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16x20, Mixed Media $3000
Larry Aarons

Storm Clouds over Troy
16x16, Acrylic $900
Karen Abada

24x20, Oil $2500
marjori abramson

18x18, Oil $1300
Aurora Abzug

Evening Ferries at Martha's Vineyard
14x21, Watercolor $2300
Ralph Acosta

8x8, Oil on Panel $1200
Dustin Adamson
Frank C. Wright Medal of Honor

26x26x4, Plaster $2500
James Adkins

18x24, Pastel $3500
Rita Agron

28x10x10, Bronze $3500
Douglas Aja

24x30, Oil $1200
Richard Alexander

14x4x4, Sculpture $1200
Michael Alfano

White Rock Promontory
12x16, Oil on Gessobord $895
Dianna Anderson

Wild Flowers
12x16, Oil $1400
Natalia Andreeva

11x14, Oil $650
Ann Marie Angelone

Banana Crown
30x40, Oil $3200
James Anzalone

Surging Sea
18x36, Acrylic $15000
Del-Bourree Bach

Beauty Everlasting
18x36, Oil $3900
Patt Baldino

Another Round
12x7x9, Bronze $3800
Hiram Ball
AAPL President’s Award

tio jose's brerakfast
29x21, coloured pencil $1500
Yun Bang
Frank C. Wright Medal of Honor

14x18, Oil $4000
Ranoosh Barclay

Greenhouse At Planting Fields
30x24, Oil $1500
Diane Lennox Bares
AAPL President’s Award

My Precious
5x12x12, Bronze $2200
Serena Bates

VanVleck's Wisteria Courtyard ~ Counter Clockwise
14x21, Charcoal & Conte $1600
Brenda L Bechtel
Honorable Mention

Squirrel Season
8x8x2, Bronze $4200
Joy Beckner

Professor Molly
16x12, Soft Pastel $595
Cindy Berceli

Blue Teapot and Lemons
10x20, Oil $1500
Rose Ann Bernatovich

The Acropolis
18x24, Oil $$1500
Arlyne Berzak
Leila Gardin Sawyer Memorial Award

Luxury Lives Here
30x22, Watercolor $2500
Judi Betts

Early Moon
14x18, Oil $4500
Penny Billings

Time Slot
28x16, Watercolor $4000
Denny Bond
Newington Award Best Painting in Show

Solum Augusti Villam
12x14, Charcoal $NFS
Cara Boyle

Survivor I
25x20x12, Welded Steel $1200
Val Brochard
Kathryn Thayer Hobson Memorial Award

City Snow
40x24, Oil $3200
Jack Broderick

Playful Red Panda
6x3x13, Bronze $2200
Andrea Brogan

Footsteps #7
20x26, Soft Pastel $4500
Linda Brown

17x11, Oil $6000
Jack Brown

Evening Rain Flatiron
24x18, oil $4500.00
Michael Budden

18x24, watercolor on yupo $4000
Maryann Burton

Hilde's Antique Shop
8x10, Tempura $3,000
Larry Butcher

Rodeo Cowboy
18x24, Acrylic $800
Kathryn "Kaki" Butterfield

The Two Venuses - Sacred and Profane
12x16, Pencil $4750
John Calabrese

Against the Wind
36x24, Oil $14,500
Todd Casey
AAPL Board of Directors Award

22x14, Oil $
zheng cha

Usher Steeple 1
24x20, Oil $9600
Timothy Chambers

New England Blooms
19x25, Soft Pastel $2000
Amy Chang

Wine and Pumpkin
15x21, Soft Pastel $3500
Jason Chang

Halloween in Maplewood
30x30, Oil $3500
Jessica Charkow
Blick Art Materials Award

Pride's Painted Champion
18x24, Oil $3800
T. A. Charron

Last veteran
28x15, --Please Select-- $1650
Guoshun Chen

Still Life
36x36, Oil $2500.
Bonnie Christy

I Don't Think It's Romantic...I Think It's Dark
20x16, Watercolor $1400
Candace Cima
Helen G. Oehler Memorial Award

