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15x10x5, alabaster $7700
elisa adams

On Top of the World
20x60, Oil $7200
Jill Banks

The Beating Heart of a Dove
24x30, Mixed Media $2500
Carole Belliveau

Leon On Me
24x30, Oil $2500
Crystal Beshara

In Flight Barn Owl
12x36x10, Clay $2500
Cindy Billingsley

14x25x11, Bronze $6750
Jill Blaisdell

Stairway to Heaven
20x16, oil $1850
Liz Bonham

36 x18, oil and enamel on canvas $4500
Susan Brabeau

33x22x15, Bronze $16000
Paige Bradley

Her Mother's Necklace
18x24, Oil $4320
Jane Bradley

Echo Amphitheater
24x18, Oil $1500
Bonnie Brentz

Foot Bridge at Smith Farm
20x16, Acrylic $1400
J M Brodrick

Oasis Of Mara Joshua Tree National Park
20x16, Oil $2000
Naomi Brown

Mr. John Walz
20x16, Watercolor $3800
Ginger Chen

24x30, Acrylic $4800
Lynette Cook

18x18, Oil $1500
Carrie Cook

The Thinker
9x12, Oil $1400
Kathleen Coy

Pride of the Lakota
12 1/2 x 11 1/2, Nero pencil $1900
Maria D'Angelo

Natural Curls
24x36, Mixed Media $2800
Barbara Dahlstedt, CPSA,CPX

24x18, Watercolor $1400
Sandy Delehanty

24x30, Oil $4500.00
loren dibenedetto

Alpine Sanctuary
18x24, Oil $5200
christine Drewyer

Coffee With Frida
30x40, Oil $4300.00
Leslie DuPratt

Slinking Away
24x30, Charcoal, watercolor & acrylic on aluminum $1500
Jill Eberle

A Quiet Place
24x20, Oil $3200
Barbara Summers Edwards

Autumn Resplendent
20x20, Oil $1800
Fran Ellisor

Little Pink Dress
36x24, Oil $3600
lani emanuel

Lotus Leaves and Lily Pads
30x20, Oil $4800
sheri farabaugh

Skimming the Treetops II
25x20x14, Bronze $7500
Cathy Ferrell

Golden Hour
18x24, Oil $3300
Cynthia Feustel

Canyon Fenceline
12x11, Soft Pastel $900
Bethany Fields

Late Summer Tomatoes
30x36, Oil $8000
Elizabeth Floyd

24x16, Acrylic $$4000
Ellen Fuller

Pawtrait Of A Black Bear
11x14, Scratchboard $1800
Ginger Gehres

2 Down, 7 To Go
18x18, Oil $1675
Heather Gibson

Queen of Hearts
19x29, Watercolor $3500
Kathleen Giles

Gone Fishin'
10x12x5, Bronze $3450
Sandy Graves

Very French
14x11, Oil $980
Nancy Haley

On the Edge of Her Seat
36x24, Oil $5400
Terry Cooke Hall

Shades of Grey
16x16, Oil and Metallic Media $2000
Whitney Hall

A Cappella
36x36, Oil $3500
Anne Harkness

Near the Black Hills
16x20, Oil $4600.00
Sherry Harrington

Big Fish, Little Pond
30x40, Acrylic $1925
Glenyse Henschel

Arizona Maverick, Coral Cactus Bloom and Bud
28x22, Oil $2950
Dyana Hesson

Sun Kissed
30x40, Oil $2500
Tina Honerkamp

Breaking Through
40x30, Oil $3200
Amanda Houston

16x20, Oil $2500
Jane Hunt

The Model
15x18, Soft Pastel $2000
Jodie Kain

QUANAH PARKER Comanche War Leader Of The Quahadi
40x15x14, Pictures are of the clay. This piece is being bron $16500
HR "Heather" Kaiser

