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Suburban Wild
11x14, Fiber $425
Loretta Alvarado

Flights of Fancy: Release
14x9x8, Clay $650
Randy Au

Flights of Fancy: Return
13x7x7, Clay $650
Randy Au

Young Swan
6x6, Oil $650
Echo Baker

Mirror Lake, Yosemite National Park, CA
16x20, Photography $700
roger bennett

Honest Work
20x15, Watercolor $950
Steve Bjorkman

Keepsake Box - Katalox - Banksia Seed Lid
5x5x4, Wood $225
Tom Borusky

Spalted Hackberry Bowl
4x4x3, Wood $175
Tom Borusky

The World Through My Eyes
28x22, Acrylic $1000
Kara Bullock

24x30, Acrylic $1200
Kara Bullock

10x10, fused glass $1500
Nick Capaci

10x10, fused glass $1500
Nick Capaci

Evening Grove
16x12, Oil $2200
David Chapple

18x14, Oil $2600
David Chapple

The Museum
20x20, Oil $$400
Melanie Cooper

Tom’s Girl
9x12, Oil $400
Dana Cooper

Copabanana Leaves Moonlight
8x10, Monoprint $350
Mimi Cora

sterling cuff bracelet
xx, jewelry $325
Joanna Craft

miro necklace
38" long, jewelry $300
Joanna Craft

Mother's Day Gift
20x20, Oil on Canvas $1800
Judy Crowley

Collage Necklace Reversable
7x15, Mixed Media $450
Suzanne Currie

Striated Harmony
7x5x7, Wood $500
Lisa Dallendorfer

Still Life with Random Vases
16x20, Oil $1800
Toni Danchik

27x14, Soft Pastel $1200
Dori Dewberry

Atmosphere, No. 28
9x12, Soft Pastel $550
Dori Dewberry

Birch Trees in Snow
30x15, Oil $650
Jean Domerego

At MOMA with Andy
20x16, Oil $1100
Nancy Egan

Walnut bowl with natural edge
10x9x9, Wood $350
J Michael Evans

Sycamore bowl-natural edge w/brass
5x9x9, Wood $195
J Michael Evans

Connectivity 1
30x20, Pencil $850
Katlin Evans

Connectivity 2
20x30, Pencil $850
Katlin Evans

Green Pears on Linen
11x14, Oil $1300
Amanda Fish

Passing By
7 x 11, Mixed Media
Nancy Goldman

Main Beach Laguna
x, Oil $400
Deborah Harold

10x4x4, Wood $225
Bill Haskell

The Dance
10x32x325, glass $1,200
Christine Head

Camelback Roses & Bleeding Heart Vine
12x16, Oil $750
Christine Hooker

She Waits Beautifully
24x24, Mixed Media $1000
Debbie Horton

Window on a Garden in Tuscany
18x36, Oil $1850
April Hoskins

Morning Ballet 1
15x30, Oil $1200
Terry Houseworth

Morning Ballet 2
15x30, Oil $1200
Terry Houseworth

Old Man Chalking
10x8, Scratchboard $2000
Maaria Kader

Indian Bride
11x14, Scratchboard $2500
Maaria Kader

LA Basin
24x18, Oil $1700
Steve Kell

Golden Hills
11x14, Oil $790
Konnie Kim

Orange and Yellow
30x22, Watercolor $3040.00
Prerana Kulkarni

Run of the Mill
18x24, Oil $3850
Greg LaRock

Highway Color
18x24, Oil $3850
Greg LaRock

Inspired by Frida
72x14x1, Textile Art $100
Julie Leah

12x14, Watercolor $2000
jason li

Floating Leaves
16x23, Watercolor $4500
jason li

14x11, Acrylic on paper $
Karen Liba

Tea Time
9.5 c 12, Watercolor $350
Larissa Marantz

Just Picked
8x8, Oil $450
Patricia Matranga

Morning Glory
17x12, Oil $2450
Lawrence McAdams

Rockpile Beach In Laguna
20x30, Oil on canvas $2500
Brad Neal

Welcome To Valentine
12x6, Oil $495
Erich Neubert

1x4x, Jewelry-Sterling silver, 18k gold, enamel, river r $2000
Marilee Nielsen

A Songbird's Story
24x20, Paint, Ink, Pencil and Copper Leaf on wood $2400
Paige Oden

Outdoor Fashion
12x12, Oil $775
Pamela Panattoni

Ocean Universe
24x30, Photography $950
Tashia Peterman

Unlikely Friends
12x16, Soft Pastel $
Tashia Peterman

Afternoon Walk
6x12, Soft Pastel $1100
Patricia Prescott Sueme

Southern California Fields L191
6x6, Soft Pastel $650
Patricia Prescott Sueme

Cambria Shadows
12x11, Watercolor $300
Pete Roberts

Mariachis on a break
24x30, Oil $1850
Kathleen Robison

Let Freedom Ring
16x24, Photography $400
Sharyn Sakimoto

Save Mono Lake
24x16, Photography $400
Sharyn Sakimoto

8x10, Oil $695
Janine Salzman

Sunday Morning
9x12, Oil $795
Janine Salzman

Sunlight and Shadows - Cowan Heights Tustin
23.5x19.75, Oil $950
John sawyer

Clouds Pendant Necklace
4x3, Sterling Silver, Agate crystal, Moonstones, Prehni $400
Monique Selwitz

Spring pendant necklace
2x3, Sterling Silver, Labradorite, Moonstone $320
Monique Selwitz

Moroccan Gal
12x6x1, jewelry $600
janet seward

Moroccan Ball
12x6x1, Found Objects $180
janet seward

Springtime Orchids
20x29, Watercolor $1900
Teri Starkweather

Flowers of the Sun
30x20, Watercolor $1900
Teri Starkweather

Slice of Life
20x10, Oil $850
Kathleen Strukoff

The Little Performer
16x20, Pastel $2900
Marie Tippets

The Gift Box
14x14, Soft Pastel $2900
Marie Tippets

Where We Gather
24x20, Oil $3200
Kim VanDerHoek

L.A. River Bridges
24x24, Oil $3000
Kim VanDerHoek

Robin’s Egg Crowned Vessel
7x5x5, Clay $235
Jaime Weber

Nile Blue Mandala
13x13x3, Clay $195
Jaime Weber

Tree Line-Drawn Bowls & Plates (Slab & Pinch)
5x24x24 total group, Hand-built Clay Cone 5, Underglaze, Glaze $375
Sabrina Weld

15x22, Mixed Media $2300
Lynn Welker

Laguna Romance
10x5, Acrylic $875.00
Wendy Wirth

Sycamore Twilight
24x20, Oil $5500
Jim Wodark


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