Litchfield CT farm
10x16, Oil $800.00
Kathleen Richards Clark

Floral lll
24x18, Oil $1200.00
irene costello brandle

15x16, Colored Pencil $2900
Caryn Coville, CPX
Blick Art Materials Award

Tuscan Lemons
9x12, Oil $975
Barbara Cricchio-Efchak

City Life
16x20, Soft Pastel $1950
Lisa Cunningham

Old teacher
24x20, Oil
Gang Dai

Abduction of Psyche
17x8x9, Bronze $4000
Norman Darvie

Another JoyEful Bunny Trail
11x14, Oil $1200
Joye DeGoede

12x18, Watercolor $875.00
Francine Del Re
Winsor & Newton Award

Our Distant Past
16x12, oil on gessoboard $1600
James DePietro

Back Country Bayou
11x14, Soft Pastel $1050
Kathy Detrano
AAPL President’s Award

White Oak Trail
16x20, Oil $1950
Susan DeVan

De Dijver at Dusk, Brugge
23x16, Oil $3600
william dodge

Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo
24x24, Silverpoint over the thin casein paint layer $12600
Anzhelika Doliba
Alma M. Preede Memorial Award

24x23x4, Bronze $6000
yang dong

Sunrise At Center Road
18x28, Watercolor $1200
Gary Eckhart

Studio Interior
25x18, Gouache $2000
Julia Eisen-Lester

16x20, --Please Select-- $1200
Bruce Erikson

Cloud Illusions
16x20, Oil $1010
Shirley Fachilla

Forever Friends
16x20, Oil $NFS
Lisa Falconieri

What Do You Think?
13x21, Watercolor $500
Barbara Farren

Emerald Surge
24x30, Oil $2100
Frank Ferrante

The Star and the Butterfly
8x6x14, Bronze $2200
Cathy Ferrell

Springtime Solitude
22x14, watercolor $1400
Lidaenis Ferro

A Moment To Rest
24x18, Oil $
Lillian Forziat

26x14x14, Stone $9800
Carmen Frank

Mask series No.1
16x22, Oil $2150
Ao Gao
Columbian Towers Development Merit Award for Oil

Ulysses S. Grant (1865)
12x16, Oil $
Christopher Gardner

Rice Farmer in Vietnam
18x24, Oil $
Elizabeth Gardner

Stream in Valley
21x30, watercolor on paper $1450
Qingfeng Ge

How Do You Feel Today?
9x9x9, Bronze $2000
Shohini Ghosh
Frank C. Wright Medal of Honor

19x25, Watercolor $5500
Elliott Gilbert

Summer Wine
15x21, Watercolor $2000
Judi Gilden

Reflecting My Good Side
15x12, Soft Pastel $500
Anita Gladstone

RISD Museum
18x32, Oil $9000
Danny Glass

Morning Light
12x17, Soft Pastel $NFS
Lisa Gleim

Paso Doble
22x12x13, Clay $11000
Martin Glick
Claude Parsons Memorial Award

Culver Line Rust
30x30, Oil $5200
Allan Gorman

Tumbling Water
30x24, Oil $6500
Michael Graves
Dianne Rudy Memorial Award

10x18, Oil $950
Barbara Greco

9x9, Oil $400
chrissanth greene-gross

Untitled No.1
5x7, Soft Pastel $3500
Rob Gregoretti
Helen G. Oehler Memorial Award

Looking North on Fifth, NYC
22x24, Acrylic and Oil $4200
Joseph Grieco

In The Wings
27x20, Conte and Charcoal $2500
Carol Gromer

8x11, pigment ink $800
Weirong Guan

x27x39, Acrylic $1,000
art gunther

The Power Of The Cross
20x12, Watercolor $NFS
Dora Hagge

Tohickon Creek Mill
10x14, Watercolor $1600
Ken Hamilton

16x20, Oil $3000
Linda Hanks

A Spanish Melody
18x24, oils $1000
Laurie Harden

Savannah Gator
18x25, Watercolor $1400
Tom Hedderich
Claude Parsons Memorial Award

Lake Maggiore, Italy
24x18, Acrylic $1200
Arthur Henderson
Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club Award

Calf Puddling
16x20, Oil $$9500
georjean hertzwig

19x23, Acrylic painting and collage on canvas board $1500
Nataliya Hines

The Last Passage
36x24, Acrylic on Canvas $1600
Paul Hitchen
John R. Grabach Memorial Award

18x14, Oil $1800
Susan Hollis

Inokashira Park
21x15, Soft Pastel $1500

Fish Market
22x31, Soft Pastel $1000
Meng Lung Hsieh
Frank C. Wright Medal of Honor