All That Glitters
36x18, Oil $4500
Shelby Keefe

12x16, Oil $1595
Debra Keirce

Point Lobos Cypress
24x30, Oil $6500
Laurie Kersey

Portrait of Eileen
16x20, Oil $7500
Stanka Kordic

Blue Glove
24x30, Oil $2,500.00
Allison Kroll

20x30, --Please Select-- $4000.00
Christina Kuo

San Jose Mission Doors
30x30, Soft Pastel $4000
Nancy Lilly

Chick Please
11x14, Oil $1300
dorothy lorenze

The Harvest
24x36, Oil $4000
CJ Lukacsik

Prairie Lightcatchers
16x20, Watercolor $2200
Susan Lynn

The Shopkeeper
12x18 in, Colored Pencil and Graphite Pencil $3250

The Red Lure
11x14, Oil $2500
Jane Manco

Lean In
60x24, colored scratchboard $30,000
Sally Maxwell

24x18, Charcoal $1900
Kerri Mcauliffe

Grey Wolf
12x4x6, Bronze $2700
Georgene McGonagle

Raven Steals the Light
24x16x8, Bronze $2895

Tea Party
36x24, Oil $4500
Lisa McLoughlin

20x22x6, Bronze $10800
Connie McNees

Into The Silver Lining
24x24, Oil $4400.00
Kami Mendlik

My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord.....Luke
26x32, Oil $3800
iryna milton

My Point of View
20x20, Watercolor $2000
Kim Minichiello

The Gift
18x24, Oil on Linen $2,200
Rosa Montante

12x16, Oil $1800
Gini Morelock-Bosco

19x33x12, Stone $5500
Paddi Moyer

Spring Exchange
18x12, graphite drawing $1,800
Dale Marie Muller

Light at the End of the Day
20x15, Colored pencil $4,000
Eileen Nistler

Dragonfly’s Dream
24x30, Oil $5000
Rachele Nyssen

Fish, It's What's for Dinner
36x16, Oil $4000
Donna Nyzio

Fancy That
30x22, Watercolor & Gouache $2200
Carla OConnor

Spring, Hill Country
30x30, Oil $4000.
Nancy Paris Pruden

Promise and Despair II
36H x 24W, Oil $10500
Linda Pearlman Karlsberg

See Me
9x12, Colored Pencil $2000
Mandy Peltier

Cut to the Chase
xx, Bronze $3500
Tammy Penn

Local Girls
24x24, Oil $5200
Jan Perkins

Rushing Water
20x16, Acrylic $3200
Anne Peyton

Little Girl with a Big Guitar
18x24, Pastel on panel $2000
Sharon Pomales

Unforgettable out West
12x16, Soft Pastel $6000
Claudia Post

33x26, Oil $7000
Kimberly Reed-Deemer

Self-Portrait from Life
12x16, Charcoal $1100
Gaylynn Ribeira

The Fierce Bowman
16x20, Oil $6500
Nadine Robbins

Going Geisha
12x16, Oil $1400
Cathy Rowten

Dead or Alive
30x40, Oil $2500
Vanessa Rusczyk

12x16, Oil $3500
Linda Schroeter

Lion Pride
18x24, Oil $3800
Guenevere Schwien

30x36, Oil $2500
Brenda Semanick

20x16, Scratchboard $1200
Linda Short

Barnyard Cottonballs
4x3, Watercolor $1275
Rachelle Siegrist

28x30, Oil $5700
Jody Skinner

Into the Mangroves
16x10, Soft Pastel $1200
Julie Skoda

24x32, Oil $6250.00
Laurie Stevens

Next Generation
23x30, Graphite, Liquid Graphite, Color Graphite $3200
Kim Taggart

15x14, Oil $3200
Kathy Tate

Red Velvet
24x24, Oil $2900
Jennifer Taylor

Leaning In
30x22, Pencil $2800
Cathryne Trachok

Luna Moth
27x21x7, Stone , Wood , Metal $4000
Kathryn Vinson

Pony Express
30x30, Oil $2250
MB Warner

Victory of Wings
30x22, Watercolor $7000
Soon Warren

Before the Party
26x28, oil on canvas $2900
Ann Watcher

Lilies and Glass Globes
32x19, Watercolor $4500
Lorraine Watry

30x20, Oil $3000
Robin Wellner

Spirit Drummers
15x9x9, Clay $1800
Linda West

A Tree Needs A Bird
22x17x11, Belgium Black Marble and Sivec Marble on Carrara M $16000
Ellen Woodbury


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