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M 10-2, T-F 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

16x12, Acrylic $450
Mar Abella

bone Island
18x24, oil on panel $400.
brenda anderson

Mid Day
24x24, Acrylic $500.
brenda anderson

20x20, Oil $300
Eva Andry

8x10, Mixed Media $625
Susanne Belcher

Avignon to Paris Numero 3
8x8, Mixed Media $500
Andree B. Carter

Avignon to Paris Numero 4
8x8, Watercolor $500
Andree B. Carter

Garden Room, Taliesin West
14x20, Mixed Media $500
Chuka Susan Chesney

11x14, Watercolor $500
Annie Clavel

Taveuni Sky
8x16, Oil $1450
Victoria Dean

Taveuni Sunset
8x16, Oil $1450
Victoria Dean

20x20, acrylic on raw linen $500
Pam Douglas

Ethereal Jellies
24x24, Acrylic $900
Laurie Beth Finkelstein

Sycamore Cove Shadows
9x12, oil $550
Marian Fortunati

Lunaria Annua
18x12, Monotype on Fabriano paper $375
Susan Gesundheit

Mustang Money Plant
12x18, Monotype on Fabriano paper $375
Susan Gesundheit

Moonlight Sonata
28x8, Watercolor $575
Judy Heimlich

Iridescent Iris
22x14, Mixed Media $1200
Judy Heimlich

Shadow Box
12x12, Acrylic and Collage $450
Lucie Hinden

Quilt 2
18x18, Acrylic and Collage $750
Lucie Hinden

18x24, Oil/collage $450
Diane Karpel

18x24, Oil/collage $450
Diane Karpel

Going South #2
24x18, Acrylic on panel $400
Nancy Goodman Lawrence

Lilies In A Black Vase
11x14, Oil $475.00
Ellen Levine

Tequila and Lime
10x8, Oil and paper on board $475
Ellen Levine

Oriental Poppies
12x24, Oil $600.00
Kathryn Malta

Red Chromology
10x10, Oil $500
Patricia R. Ogden

8x5, Mixed media collage $450
Carol Orzack

Untitled, 012017
16x20, Acrylic, canvas, Japanese tissue, gold leaf and en $800
Nancy Phillips

Untitled, 020217
20x16, Acrylic, canvas, gold leaf, Japanese tissue and en $800
Nancy Phillips

Year of the Horse
10x10, Oil $1000
kuniko Ruch

Ethnic Study 2
24x18, Acrylic $1200.
Lynne Schroeder

Woman of Quality
19x16, Powdered Graphite $1000
Natalie Smythe

Golden Goddess
28x18, Mixed Dry Media $2100
Natalie Smythe

Transitional Epoch
24x28, Oil $5800
Julie Snyder

Tribe of Fab
12x12, Oil $1450
Julie Snyder

16x12, Acrylic $575
Betzi Stein

Central Valley
14x16, Soft Pastel $600
Loraine Veeck

La Selva Negra
18x32, Acrylic with collage on canvas diptych $1000
Brenda Welsh

La Mujer del Fuego
12x14, Acrylic $500
Brenda Welsh


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