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8x10, scratchboard $2000
John Agnew

Floating Gator
9x12, scratchboard $NFS
John Agnew

Otter Ice Capades
23x9, Scratchboard and ink $1650
Tracy Anderson

Found Objects
20x14, Scratchboard $2250
Tracy Anderson

2x2, Scratchboard $360
Lonetta Avelar

Stepping Down
2.5x3.5, Scratchboard $540
Lonetta Avelar

9x12, Inks on scratchboard $1200
Shone Chacko

9x12, Inks on scratchboard $1200
Shone Chacko

Beijing Opera
9x11, Scratchboard $400$
Tianhan Chen

5x5, Scratchboard $380
Linda Clark

5x5, Scratchboard $380
Linda Clark

Passion for Yoga
10x8, Scratchboard $500
Kathy Conroy

DavisP-Spanish Dancer-12x32
x, Scratchboard $5000
Patricia Davis

DavisP-24x18 Tom Palmore Says Miro’ Had A Cockatoo
24x18, Scratchboard $5000
Patricia Davis

Piñata Common Flicker
15x20, Scratchboard $7500
Kathleen E. Dunn

Lead Singer
5x7, scratchboard $1200
Lori Dunn

The Release
6x9, scratchboard $1400
Lori Dunn

Fox Hole
8x10, scratchboard with colored ink $700
Judy Fairley

Tonatiuh (Aztec Sun God)
8x10, Scratchboard $500
Hector Fernandez

16x20, Scratchboard $1200
Hector Fernandez

Guinea Foul
14x12, scratchboard $2400
cynthie fisher

24x18, scratchboard $6500
cynthie fisher

I Love A Parade Triptych
24x18, Scratchboard $2900
Ginger Gehres

Cat's Cradle
18x24, Scratchboard $3800
Ginger Gehres

Afternoon Sun
10x8, Scratchboard $500
Jiuli Guo

Life Lines
8x10, Scratchboard $2200
Lorna Hannett

Intruder Alert
18x18, Scratchboard $1850
Patrick Hedges

Jackson's Three Horned Chameleon
5x7, Scratchboard $350
Patrick Hedges

Odd Beauty
14x18, Scratchboard $2500
Diana Höhlig

After The Date
10x8, scratchboard $500
Wenjie Hu

Fresh Lemon
8x10, scratchboard $500
Wenjie Hu

Winner's Strut
12x16, Scratchboard $1300
Shirley Isola

Rooted in Kentucky
12x9, Scratchboard $1750
Lindsey Jaeger

Classic Beauty
14x10, Scratchboard $800
Maaria Kader

8x8, Scratchboard $950
Maaria Kader

Graceful Dancer
18x14, Scratchboard $1200
Lynn Kibbe

5x7, Scratchboard, inks $650
Elena Kolotusha

On the look-out
8x10, Clayboard, inks $950
Elena Kolotusha

Ancient Teotihuacan
9x12, Scratchboard $NFS
Krish Krishnan

My Happy Place
5x7, Scratchboard $1000
Scott Krohn

Diverse Beauty
8x10, Scratchboard $3000
Scott Krohn

Spring Flower
18x17, Scratchboard $1500
Sue Kroll

Rescue Me
8x8, Watercolor on Scratchwork $450
Linda Kukuk

Elusive 2
24x36, Scratchboard $$7500
heather lara

Fishing on Stilts
16x10, Scratchboard, ink $1000
Sharon Lennox

Great Blue Preening
10x15, Scratchboard, ink $900
Sharon Lennox

Yonghongl Li
20x28, Scratchboard $3000
Yonghong Li

African Paint
11x14, Scratchboard & Ink $2200
Jan Lowe

Carapace Cadence
12x12, Scratchboard $3200
Tara Merkt

Rostock - Petrikirche im Mondlicht
20x16, Scratchboard $300
Rüdiger Neick

Ketchikan Alaska - Creek Street
20x16, Scratchboard $400
Rüdiger Neick

11x14, Scratchboard $$1100
Anne Palmer

Ms Malecent's Tea Party
18x22, Scratchboard $4000
Evangelia Philippidsi

the river of Life
19x14, Scratchboard $4000
Evangelia Philippidsi

10x8, Scratchboard $2650
Tamara Pokorny

The Andalusian Stables
12x16, Scratchboard & Ink $2850
Karen Rankin Neal

5x5, scratchboard $375
Ann Ranlett

Baltimore Brass
10x8, scratchboard $1600
Ann Ranlett

8x10, Scratchboard $700
Ana Rebelo

Female Cardinal
5x7, Scratchboard $1295
Martiena Richter

Whooo Goes There?
14x11, Scratchboard $2400
Cathy Sheeter

The Thinker
14x24, Scratchboard $4200.00
Cathy Sheeter

This Is No Reflection On You
8x14, Scratchboard $1150
Linda Shewey

Snow Sentinal
20x16, Ink on Clayboard with scratchboard techniques $1200
Linda Short

Angel Eyes
20x16, scratchboard $1200
Linda Short

Deep Cut Gardens
16x12, scratchboard $975
Joe Smith

Tall, Dark, and Handsome
8x20, Scratchboard $1350
Amy Stauffer

Huddle Up!
12x16, Scratchboard $995
Sally Terrell

Puddle Play
14x11, --Please Select-- $995
Yvonne Todd

8x10, Scratchboard $950
Christine Trites

Grandma’s basket
14x11, Scratchboard $1300
Jieping Yu

Buddha’s guardian warriors
22x28, Scratchboard $3900
Jieping Yu

11x14, Scratchboard $820
Yefim Zhelezov

Mother's Waiting
14x11, Scratchboard $1500
Li Ping Zhu

Before The Wedding
11x14, Scratchboard $1200
Li Ping Zhu


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