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Run Girl
41x58, Mixed Media $6000
Margery Appelbaum

Open Spaces6
16x19, intaglio and relief print $200
Jill Cliffer Baratta

Ocean Waves
30x20, Watercolor $550
Jill Cliffer Baratta

Wave Song
18x24, Oil $800
Sandra Bertrand

Watermarks II
30x20, Charcoal $900
Laurel Clark

Bridges 12
30x24, Charcoal $975
Laurel Clark

Yellow Field
8x1, Oil $1200
Lauren Davis

Tribeca, New York City
9x12, Oil $500
susan decastro

Dead Sea
7x10, Photography $300
Carol Dixon

Greenwich Cove at Dusk
7x10, Photography $300
Carol Dixon

Summer Sky
20x30, Oil $1800
Diane Farr

Yankee Stadium Bleachers
16x20, Photography $350
Susan Hammond

Forsythe 4
16x20, Photography $400
Susan Hammond

effervescent atmosphere #10
36x60, Mixed Media $1200
Susan Holford

effervescent atmosphere #3
40x40, Mixed Media $900
Susan Holford

King Tide
36x30, Oil $4000
andrea kelly

Northwest Harbor
36x56, Oil $6000
andrea kelly

The Equation of Sparkle
36x48, soft pastel on paper, mounted photographs $10000
Nancy Staub Laughlin

Water Lines are One
25x35, soft pastel on paper $6000
Nancy Staub Laughlin

35x47, Oil $3,600
Chrysoula Lile

Fields From Above
24x24, Acrylic $1200
Leah Raab

30x40, Acrylic $1500
Leah Raab

Distant Port
16 x 42, oil and powdered pigment on canvas $1750.00
Celia M Rabinovitch

24x36, oil on canvas $1750.00
Celia M Rabinovitch

Vitner's Inn Santa Rosa CA Room 310
48x24, Acrylic $1000
Patti Robbins

Yankee Stadium, Gate 4
24x24, Polymer Clay on Ceramic Shere $1200
Marisol Ross

Yankee Stadium, ariel view
16x20, Polymer Clay on wood $850
Marisol Ross

The Open Gate
16x20, Oil $2600
Sally Ruddy

She Plants at Midnight
7x10, Watercolor $500
Linda Snider-Ward

A Bit of Ireland
7x10, Watercolor $500
Linda Snider-Ward

17x28, Oil $1250
Lola Stanton

Sunrise In My Heart
12x12, Oil Pastel $530
Emily Talley

Ocean Flower
14x14, Oil Pastel $640
Emily Talley

Once Was and Now is Gone
50x28, oil on canvas $3,600
pamela r tarbell

the Pull of Infinity
12x12, collage cut paste paper $480
Ruth Terrill

Spanish Jewels, 1
14x11, Recycled Brown Bags and Acrylic on Canvas $950
Leah Tomaino

Spanish Jewels, 2
11x14, Recycled Brown Bags and Acrylic on Canvas $1350
Leah Tomaino

Sidpa Bardo, Six Realms of Existence
60x24x2, Acrylic on canvas with Pearl Ex Aztec Gold #658 pi $2,000

Funeral Pyres at San Francisco Bay, All Dogs Go to Heaven
22x27, Femmage w/ hand-cut found paper, US Geological Sur $2,500

Study of the Mobius Strip (one-sided loop)
14x18, Boots, wire, elastic , pins $990
Larisa Waya

Trail Head To The Summit
9x12, Soft Pastel $550
Barbara Kitty Williams


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