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15x12, Sumi Ink $540
Ayako Abe-Miller

14x28, Watercolor $850
Soon Dan An

Respect Heaven Love People
12x25, Sumi $400
Eiko Anderson

12x21, sumi $400
Eiko Anderson

Shade of Moonlight
27x17, Ink on rice paper $800
Aiko Anderson

14x27, Watercolor $750
Myung Sook Bea

Winter of the Colorado
26x17, Watercolor $NFS
Heidi Bhak

11x14, Watercolor $NFS

Joyful Pig
17x13, Watercolor $375

Full of Spring
14x28, Watercolor $850
Susan K Chang

Mandarin duck
16x13, Ink and color $500
nancy cheung

15x14, Chinese black ink $500

Happy Fishes
26x12, Ink & watercolor $700
Mei Lih Chiang

Rounded Heart
26x12, ink
Mei Lih Chiang

Winter Bliss
13x28, Sumi-e ink and watercolor $NFS
Sharon Crosby

Two Cats With Black Tails And Mice
18x13, Sumi-e $450
Collette Cumella

Glacier Park Going-to-the-Sun
18x12, ink and color on paper $NFS
Mary Cummings

13x20, Asian ink and water color $450
Susan Davies

Heavy Horse
11 X 13, Ink $350

Ocean Enso
11x11, Asian ink on rice paper $NFS
L. Kellie Dixon

Spirit of Plum Blossoms
20x24, Sumi-e Watercolor $1600
Sally Feng

18x14, Watercolor and Ink on rice paper $$500
Katie Feucht

Pure Peace and Solitude
27x27, ink, watercolor $2875
Susan Frame

27x18, sumi ink $400
Susan Fredrickson

13x26, Sumi on rice paper $$800
Jeanne Frink

Lotus as dark approaches
14x25, Watercolor $1400
Judy Giguere

Cape Canaveral Beach on the Atlantic Ocean
18x14, Asian Ink with watercolor on Rice Paper $NFS
Patricia Gustafson

13x10, ink and watercolor $500
Blanche Gyberg

The Flock
13x18, Sumi Ink on Rice Paper $600
Ann Haseman

Chasing Fragrance
28x14, Ink and colors on rice paper $400
Bing Huang

23x13, Asian Brush Painting $650
Carla Jaranson

Northern Spring
19x23, Watercolor $300
Francine Joyal

Magnolia Spring
13x20, ink and watercolors on gold paper $800
Richard Kaufman

Learning to See
20x16, Ink and watercolor $700
Wynne Keller

Golden Age
32x18, Watercolor $900
Bok Kim

Pleasure in the pond
18.5x29, ink and watercolor on rice paper $1000
Jade Lam

Chrysanthemums beside rock
9x12, Sumi ink & watercolor $NFS
Paul Lifton

I am A Little Tiger
11x14, Sumi-E Ink and Watercolors $480
Joan Lok

13x12, White ink on rice paper $290
Nell Maha

Blooming Flowers Bring Forth Good Fortune and Wealth
16x32, sumi-e calligraphy $1000
frederica marshall

Three canoers at sunrise
16x20, Watercolor $350
James (Jim) McGuire

Cape Henry Lighthouse Virginia Beach
14x11, ink, rice paper $600
Ting Mei

Save the Bees
8x10, Sumi-e on rice paper $240
Thomas Merwin

Plum Blossom
14x26, water color and ink on hanji $NFS
Heesook Moon

The City Within
23x18, Sumi ink $1800
Linda Mulhauser

St.Jan's night
20x35, Sumi-e on rice paper $NFS
Simona Nemcova

Drawn to the Moon
25x16, Sumi $NFS
Yvonne Palka

My Space
13x13, Sumi, color on shikishi $NFS
Maria Papp

High Mountain Pinetree
15x23, Watercolor $900
chung park

The Journey
16x12, Sumi-e Ink $250
David Patten

Nothing Lacking, Nothing in Excess
18x7, ink $NFS
Marnie Peichel

Yosemite Sunset
8x14, ink $NFS
Marnie Peichel

Gazing Up
26x13, Chinese watercolor $650
Li-Wen Quach

Brilliant Humility
12x26, Calligraphy ink $475
Li-Wen Quach

mosquitoes for dinner
11x15, Ink & Watercolor $300
mary rodning

25x14, sumi ink only $500
Keiko Romerstein

20x16, Watercolor $350.
Susan Ryan

skin of the rocks
36x12, Chinese ink on xuan paper $350
Bob Schmitt

Yosemite Pine
16x17, Ink & Watercolor on Xuan paper $1350
sungsook setton

Mountain Music
13x13, Sumi-e (ink) $NFS
Casey Shannon

Morning Mist
15x18, sumi-e $850
Regina Siske

Devil's Ivy
26X16, Sumi-e Ink $NFS
Renee Sonka

Cherry Trees
17x27, Ink and watercolors $850
Karen Sontag-Sattel

ski memories 2
16x17, Sumi-e on rice paper $500
Frank Spink

Wild Boar
12x18, Ink and watercolor $500
craig steinmetz

Dawn Light Through Mist
13x17, Sumi ink and color on rice paper $500
Kay Storck

Snow Falls on Snow King
24x16, Ink and watercolor on silver shikishi $3000
Kay Stratman

Gently Folding Waxen Arms
20x18, sumi ink, water color on rice paper $1,200
Judith Sutton-Fagan

Ripening Loquats
28x21, sumi e $450
Mikiko Tanaka

15x20, calligraphy $350
Mikiko Tanaka

Almost Home
14x12, ink and watercolor $NFS
Ileane Tatar

Let yourself bloom
18x12, black ink $NFS
Hitomi Tatsumi

The Fisherman
29x23, ink on chinese paper $1200
Jane grace Taylor

Bright Moon Colorful Clouds White Horse Flying
28x17, watercolor and ink on rice paper $NFS
Delene Teller

Never Stop Creating
29x10, Ink on rice paper $540
Delene Teller

10x14, ink plus watercolor on xuan paper $400
Joyce Thompson

In a Temple Garden
14x21, Chinese Ink and Watercolor on Xuan Paper $1200
Gail Threinen

Land of Ten Thousand Lakes
13x21, Chinese Ink on Xuan Paper $550
Gail Threinen

Mountain Mist
14x18, Ink $500
Vienna Volante

Dewey Tulips
12x9, Sumi-e $325.00
Carol Waite

Pine Needles
13x13, Mixed Media $NFS
Kathryn Weese

Old Pine
27x17, sum ink and color on paper $700
Ben Wong

Wind with Grape
14x28, Watercolor $750
Kyong Sook Woo

The Path to Sernity
27x14, East Asian Brush Painting $550
Carole Yee

Fall Fashion
14x28, Watercolor $800
Yong Suk Yi

The Bundle
14x27, Watercolor $900
Jae Soon Yi

Song of Spring
13x22, Sumi-e on Xuan paper $1100
Fumiyo Yoshikawa

Calligraphy in Li-shu
9x13, Chinese ink $200
Song Zhao


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