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4x9, Platinum Palladium Photographic Print $275
David Aimone

6x9, Platinum Palladium Photographic Print $375
David Aimone

Shiro Piegare 8127
12x12x3, Mixed Media $500
A.M. Benz

Weathering - 2
8x10, Photography $150
Tiina Bockrath

Inner Glow
8x10, Oil $300
Mitchell Brown

Princess Pineapple
5x7, Pencil $150
Jeffrey Casto

Purple Headphones
5x7, Pencil $150
Jeffrey Casto

10x10, oil and ink on denim $400
Michael Chaney

Saggar Fired Vessel
7x6x6, Clay $250
Pat Collins

Trysting Spot
10x10, Soft Pastel $425
Betsy Cook

Falling Petals
9x12, Monoprint $60
Catherine Corrigan

6x4, Mixed Media $325
Cheryl Dawdy

Shawangunk Stream
12x9, Soft Pastel $400
Carol Donnelly

Universa Virus (Ebola Monopoly)
7x7, collage, colored pencil, acrylic on wood $375
M. M. Dupay

The Fluidity of St. Theresa #3
5x5, collage, acrylic transfer, colored pencil on wood $375
M. M. Dupay

4x3x4, Clay $50
Ellen Egger-Aimone

Queen Anne's Lace
8x8, Acrylic $125
Cheryl Ehlers

Inspiration, Lake Luzerne, NY
9x2x2, Stoneware, underglaze, acrylic, wax metallic patin $600
Karen Elem

Inspiration, Wilton, NY Sunset
9x2x2, Stoneware, underglaze, acrylic, wax metallic patin $600
Karen Elem

Tip Toeing Through Marriage
8x4x12, Welded Steel $250
Mary ann Fiore

Star Magnolia
10x8, Photography $75
Bob Fisher

View From the Empire Builder-Hardware Hank-Malta, MT
5x7, Photography $100
Stephanie Gabris

I Love Sangria Wine_Apologies to Jerry Jeff Walker
12x12x8, Steel $2000
George Gabris

Mini Pumpins in Glass
8x10, Soft Pastel $650
Jeri Greenberg

9x9, Soft Pastel $650
Jeri Greenberg

Luminance #2
10x12, Oil on cradled hardwood $495
Susan Hoffer

Luminance #3
8x10, Oil on cradled hardwood $350
Susan Hoffer

The Falls
10x10, Oil $340
Frederick Holman

What Goes Around
8x10, Oil $595
Debra Keirce

Bee Bop
10x10, Oil $695
Debra Keirce

9x12, Pastel $150
matt kestner

5x7, --Please Select-- $375
Marion Kratky

4x4, Photography $95
Jessica Landry

Gloucester Ice
8x10, Oil $900
Ann Larsen

Crowning Glory
12x8, B&W Infrared Photograph $150
Gary Larsen

Flower in Infinity
12X9, Acrylic paint and acrylic ink $125
Geoffrey Levitt

Pas de Deux
10x8, Photography $175
Barry Lobdell

8x10, Oil $300
Linda Lynton

My Old House
10x10, Oil $1000.00
Patrice Maloney

Be Silly Be Honest Be Kind Series #2 Audere Est Facere
12x12, Encaustic $1200.00
Patrice Maloney

Catching the Wave
10x10, --Please Select-- $520
Marie Massey

5x7, Photography $150
Alexis Mazzochi

The Milking Room
5x7, Photography $150
Alexis Mazzochi

9x12, oil on canvas $3000
Edward Mills

8x10, Mixed Media $300
Kris Moss

Fern Lake Pond
9x12, Oil $300
Lynda Mussen

8x10, Colored Pencil $350
Lynda Naske

Through the Looking Glass Part 2
8x10, Acrylic $124
Kristen Palmer

Through the Looking Glass Part 1
8x10, Acrylic $127
Kristen Palmer

Nine Fold
10x10x2, Vitreous enamel, copper, mahogany $1200
Andrea Peterson

10x11x2, Vitreous enamel, copper, brass $3000
Andrea Peterson

10x10, Oil $300
Linda Peterson

Flora Folds
10x10, Photography $50
Vanessa Proulx

5x7, Mixed-media collage. $250
Kimberly Quint

The Deep
8x12, Soft Pastel $475
Elaine Ralston

Sarah in Profile
5x10, Watercolor $400
Mary Ellen Riell

Clouds Moving
12x12, Acrylic $800.00
Julie Schnatz Rybeck

On The Bridge
12x12, Acrylic $500
Sheri Schwarz

Limes & Black computer cord
10x7, Monotype and Watercolor Pencils $250.
Lee Shippey

Being Seen
12x12, Encaustic on Board $800.00
Jean K Stephens

12x12, Encaustic on Board $800.00
Jean K Stephens

10x6x7, Bronze $900
Michele Stopford

5x6, watercolor/pen&ink $180
Diane Swanson

Solitary Tree
8x12, Photography $150
Louise Thomas

Imperfect Beauty
7x5x5, Raku Fired Clay $400
Dolores Thomson

Blue Butterfly
15x12, Charcoal $3000.
Janet Tsakis

15x12, Charcoal $300.00
Janet Tsakis

River of Rags
10x10, --Please Select-- $250
Carol Turner

Untitled - Fire2
10x11, Oil $1500
Laura Von Rosk

Sunday Morning
8x12, Photography $175
Gerald Wein

Emerald Marquis Vase
8x5x5, Clay $125
Victoria Whitney

8x8, mixed media collage $250
Susan Williams

Red Saucepot
10x10, Oil $475
Janet Marie Yeates

Fear of Contamination #1
12x12, Oil $400
Diane Zeeuw


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