Water rhyme
30x24, Oil $11500
Xiao Huang

Village scene Taitung
19x25, Soft Pastel $3000
Chin-Hwa Huang
Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff Award

Flower Drum
20x16, Oil $5000
J. Ann Siegelman Huesemann

A Peaceful Anchorage
24x36, Oil $4000
Mark Hunter

13x12x5, Aqua Resin wood and steel $6000
Lee Hutt
Leila Gardin Sawyer Memorial Award

Carpe Lepus
14x5x12, Bronze $4200
leslie hutto

My Father
16x20, Conte $1000
Yumiko Ichikawa

Munn Point Marsh
16x12, Pastel with Acrylic Primer on Board $900
Karene Infranco

28x22, Oil paint, newsprint, tissue on Canvas $1200
Linda Irwin

Constructive Conversation
20x19, Soft Pastel $1600
Karen Israel
Flora Giffuni Memorial Award

17x22, Soft Pastel $2800
Christine Ivers

Rie With Knitted Brow
24x17, Watercolor $8500
David Jaycox Jr
AAPL President’s Award

Forget Me Not
36 x 30, Oil $NFS
Pamela Jennings

35x24, oil on linen $2150
JunZe Ji

LAX Curve
16x20, Oil $1750
Dawei Jia
Audubon Artists Award

Charming back
20x14, Watercolor $3000
Xuqing Jiang

24x36, oil on canvas $800
Jill Joseph

Green Kaftan
26x16, Oil $2000
Thomas Joyce

16x12, Oil $3200
Carolyn Jundzilo

God Is My Judge
18x19, Soft Pastel $5800
Jodie Kain
Pastel Society of America Award

Sunday's Pose
28x24, Oil $1900
Tricia Kaman

Hand of Time
6x6, Pen and Ink $3500
Richard Kaminskas
Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff Award

15x11, Watercolor $1800
Aki Kano

16x20, Pencil $1600
Lisa Kennedy

Mia at 15
24x36, oil on linen $NFS
Donna Leslie Retkin Kerbel

30x30, Oil $3800
Seon Young Kim
Colonel George J. Morales Memorial Award

New York Brooklyn Naval Shipyard
30x30, Oil $27000
Nam Soon Kim

Fresh Citrus
16x12, Soft Pastel $950
Susan Klinger

Tattoo, Taos
16x20, Soft Pastel $1200
Marianne Knipe

The Little Hebrew
18x28, Soft Pastel $NFS
Sol Korby

18x20, Oil $3600
gregg kreutz

24x36, Oil $5500
elaine kurie

Model The Painter
12x16, oil $1,200
Helen G. Oehler Memorial Award

Tibetan old man
32x24, Oil $7150
Bing Lai

The Old Anchorage
24x18, oil $4000
CLJ Lancaster

A Stitch in Time
20x16, Watercolor $1200
Jan Landini

8x10, Drypoint $$800
Joan Lane

30x40, Acrylic $750
Hyunjoon Lee

Chinese New Year
13x10, Soft Pastel $2500
Shuk Susan Lee

27x36, Oil $2700
Taehyub Lee

Seize The Day
18x22, Soft Pastel $$3000
Judith Leeds

Rocky Cove
24x30, Oil $NFS
Rebecca Leer

The Thames flows through London
40x38, Watercolor $2800
J. (Jie) Li

Pose by the Barre
23x18, Oil $6200
Floarea Liceica

Red Laquer Cup
21x14, Watercolor $1000
Ron licklider
Blick Art Materials Award

My Boy Joe
19x11x14, Sculpture $4000
Estelle Lippman

wakening from a dream - girl shanghai
32x24, Oil $28500
Yuan Liu

22x36, Graphite Pencil $2400
Tammy Liu-Haller

16x17x17, Cast Resin $3200
Esther Lo
Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff Award

Resting Crane
12x16x12, sculpture $1900
jacqueline Lorieo

On edge
18x24, Oil $876
Pamela Luciano

Zen Morning
11x14, Oil $1500
Linda Lutzai

Cold Water
20x14, Watercolor $1400
Calvin Lynch

NY Celebration, July 4, 2018
22x28, Acrylic/Canvas $NFS
Nina Maguire

Cloaked in Blossoms
22x14, Watercolor $2000
Joy Makon
Leila Gardin Sawyer Memorial Award

