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M 10-2, T-F 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

Eagle Scout
16x20, Oil $900
Barbara Alex

15" x 11", Watercolor $450
Barbara Alex

Mossy Forest
8x8, Acrylic $0
Lindsay Behrens

Milkweed Pods
14x11, Graphite $725
Shelby Bonomo

The Big Reveal
36x24, Oil & Cold Wax $2160
Diane Brown

It's My Party
36x36, Oil & Cold Wax $3240
Diane Brown

15x7, mixed media/assemblage $800
Mary Burk Smith

Heaven on Earth IV
18 x 24, Painted whole cloth quilt $350
Diane Cadrain

24x24, Oil $950
Eileen Carey

16x20, Acrylic Monoprint with Ink $800
Polly Castor

prime (instance)
15x30, Mixed Media $650
Cynthia Cooper

Chosen Path
16x12, Oil $1200
Patricia Corbett

Full Moon Rising
14x11, Oil $700
Patricia Corbett

Moon Shadows
10x8, Oil $395
Patricia Corbett

As the Crow Flies #2
20x24, Oil $950
Rosemary Cotnoir

On the Other Side
30x10, Acrylic $650
Rosemary Cotnoir

Remembering Artemisia G
19x12, Archival pigment print $450
Pauletta De Lucia De Lucia

Inner Gifts
38x10x10, Bronze $9500
JC Dellenbaugh

23x19, oil paints with recycled plastic, woven novelty ya $850
Peggy Dembicer

Pictures At An Exhibition
14x9, Fiber Art, Beadweaving and Knotting $2500
Peggy Dembicer

Fair Isle
16x16, Monotype $625
Kathleen DeMeo

24x16, Monotype $$800
Kathleen DeMeo

20x14, Monotype $675
Kathleen DeMeo

Heavenly Koi
16x20, Oil $925
Linda DeStefanis

Ground Control to Major Tom
18x24, Oil $750
Gina Dunlap

16x20, Oil $450
Gina Dunlap

Leaving Port-Greenport Long Island
12x9, Photography $175
Carol Dunn

Spring Snow
9x12, Photography $175
Carol Dunn

Full Moon at the Lake House
12x12, Photography $225
Carol Dunn

Cut Cantaloupe
20x20, silkscreen $250
Liz Egan

The Silver Hoop
20x17, Charcoal $1000
Andrea Fenn

Blue Patch
12x12, Acrylic $350
Denise Gaffney Hartz

The Elements
30x24, Acrylic $650
Denise Gaffney Hartz

30x22, Graphite Drawing $15000
Nancy L. Greco

Children of Gaza
20x20x20, Glass $3000
Susan Hackett

Media Basket
22x18x18, Paper (El Salvadoran Newspaper) $500
Susan Hackett

30x30, Acrylic $1200
Joan Harvey

18x20, Photography $475
Ann Hodgdon-Cyr

Point of Departure
6x6, Monotype $250.00
Renee Hughes

30x30, oil on cradled board $2800
Joan Jardine

Big Red
30x30, --oil on cradled board $2800
Joan Jardine

11x14, Mixed Media $475
Barbara Jenkins

Play It Again
11x7, Mixed Media $375
Barbara Jenkins

14x18, Mixed Media $475
Barbara Jenkins

Mill Pond
10x8, Acrylic $125
Susan Scott Kenney

Picket Fence
16 x20, Acrylic $475
Susan Scott Kenney

Fresh From the Garden
15x11, Soft Pastel $1000
Dian Kingsbury

11x15, Soft Pastel $1000
Dian Kingsbury

Bert's Auto
10x12, Oil $1800
Roxann Leibenhaut

18x24, Mixed Media $500
molly mcdonald

Winter Trees
19x13, Archival Digital Photography $400
Nancy Oates

Hallucinating in Glastonbury
24x16, Photography $600.00

Fire Iris
20x16, Mixed Media $1000
linda peduzzi

Vase of Color
14 X 11, Oil $700
Andi Pepper

20 X 16, Oil $1000
Andi Pepper

18x24, fiber art, COMMERCIAL COTTON, WIRE, PAINT $450

12x12, fiber art, HAND DYED & COMMERCIAL COTTON, SATIN $225

Ode to an Oak Tree
16x20, Mixed Media $400
Barbara Rossitto

Evening on Chapel
18x24, Oil on dyabond aluminum $1200
Barbara Rossitto

Unintentionally Misstated Factualities (KT McFarland, 45's Deputy National Security Advisor #1)
12x14, Found and Recycled Objects and Everyday Trash $565
Sarah Schneiderman

Praise Them
18x16x12, Acrylic paint on wood $NFS
Anne Sheffield

Wandering roses
18" x 72", Silk, wool, nuno felting $200
Patricia Frank Sher

Stream of Consciousness
17x26, Fiber Art $NFS
Phyllis Small

Avian Cooling Station
12x14x13, Stoneware and Metal $400
Paula Smith

Follow The Leader
12x12, Fiber Art Photo $95
Catherine Smith

Metallic Blossom
13x48x11, metal and wood $325
Paula Smith

Feminine Cupcake
12x5x5, Linen/Waxed Linen $650
Barbara Solomon

I Am
30x24, Charcoal $250
Suzanne Starr

The Three Apples
11x14, Oil $550.00
Georgia Stathoulas

Portrait Study
12x16, Oil/Canvas $1500 NFS
Georgia Stathoulas

Let's Stay Together
16x16, Mixed Media $460
Kelly Taylor

Containment (contaigon)
30x30, Oil $1800
michele tragakiss

Whose Woods These Are...
16x12, Watercolor $475
claudia van nes

Fruit in Your Face
12x9, Watercolor $320
claudia van nes

Biancur House
18x24, Acrylic $1200
Janet Veenema

En Pointe
18x14, Oil $1375
Cindy Wagner

The Wall
12x14, Fiber $500
Kristen Walsh

Little King
12x16, Oil $800
Sarah Warda

The Boss
24x30, Oil $2400
Sarah Warda

Rainy Night on Broadway
20x28, Watercolor $2400
june webster

Monotype with Clay Vessel
28x24x7, Monotype and clay $1500
NC whitcher

24x18, Oil $1100
Anna Zatorski

Global- Bear Hug 2
12x12, Serigraphic print $400.00
Kathleen Zimmerman


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