little bit of dirt.jpg
18x24, Oil $2000
laurie adams

Magnificent Birch
30x24, Oil $2995
Constance Agard

Red Canoe
28x22, Oil $1995
Constance Agard

8x10, Oil $$400.0

Sunflower Celebration
26 x 32, Oil $$1,700
Marilyn Antram

Red Kimono
12x16, Oil $900.00
Charlotte Arnold

Tide's Out
11 x 11, Pastel $600.
Lyn Asselta

Sunflowers in My Studio II
24x30, Oil $3100
Jill Banks

Resting Side by Side
16 x 40 x 1.5, Oil $1,495
Leslee Bechtel

12x24, Oil $$2000
Linda Blackburn

The Storm Recedes
12x16, Pastel $1200
Melody Bogle

Cow Knot
11x14, Oil $450.00
Robbie Boyd

Venice Beach Palm
18x24, Acrylic $725
Penny Brady

11x14, Acrylic $625
Penny Brady

The Gurls
16x20, Oil $1200
Kathryn Brashears

Light and Shadow
8x10, Oil $$550
Gina Brown

Classical Still Life
18x24, Oil $$1500.
Andrina Carey

Streets of Paris
18x24, Pastel $$1650
Ann Caudle

Afternoon Snacks
18x24, Pastel $$1650
Ann Caudle

Poppy Meadow
18x24, Oil $$800
Durinda Cheek

Luberon Valley
24x30, Oil $$1200
Durinda Cheek

More Than Roses
8x10, Oil $495.00
Kristin Clark

Magnolia Wind
16X20, Oil $925.00
Kristin Clark

Firebird Motel Sign, Cheyenne, WY
11x14, Oil $600
Eleanor "Honey" corbin

Morning Over Keuka Lake
11x14, Oil $$900
Susie Covert

Fly Fishing on the Volkhov
20x24, Oil $$1300
Susie Covert

19 x 25, Pastel $2400
Bre Crowell

Catching the Wind
20 x10, Oil $1300
Ct Cummins

Garden Nursery
18x24, Oil $3300
Katie Cundiff

California Eucalyptus
16 x 20, Oil $2200
Katie Cundiff

An Afternoon Nap
14x18, Oil $$1200
Monica Dahl

Mary and Angel
12x16, Oil $$1000
Monica Dahl

The Red Coat
20x24, Pastel $850
Arlene Daniel

Morning Snack
8x10, Oil $500
Arlene Daniel

Garden Variety Onions
12x24, Oil $475
Leslie Davis

The Cuties
12x24, Oil $475
Leslie Davis

Primary Pastels
12x16, Oil $$800
Barbara Davis

Late August
12x16, Oil $$800
Barbara Davis

Dream Pasture
12x12, Pastel $$650
Camille Day

Smoke Signals
11x14, Pastel $$700
Camille Day

Afternoon Tour
18x24, Oil $$1,450
Beverly Ford Evans

Deep Roots
18x24, Oil $$1,450
Beverly Ford Evans

Island Music
12x24, Oil $710.00
Shirley Fachilla

Ruffled-up Cowgirl
12x24, Oil $710.00
Shirley Fachilla

War Eagle River
18x24, Oil $$1100
Judy Ferguson

Plantation Waters
12x12, Oil $500
Tiffany Foss

Canal Custodian
19x22, Watercolor $$500.0
Barbara Fuller

All Electric
16X20, Oil $675
Connie Gaertner

Rose Trellis
24x30, Oil $1650
Rani Garner

Home Stretch
24x36, Oil $1800
Rani Garner

Backlit Trees
24x36, Oil $5200
Mary Garrish

Outside Mendocino
12x24, Oil $2400
Mary Garrish

18x20, Acrylic $550
Kristin Gibson

Montana Canola Fields
8x10, Oil $600
millie gosch

Carmel Cypress
12x12, Oil $1100
Elaine Hahn, OPA

After The Last Tango In Paris
30 x 30, Oil $1800
Nancy Rhodes Harper

Color Salute
11x14, Oil $480.00
Sandra Harris

Quiet Morning
12x16, Oil $$750
Blanche McAlister Harris

Pear and Cherry Tumble
20 x 16 inches, Oil $$1,600
Marcia Holmes

11x14, Oil $2100.0
Paula Holtzclaw

The Point at Dusk
12x24, Oil $2900.0
Paula Holtzclaw

Returning with the Catch
20x24, Oil $$1320.
Marilyn account deleted Howard Flinn

How to Bait the Hook
20x24, Oil $$1220.
Marilyn account deleted Howard Flinn

Bouquet in Blue
16x20, Oil $1200
Anne Hugghins

Good Morning Sunshine
8x10, Oil $400.
Judith Jackson

Making a Joyful Noise
16x20, oil on linen $$1200
maryanne jacobsen

Use The Back Door
11x14, Pastel $$700
Barbara Jaenicke

White Linen
24x30, Oil $$2160
Deanna Jaugstetter

Charm and Grace
24x30, Oil $$2160
Deanna Jaugstetter

Yellow Roses
11x14, Oil $$400
Michele Karahalios

Wind and Rain
