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Cell (As Above, So Below), 2019
36x36, Mixed media on canvas $950
Mar Abella

Dark Mist Arising
24x48, Mixed Media $1500
Jeni Bate

This Side of Innocence
17X19, Mixed Media $650
Susanne Belcher

Fish Out of Water
14 x 11, Digital Collage $250
Karol Blumenthal

Into The Forest
11x14, Mixed Media Collage $$300
Karol Blumenthal

Berry Time
28x21, Collage $600
Andrea Bottancino

Pink Metal
16x20, Collage $500
Andrea Bottancino

The Works
26x32, Acrylic Mixed Media with Attachments $225
Clark Branson

T00 Much Tea?
22x11x11, assemblage $790
sharon brooks

Always With The Excuses
12x9, Collage $200.00
Marie Chapian

12x16, Paper Collage $
Dawn Conry

In the Moment III
8 x 6, Mixed Media $200
Marian Devney

Upstairs and Down
8 x 6.5 x 3, Assemblage $300
Marian Devney

Under the Boardwalk
11 x 8, Mixed Media $300
Marian Devney

Blue Boy
7 x 7.5 x 3, Assemblage $150
Marian Devney

Above All Else
12 X 12 X 4, Assemblage $500
Susan Dukow

Thank You for Your Service
11 x 12, Mixed Media Assemblage $750
Susan Dukow

13.5x13.5, Mixed Media on Canvas $250
Joan Foster

13.5x13.5, Mixed Media on Canvas $250
Joan Foster

City Tracks
20x20, paper collage $375.
Lili Francuz

Santa Fe Ridge
12x16, Chine colle, monotyped ink over collaged papers $425
Susan Gesundheit

24x20, Mixed Media $400
Carole Gillin

Major Tom
28h 14d 14w, terra cotta, mixed media, found metals $950
Gail Glikmann

5x8, Found Objects $350
Sylvia H Goulden

AI and Eve (Test Tube Temptation)
5x9, Paper collage with pen $NFS
LucyJulia Hale

Adam's Rib Shack - Longest Running Rom Com
8x10, Paper collage with pen $NFS
LucyJulia Hale

20x20, Acrylic and Collage $750
Lucie Hinden

From Afar
20x20, Acrylic and Collage $750
Lucie Hinden

In Search of our Foremothers
30x40, Mixed Media $NFS
Carol Kay

FLORA and her Offspring
10x18, Mixed Media $NFS
Carol Kay

Storm Tossed
18x24, Mixed Media $2500
Carol Kay

Girl in a Kimono V
24x24, MM Collage $950
Suki Kuss

Girl in a Kimono IV
24x24, MM Collage $950
Suki Kuss

9x21, Mixed Media $650

14x14, Mixed Media $650

Taking Flight
30x40, Mixed Media $1800

No Fishing the Puzzle
12x10, mixed media using wooden puzzle parts $850.00
Elaine Langerman

11 x 17, digital collage 2D $250
Kwei-lin Lum

There Was an Old Woman
14 x 12 x 12 inches, mixed media variable assemblage $NFS
Kwei-lin Lum

24x36, encaustic $450
Rachelle Mark

Reality of a Special Needs Mom #1
12x12x1.75, Mixed Media $NFS
Monica Marks

Walk in the Woods
12x12, Mixed Media $300.00
Helen Merken

30x40, Mixed Media $700
Esther Pearlman

Second Thoughts
22x28, Mixed Media $500
Lois Ramirez

Cut it Out- Venus
12x16, Collage and Pastel on Paper $1500
Sinan Revell

Cosmic Ladies
31x23, Mixed Media $400
Stacy Russo

Patio Figures
14x11, collage $1200
John Selleck

44x28, Tar Paper and Acrylic $1500
Carla Simonian

15x12, Assemblage $500
Nancy Stark

12x12, mixed media collage $400
Nancy Stark

She Always Found Treasures in the House on the Hill
26x20, Mixed media collage $1200
Nancy Stark

Me and My Shadow
11x9, Acrylic, Bonded Bronze, pennys $950
Marilyn Stempel

Found on the Sidewalk
30x30, bandage, cloth, paper acrylic $1200
Marilyn Stempel

12x12, --Please Select-- $400
Barbara Tabachnick

21 degrees
12x12, Encaustic mixed media $400
Barbara Tabachnick

Impossible dreams
17x14, Digital art $225
Barbara Tabachnick

Spirit Circle
10" x 16" 2.5", Assemblage $650
Christel Thompson

Electric Edna
11' x 6.5" x 5", Assemblage $500
Christel Thompson

Wolf Dream
13x10, Digital $235
Wendy Tigerman

Heart Sky
13x10, Digital $235
Wendy Tigerman

18x24, Collage $300
Juliette vos

48x36, Collage $1200
Juliette vos

Untitled 1 jpeg
8x8, Mixed Media $250
barbara vural

Diptych 1 jpeg
24x24, Mixed Media $775
barbara vural


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