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LIBERTY #68: Global Warning
30x22, Mixed Media $1000
Laurie Barna

LIBERTY #31: Missing: Liberty
30x22, Watercolor $1000
Laurie Barna

The Disgrace - Fancy Fascist
20x20, digital image on fabric of original postage stamp $880.
Barbara Brandel

Downhill Flow
18x24, Oil $1600
Larry Bryson

Reigning Freedom
36x24, Oil $2300
Larry Bryson

Tomorrow’s Problem
16x20, Photography $300
Harlan Crowder

16x20, Photography $300
Harlan Crowder

Getting to the Point
16x20, Photography $300
Harlan Crowder

The Girl With The Secret
12x12, Mixed Media $375
Lise Crowley

Twit Beast
5x6x5, Mixed Media $899.00
Ilena Finocchi

War Memorial
49x60, oil, cloth $4300
David Fleming

40x40, Oil $2500
David Fleming

American Gunslinger
48x32x8, Assemblage of recycled wood industrial patterns $1200
Janet Fullmer Bajorek

Empty Vessel Martyr
42x20x20, Recycled and found objects mixed media. $4500
Susan Hazard

36x36, Mixed Media $2495
Susan Hazard

Water Protector
23x9x13, Stoneware $1000
Laurie Hennig

Young Buck
22x18x12, Stoneware $1800
Laurie Hennig

10x10, Mixed Media $300
robin johnson

Donald Trump's Plan for the American People
5x14x5, Maple wood $460
Mark Knize

Half truth
30x40, Acrylic $
Diane Levin

Berkeley Free Speech for Fascism Rally
21x27, Photography $500
Don Monkerud

Vote Republican!
21x26, Photography $500
Don Monkerud

We Are All One
22x27, Photography $500
Don Monkerud

Executive Disorder
31x18x7, Ceramic, found objects: wood, fabric $375
Dawn Motyka

Real Bad Hombre
14x17, Watercolor $450
Molly Murphy

And The Children Are Watching
24x36, Mixed media24 $
Molly Murphy

Charlottesville confederacy 2017
20x25, Watercolor $600
Molly Murphy

Sweet Land of Liberty- Of Thee I Sing
24x24, Digital/photography $900
David Nelson

40x20, Collage $3000
Alex Nizovsky

24x31, Watercolor $3000
Valerie Patterson

Women's Work
24x36, Oil $800
Kathryn Pierno

Rios I
36x24, Graphite and Oil Paint $10000
Gail Postal

Rios II
36x24, Graphite, Oil Paint, and Swarovski Crystal $10000
Gail Postal

Visit Scenic Trumpisstan
12x12, Acrylic $375
Jim Potterton

Our Sad Flag
28x22, Acrylic $675
Jim Potterton

Visit Trumpisstan 2017
30x22, Acrylic $650
Jim Potterton

Candice - Los Angeles Homeless
11x14, Photography $225
Joe Ravetz

Enlightened Liberty from The AND Series
72x48, Acrylic, rice paper and ink on canvas $9700
Sandy Shaw

Man of Conviction
21x16x14, Clay, plexiglass, wood, metal, fabric, paint $Worthless
Peggy Snider

16x12x7, Clay, underglaze, oxides, glaze $650
Peggy Snider

The Scream
19x13x9, clay, underglazes, glazes, oxides $825
Peggy Snider

80,00 Gather to Cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge
11x17, Photography $600
Stephanie Solomon

Dick Gregory America's America's Journey for Justice 2015
11x17, Photography $600
Stephanie Solomon

Buddhist with the Drum and Flag Selma 2015
11x17, Photography $600
Stephanie Solomon

The Artist Speaks Out
17x18, felted imagery $160
Ginger Summit

Reaching Out
12x15, felted imagery $140
Ginger Summit

Third Millennium Man
15x7, woodcut print $480
Anthony Thomas

At the Banksters' Banquet
40x26x20, acrylic, wood, collage, found objects $850
susan vaughan

Rachel's Daughter
40x60, Acrylic $nfs
Michelle Vezina Peterlin

Recruitment Poster
30x40, Acrylic $5,000.00
Michelle Vezina Peterlin

The Blessing
24x28, Acrylic $2,000.00
Michelle Vezina Peterlin

Hidden Agenda
24x48, Oil $2800
Cydette Vikander

36x48, Mixed Media $3600
Cydette Vikander

The spoils of war
36x48, Oil $4350
Sheila Waltz

36x36, Oil $4350
Sheila Waltz

48x48, Oil $4350
Sheila Waltz

18x36, Acrylic $1200
Laura Whittier

Escaping the Empire
18x24, Graphite $600
Rick Yost

New Gods
14x17, Graphite $500
Rick Yost

JW and DL: Courage Spoken and Unspoken
12x12, Digital $45
Dali Zheng

'Merican Foods of the 35th to 45th Presidents
13x25, Digital $90
Dali Zheng


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