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Hattie Caraway
17x22, Watercolor $875
Cary Smith

Belle Point At Old Fort Smith
20x16, Oil $975
Gil Adams

24x20, Oil $1475
Gil Adams

Gospel Light
16x20, Oil $1500
David Andrus

Night Gigging in the Ozarks
20x16, Acrylic $1700.00
Glenn Benson

Buffalo River
18x14, Acrylic $NFS
Glenn Benson

“In reference to Stamps”
15x15, Prismacolor colored pencil and embroidery on toned $1200
Autumn Blaylock

Osage Continuum
24x30, Oil $4500
Nancy Boren

24x24, Oil $3500
Lon Brauer

24x30, Oil $3500
Lon Brauer

Women I Come From (4)
18x12, Mixed Media $450
Neilann Brown

12x12, Oil on Linen $1995
Kim Carlton

Quapaw Quarter Spring
21x15, Acrylic on paper $1400
Susan Chambers

The Sentinel
24x18, Oil $2200
Cheryl Childers

Boxley Church
11x14, Oil $740
Becky Christenson

Ozark Mountain Views
9x12, Watercolor and Ink on antique paper $1,100
Jamie Craddock-Johnson

Discovering Georgia at Crystal Bridges
16x20, Oil $1500
Judy Crowe

The Show Must Go On
9x12, --Please Select-- $995.00
Judy Crowe

Prince of the Prairie
16x20, Oil $600
Mary Datum

Humble Beginnings
24x16, Oil $1000
Lynda Deer

Caddo Remembrance
12x12, Oil $975
Larry DeGraff

Ouachita Daybreak
20x14, Oil $1500.00
Jan Marie DeLipsey

The Pocket Watch Badge
18x24, Oil $895
Linda Dunbar

Losing Traction
24x24, Watercolor $2000
L. S. Eldridge

Indian Territory Sentinels
20x24, Oil $3600
Eric Fasking

Early Settlers in the Arkansas Territory
11x14, Oil $1200
Kathryn Fisher

If you had a Nickel...
12x24, Acrylic and Oil on Cotton Canvas $550
Debbie Frame Weibler

Path to the Light
20x16, Oil $1800
Joey Frisillo

Prairie Milkweed
16x20, Oil $1800
Joey Frisillo

14x21, Watercolor $600
Gloria Garrison

Hoga and Razorback
16x20, Oil $1200
Bill Garrison

Tahlequah Tom
24x12, Oil $1250
Julie Gowing Hayes

Cherokee Matriarch
16x12, Oil $550.
Virginia Grass Simmons

Arkansas Black Bear
30x24, Acrylic $2160
Marlene Hada

Seeking the Light
16x15, Watercolor $1200
Nancy Harkins

Gray Rock
30x30, Acrylic $4500
Charles Harrington

CCC Pavilion 6 at Petit Jean
30x30, Acrylic $4500
Charles Harrington

Caddo Bears Fisning on the Arkansas
11x14, Oil $3,200
Diana Harvey

Cultural Symbols of American History
14x14, Acrylic $1595
Helen F. Howerton

Ready to Rumble
10x20, Acrylic $1195
Helen F. Howerton

Sundown In Oklahoma
16x8, Soft Pastel $350
Jan Hutchinson

The Last Harvest
22x15, Watercolor $1500
Gary Johnson

The Last General
30x24, Acrylic $7750.00
Mike Larsen

Night Hog
20x20, Oil $10000.00
Jeff Legg

Cane Hill, Arkansas
12x12, Oil $1,500
Catherine Mahoney

Pursuit of Civilization #6
20x14, encaustic, collage, maps, oilstick and oil on pane $1600
Bobby C. Martin

Emigrant Indians #2
20x20, 3-color screenprint on Crane Lettra paper $750
Bobby C. Martin

Witness Tree: Bur Oak
11x14, Watercolor $1000
Lawrence McElroy

Arkansas Apple Blossoms
11x14, Oil $1300
Pat Meyer

Petit Jean Dawn
16x20, Oil $2000
Brenda Morgan

Native flowers of the Arkansas Territory
24x24, Oil $2200.
Margie Moss

Battle Field Blues
16x20, Oil $650.00
Leslie Newman

Council Oak
11x14, Oil $700
Boyd Osborne

Concrete Patina
18x24, Encaustic on panel $1300
Kerry Peeples

18x24, oil on panel $1200
Kerry Peeples

Very Late in the Fall
18x24, Soft Pastel $1560
Charles Peer

Near Capt. Pennywit's Landing
28x18, Soft Pastel $1650
Charles Peer

Leroy Eldridge Cleaver
18x24, Acrylics and Playing Cards on Panel Board $600
Rashawn Penister

Morning Fog-Elk River
13x9, Oil $525
Peter Pohle

Deep Water Like Wind
12x16, Encaustic on cradled birch panel $350
Michele Sabatier

Beaver Lake Rrevisited
28x22, Oil $8500
Jason Sacran

Highway 7 Autumn
11x14, Oil $395
Thia Schuler

The Church Has Left the Building
14" x 9 1/2", Pen and ink $700
Elizabeth Smith

Upland Cotton
16x8, Oil $650
Anne Spoon

Water Bearer
18x20, Oil $1200
Anne Spoon

Porch of Shadows
16x20, Oil $2500
james swanson

Ready To Go
18x24, Oil $2950
james swanson

1889 A New Life Begins
24x30, Oil $4200
Bob Thomason

New Life on the Tallgrass
24x30, Oil $4200
Bob Thomason

Bow to Glory
9x12, Soft Pastel $750
Margi Tucker

Antelope Hills October
30x24, Oil $5875
Tim Tyler

Capital Lights
24x24, --Please Select-- $1600
RL Weber

Storm Clouds Move Across Highway 177
14x11, Watercolor $800
Jeff Williams

Steve and Mike’s Road Trip, 1962
30x30, Oil $1975
Jennifer Wilson

The Last Sermon
15x22, Watercolor $1500
Doyle Young

Where Jim Crow Dwells No More
15x22, Watercolor $1500
Doyle Young


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