In Full Bloom
21x29, Watercolor $NFS
Larry Mallory

Silver and gold
15x18, Oil $1600
francois malnati

30x30, Oil $5000
Michael Malzone

The Forever House
24x18, Watercolor $3200
Arline Mann

Last Breath at Brinton's Mill
15 x 11, Watercolor and Egg Tempera on Paper $$ 1,500.00
E Craig Marcin

Bearded Original
26x18, Soft Pastel $1800
Sheldon Marks
Blick Art Materials Award

Turban Woman
42x21x10, Cast Resin $16000
Glenn Marlowe

28x21, Watercolor $1500
Marie-Paule Martin

City of Loights
31x41, Watercolor $7225.
antonio masi

Coronation Day
27x19, Soft Pastel $3000
Elizabeth Masi

Joy of Motherhood
28x22, Oil $5000
Alexander Masyk

Carved In The West
11x8x6, Bronze $1700
Curt Mattson

New Bedford Trawlers, V
24x18, Watercolor $3000
Mike Mazer

High Hopes
13x10.5x5, Bronze $1050
Georgene McGonagle

Sakonnet River Storm, February 2019
10x15, Oil on Panel $3000
Johanna McKenzie

The Light at the End
21x14, Watercolor $800
William McKeown

Love, Life and Community
40x36, Acrylic $21,000.
Vickie McMillan-Hayes

Ephemeral Beauty
24x12, Oil $4300
Lynne Mehlman

Flowers for a Gala
16x20, oil $$2200
Lynn Mehta

Sunset on the Harbor
24x30, oil $3750
Bill Mensching

10x16, Soft Pastel $1200
Jacqueline Meyerson
Allan J. Smith Memorial Award

Twilight Lowlands
12x16, --Please Select-- $1200
Eve Miller
Leila Gardin Sawyer Memorial Award

French Quarter Morning
10x15, Acrylic $nfs
Dean Mitchell

Ghost Legend
32x26, Oil $
Han Mo

20x24, Oil $14400
Nicole Moné

Odette-The Swan Maiden
30x40, Oil $25000
Don Monroe

8x10, Oil $3000
Victor Mordasov

Autumn At Bow Bridge
16x24, Highly Textured $1800
Kaja Moses

16x12, Watercolor $NFS
lucia murphy

The Luthier
24x20, oil on linen $3500
Lennie Muscarella

A Winter Day in Grand Central Station
22x29, Watercolor $1800
Margaret Ellis Nachshen

18x24, Pencil $2400
Francis Nguyen

A Walk in the Park
16x20, Oil $1500
Ken Northup

24x24, Oil $NFS
Sara O’Connor

24x30, Oil $2000
Chong-sun Oh

Storm Approaching
24x20, Oil $NFS
Heidi Palmer

Glistening Rock
18x24, Oil $2500
Laura Paray

30x24, Oil $4800
Steven Parton

The Revolutionary
23x19, Oil $1500
Bart Pass

Dromoland Castle
20x16, Oil $NFS
kasey passaic

Cezanne and Skulls
22x17, Soft Pastel $800
Christine Pausche

20x16, Soft Pastel $2000
Fubang Pei

Altay Hunter
22x30, Soft Pastel $4000
Fabang Pei

Swift Flow
14x21, Watercolor $900
Ann Pember

Portrait of June in Big Hoops
30x40, Oil $3500
Rick Perez

Vrksasana - Summitbound
14x55x4, Bronze $NFS
Tony Piscitello
Marilyn Newmark Memorial Award

#39 Umbria
13x9, Pencil, Ink pen, White Charcoal $850
Andrea Placer

Paris Saint Germain
22x30, Transparent Watercolor $4520.
Denis Ponsot

18x24, Soft Pastel $1750
Peggy Davidson Post

18x36, graphite and oil paint $6000
Gail Postal
Honorable Mention

Tough Break
22x30, Watercolor $3200
Lynn Pratt
Frank C. Wright Medal of Honor

Last Finch
16x20, Watercolor $840
Nydia preede

The Rainbow cups
22x30, Watercolor $3500
Lana Privitera

16x15, Acrylic $8000
cher pruys

On Lake Champlain
12 x 16, Encaustic and oils with beeswax over watercolor $2000
Regina Quinn

irises in silver pitcher
20x16, Oil $2000
Bonnie Rapaport

5x7, Watercolor $750
Richard Ressel

Adirondack Poetry
16x12, Soft Pastel $1350
Elizabeth Rhoades

16x20, Oil $960
Terre Ritchie

Morning Haze
24x36, oil on aluminum $$3500
Janine Robertson
Claude Parsons Memorial Award

