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M 10-2, T-F 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

Akebia quinata Fiveleaf Akebia
7x13, copper etching $600
Bobbi Angell

Penstemon Firebird
13x11, Colored Pencil $800
Nina Antze

Tropaeolum majus,
14x11, Watercolor $NFS
Bonnie Bonner

Protea cynaroides, King Protea
15x14, Watercolor $NFS
Cynthia Byrne-Margetts

Wisteria sinensis, Chinese wisteria
22x30, Watercolor $2400
Jane Levy Campbell

Paeonia suffrulicosa, Tree Peony
16x20, Watercolor $1200
debbie crawford

Fuchsia 'Grand Harfare'
13x10, Watercolor $1200
Catherine Dellor

18x15, Gouache $2400
Carrie Di Costanzo

18x13, Watercolor and Gouache $2200
Carrie Di Costanzo

Papaver somniferum, Poppy
8x10, watercolor on vellum $1600
Jean Emmons

Tulipa, Parrot Tulip (Yellow)
10x13, oil on paper $1200
Ingrid Finnan

Cercis Canadensis x2, Eastern Redbud - Spring Buds and Leaves
23x20, oil on paper $2200
Ingrid Finnan

Late Spider Orchid Combination
12x16, Watercolor $600.00
Pauline Goldsmith

Dahlia cv., Dahlia Andries Orange
14x11, Watercolor $1100
Pria Graves

Hippeastrum Apple Blossom (Apple Blossom Amaryllis)
16x12, Pencil $NFS
Erika Hargesheimer

Pulsatilla patens (Prairie Crocus)
14x11, Pencil $NFS
Erika Hargesheimer

Dianthus plumarius, Pinks
11x7, Watercolor $NFS
Susan Hill-McEntee

Osteospermum fruticosum, African daisy
14x10, Watercolor $NFS
Laurence Hills

Narcissus poeticus, Pheasant Eye
11x17, Watercolor $NFS
Dorothy Hunter

16x10, Watercolor $1200
Rose Marie James

Tulipa, Red Impression
12x18, watercolor $500
Linda Kam

Vernal Witch Hazel (Hamamelis vernalis)
15x11, Watercolor $NFS
Joan Keesey

Rosa, sp.
9x12, colored pencil on film $950
Nancy Wheeler Klippert

Tacca chantrieri, Cats Whiskers
10x14, Watercolor $795
Stephanie Law

Meconopsis Lingholm, Himalayan Blue Poppy
10x14, Watercolor $795
Stephanie Law

Hibiscus moscheutos, Hibiscus
22x15, Watercolor and Graphite $1200
Keiko Nibu Tarver

Echinacea purpurea, Coneflower
10x14, Watercolor $800
Keiko Nibu Tarver

Clematis armandii, Evergreen Clematis
20x15, watercolor and colored pencil $1295
Janet Parker

Tulipa x gesneriana, Parrot Tulip
14x10, Watercolor $600
Lois Perlman

Echium candicans, Pride of Madeira
10x14, Watercolor $850
Sally Petru

Iris Buttercup Bower
12x16, Colored Pencil $500
Elizabeth Peyton

African Daisy
9x12, Colored pencil $450
Elizabeth Peyton

Xylobium pallidiflorum, Xylobium orchid
16x12, Watercolor on vellum $NFS
Linda Powers

Paeonia lactiflora, Pink Peony
16x12, Watercolor $2200
Mitsuko Schultz

Rudbeckia hurta,Black-eyed Susan
11x8, Colored Pencil $1500
judith scillia

California Buckeye Flower Spike and Seed, Aesculus californica, Canyon Pink
13x10, Colored Pencil on Film $1800
Vi Strain

Iris Germanica
8x11, colored pencil on drafting film $150.00
irma Sturgell

Sunflower Awakening
16x16, Watercolor & gouache $3500
Jeannetta vanRaalte

Clematis x durandii
14x11, Watercolor $900
Barbara Ward

Pink Peony
11x14, Watercolor $1000
Kathe Wilcoxon


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