12x12, Oil $985.00
Jo Ridge Kelley

Sea Glass Seekers
30 x 20, Oil $1800
Nicole White Kennedy

12x16, Oil $475.00
Rose Kennedy

Silent Fisherman
18x24, Oil $875.00
Rose Kennedy

Sugar Hollow Creek in September
24x30, Oil $1800
Julia Lesnichy

Moose Tracks Road
8x10, Oil $595
Sherrie Russ Levine

North Light Reflections
24x30, Oil $2000
Sherrie Russ Levine

16x20, Oil $1200
helli luck

12x16, Oil $950
helli luck

Via Porta Romana
12x16, Oil $$1,200
Gloria Mani

Water People
20x16", Oil $2000.
Diane Mannion

On A Clear DAy She Can See Forever
16x20", Oil $2000.
Diane Mannion

Clementine, peeled
8x10, Pastel $$850
Nancy Marshburn

11x14, Oil $750
Dottie Martz

Hot Shrimp Boats
8x10, Oil $$580.0
diane may

Got Geraniums
12x14, Oil $$1,150
diane may

Lazy Lavenders
11x14, Oil $890
Carol McArdle

Lucus Masked
9x12, Oil $$600
Carolyn McDonald

9x12, Oil $$600
Carolyn McDonald

Lowcountry Panorama
8x8, Pastel $895
eveline miller

Lowcountry Marshscape
20x16 framed, Pastel $1200
eveline miller

Bird's Eye View
12" x 30", Watercolor $$1750
Kim Minichiello

Pak Tai Guardian
22.5" x 30", Watercolor $$3200
Kim Minichiello

Playing with Dinosaurs
8x10, Oil $525
Lisa Mistiuk

20 x 30, Oil $$1800.
Helen Moody

A Good Buddy
5x7, Oil $$500.
Cecile Morgan

Sunday Morning
20x24, Oil $$1595
Suzanne Morris

24x30, Oil $2200
Debra Nadelhoffer

Winter's Sleep
18x24, Oil $1900
Debra Nadelhoffer

Good Ol Boys
18 X 28, Watercolor $$2,100
Linda D. Neal

Rust in Peace
19 X 28, Watercolor $2500
Linda D. Neal

Sunlit Courtyard
16x20, Oil $$1200
Sandy Nelson

Fishing Companion
11x14, Oil $$800
Sandy Nelson

Just Relaxing
14x18, Pastel $1200
Rosalyn O'Grady

Silent Light
10x20, Oil $$1000
Kathie Odom

Sycamore Row
12x24, Oil $$1300
Kathie Odom

Sweet and Sour
16x20, Pastel $660
Wendy Ordonez

9x12, Oil $900
Susan Patton

Hello There
11x14, oil $950
Susan Patton

Goat Grazing
11x14, Oil $$735
Virginia Pendergrass

Light Year
8x16, Oil $$385
Faye Christian Phillips

14x18, Oil $$675.0
Cheryl Powell

rush to sea
12x16, Oil $995
Ann powers

Pitcher of Lemonade
12x12, Acrylic $400
Sharon Repple

Ain't Nothin But a Hound Dog
10x10, Oil $400
Karen F. Rose

If Barns Could Talk
20x16, Pastel $1200
Marsha Savage

Summer Pasture
9x12, Pastel $550
Marsha Savage

Beach house
16x20, Oil $400.00
Joanne Schwartz

Orange Bucket
6x6, Oil $200.00
Brenda Siegel

Roof Tops
12x16, Oil $420.00
Brenda Siegel

24x36, Oil $4500.
mary o smith

Morning Rafter
20x24, Oil $3500.0
mary o smith

South Beach Nostalgia
16 x 20, Oil $$625
patricia sorg

Southern Exposure
10.5x13.5, Pastel $$600
Kathleen Sparkman

The Pigeon Herder
12x16, Oil $$450
Ann Stapp

Elkins Barn
18 x 14, Oil $$550
Ann Stapp

Woodland Mist
24x24, Oil $$1800
Nona Stephens

Majestic Dune
12x12, Oil $$795
Karen Stewart

Dune Glow
8x6, Oil $$295
Karen Stewart

Sneaking Up On Dinner
12x16, Oil $1,000.
Anne Stickney

Campfire Confessions
24x30, Oil $$1,650
jeannie stone

Evening Blues
20x24, Oil $$700
Mary Sumner

Group Hug
6x6, Oil $175.00
Pamela Sweet

6x8, Oil $600.00
Ocie Templin

Just Passing Through
16 x 12, Oil $1100.
julia wallace

Hilltop Silo and Cows
18x24, Oil $$1250
Katrina Weber

24x30, Oil $$2100.
Marilyn Wendling

Well Docked
8x10, Oil $$500
betty wentworth

Host of Golden Daffodils
12x16, Oil $1200
dawn whitelaw

SoBe Kind of Day
18x24, Oil $750.00
Leah Wiedemer

Hydrangeas and Peaches
12x12, Oil $$800
Lyn Williams

Sunflowers and Pear
8" x 8", Oil $$500
Lyn Williams

VIP's Place
6x14, Oil $425.00
Cathleen Windham


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