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M 10-2, T-F 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

Marie Laveau
48x36, acrylic, glitter, on canvas $4500
Mar Abella

Isla Janitzio, Mexico
5x7, Acrylic on Canvas $NFS
David Aswad

August Sunset by the Sea
24x36, Oil $2500
Lisa August

Manifesting Love
36x48, with gold leaf $3250
Beverly Barris

Brooding Storm
18 x14, Oil $Not for sale
Beverly Barris

30x24, Oil $1500
Norm Beal

Devant le Miroir
24x20, Oil $1500
Norm Beal

Seeing Red
37x40, Digital Photography $1200
Susanne Belcher

11x11, Digital Art $300
Karol Blumenthal

Imagine That
14x11, Digital Art $250
Karol Blumenthal

16x20, Photography $300
Joanne Chase-Mattillo

20x16, Photography $300
Joanne Chase-Mattillo

30x40, Oil $1275
Ray chavez

Prepared Arrival
30x40, Oil $1275
Ray chavez

9x12, Oil $NFS
Richard Cook

River Belle
48x48, Oil $6000
Kathryn Donatelli

Remnants of the Day
18x24, Oil $1575
Lynne Fearman

California Live Oak
8x10, Oil $575
Lynne Fearman

Night of Fire
12x16, Oil $1100
Lynne Fearman

Montana de Oro Morning
20x30, Oil $3000
Marian Fortunati

30x40, oil $5000
Marian Fortunati

I See You
30x24, Acrylic $1700
Laura Frank

Sierra Salt
20x24, Oil $925
Richard Frederick

32x21x3, Found Objects $4500
Richard H. Freund

14x9x3, Found Objects $1000
Richard H. Freund

She Wrote Me a Letter
18x12, mixed media $500
Susan Gesundheit

Classically Surreal
10x12x10, Bronze $4200
Barry Gordon

lunar horizon
12x12, Mixed Media $200
Chris Hauser

Desert Sunset
11x15, Mixed Media $750
Judy Heimlich

Knight Rider
11x13x10, Metal $3500
Richard Herd

Veiled Woman
48x36x, Oil $4500
Richard Herd

Lazy Afternoon in Venice
22x7, Watercolor $900
Ruan Hoe

An Outlook at Catalina
11x15, Watercolor $500
Ruan Hoe

Solar Exposure
24x30, --acrylic $775
Tricia Hoye

16x20, --acrylic $275
Tricia Hoye

The Board Walk, Santa Monica
12x24, Oil $499
Jackie Johnston

Johnson's Island Still Life with Onions
24x20, Oil $1700
Tricia Kaman

Memoirs of a Kimono
24x18, Oil $3100
Tricia Kaman

Feathered Girl
24x18, Oil $1200
Tricia Kaman

15x19, oil on canvas $1200
Young Kang

18x29, oil on canvas $2500
Young Kang

13x10, Watercolor $375
Pat Kelbaugh

Untitled 127
88x50, Oil on canvas $8200
Allen Kirsch

Untitled 87
72x72, Oil on canvas $9500
Allen Kirsch

46x45x32, Wood,Foamcore,Acrylic, Spraypaint, custom and read $4500
Tim Koch

Morning walk at Lake Balboa Park
12x16, Photography $500
Ken Kochakji

Nutcracker Suite Ballet
11x14, Photography $400
Ken Kochakji

Bhutan Trio
30x40, Mixed Media $800
Dottie Korn-Davis

Malibu Glow
16x12, Oil $1200
Renate Lichter

Golden Moment, Venice Beach
11x14, Oil $2400
Renate Lichter

The Apple Basket
16x20, Oil $650
Rosina Maize

9x12, Watercolor $125
Rosina Maize

9x12, Oil $350
Rosina Maize

Blue Moon
22x30, Mixed Media $850
Rea Nagel

30x22, Mixed Media $800
Rea Nagel

20x12, Watercolor $600
Rea Nagel

Miles From Nowhere
48x36, Oil $NFS
William O'Connor

Laying Out
40x30, Oil $2500
William O'Connor

After the Downpour
16x20, Oil $800
Patricia O'Hearn

Sunlit Sierra Stream
16x12, Oil $550
Patricia O'Hearn

Home on the Range in Santa Paula
9x12, Oil $425
Janet Papkin

back to sun
30x20, Watercolor $2500
Gregory Radionov

three percenter
30x20, Watercolor $nfs
Gregory Radionov

30x20, Watercolor $2500
Gregory Radionov

Hidden Jewels
24x24, Mixed Media $390
Linda Rand

I wish
6x4, Oil $225
Terry Romero Paul

Sunset Enchantment
24x36, Oil $1800
Terry Romero Paul

Sunset: Believe
40x30, Oil $2000
Terry Romero Paul

North of Somewhere
36x24, Oil $1200
Margie Russomanno

Fire 10
24x24, Oil $2700
Ruth Petersen Shorer

Woman of Quality
12x9, Powdered Graphite $NFS
Natalie Smythe

Bronze Glow
11x21, Transparent Watercolor $NFS
Natalie Smythe

Moonrise Over Vancouver
9x11, Pen With Soft Pastel $600
Randy Sprout

Starry Night With Fire in Our Mountains
5x7, Water Color $300
Randy Sprout

The Source
40x30, Acrylic $3000
Leonard Spunt

Crystal Cave
36x36, acrylic on canvas $2200.
Linda Stelling

Pleasure Ride
48x57, Acrylic $4600.
Linda Stelling

In Deep
48x60, acrylic on canvas $4800.
Linda Stelling

Rhapsody in Red
40x32, collage $3000
Young Summers

Golden Minutes
9x12, Oil $750
Jane Thorpe

Fire Fly!
12x16, Oil $1050
Jane Thorpe

End of the Road
8x10, Oil $500
Jane Thorpe

Light at Parker Lake
24x24, Oil $4000
Sharon Weaver

Sierra Guide
16x20, Oil $2300
Sharon Weaver

A New Curb for Naples
19x9, Watercolor $360
Nancy Whitlock

Giant Pacific manta
12x18, Photography $250
MIchael Wicks

Space Needle
18x12, Photography $250
MIchael Wicks

Romantic Encounter in High Desert
16x20, Acrylic $
Wen Young

10x8, Mixed Media $425
Robert Zimdahl


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