Standing Female Nude
12 x 20, Charcoal $1200
Linda Rohne

Family Circle
16x11x6, Bronze with Marble Base $4200
Ann Rosow-Lucchesi

the captain
18x14, Oil $500
Andy Ross

Norman Bates
10x12, Oil $750
Peter Rossi

Picnic on Beach
12x16, Oil $1200
Junko Rothwell

18x24, Pencil $800
Aparna Rupakula

Still Life with Figs, Raspberries, and Humboldt Fog (the light / the shade)
8x10, Oil $3100
Abbey Ryan

Symphony of Roses
13x19, Watercolor $1500
Alayne Sahar

18x24, Soft Pastel $1500
Daniel Sanchez

Morning on the Marsh
20x30, Oil $1200
chet saur

Aron & Mort
14x20, Watercolor $NFS
sharon savitsky
Honorable Mention

13x10x4, Hand Carved Walnut $3500
larry scaturro

Barcelona Dragon
30x40, Watercolor $10000
Michael Scherfen

Two Ways of Looking at Things
36x36, Oil $6500
Elinore Schnurr

The Cove at Anna's
18x24, Oil $2200
Jean Schwartz

Catching Rays
11x14x9, Clay $525
Linda Sciongay
Honorable Mention

15x13x10, Sculpture $3850
Kim Shaklee
Helen G. Oehler Memorial Award

Self Portrait with Still Life
24x36, Oil $1000
Rajat Shanbhag

At The Swimming Hole
23x29, Soft Pastel $2000
Marie Sheehy-Walker
Honorable Mention

Ready for a Ride
20x15, Pencil $800
Gail Shelton

Tisha and Jean at the Bedoin Dinner
18x24, Soft Pastel $2400
Linda Sheppard

Watering Can by the Back Porch
24x18, --Please Select--Oil $500
Georgine Sheridan

Scooter Playing in the Garden
12 x16, Oils $$600.00
Barry Shiff

Rose and Hunter
13x10, Soft Pastel $800
Hui Min Shih

Storm over The East River
7x10, Pigment transfer print $300
william sinclair

Amber Hour
12x16, Oil $3200
Liron Sissman

Ore Ship
12x16, Oil $2000
Dino Sistilli
Salmagundi Club Award

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
34x40, Oil $7000
Linda Smith

Young Mother Caught Out
9x24x15, Porcelain $3500
Barbara Berne Smith
Blick Art Materials Award

Repose Feet
11 x 8.5, India Ink on Paper $550
Timothy John-Luke Smith
AAPL Board of Directors Award

Lieutenant River II
20x16, Oil $1800
Kathleen Smits

Splish Splash
12x16, Soft Pastel $1200.00
Nancy Smyth Yannetti

In The Bag
22x17, soft pastel $3000
Art Spirit Foundation Gold Medal Award

24x19x18, Bronze $12000
James Sondow

The Peony Pavilion
18x7, Soft Pastel $8000
Chengyi Song

The Shackles of the Times' Destiny
20x16, oil on linen $2860
Yong Song

Morning on the Maligne River
8x12, Acrylic $1449
Cindy Sorley-Keichinger

16x20, --Please Select-- $3000
Lou Spina

30x30, Oil $4500
Dottie Stanley

Morning After
14x21, Watercolor $2500.00
Robert Steedman

Lunaria with Chinese Jar
11x14, Oil $NFS
Walanne Steele

Girl from the North
18x9x8, Plaster $6500
Maurice Stern

20x17, Watercolor $1500
Jane Stoddard

Twilight Snow at English Landing
24x30, Watercolor $1600.00
Diane Stolz

What Game is this
20x20, Oil $1200
Angela Stratton

Path to Lake Mohonk
30x22, Watercolor $1800
Helen Stutz

Past and Present
18x24, Oil $3200
Christine Su
Helen DeCozen Memorial Award for a Floral

20x25, Soft Pastel $2500
Catherine Sung

13x18, Oil $30000
Katie Swatland
Hudson Valley Art Association Award

Outdoor Marketplace
18x24, Watercolor $2500
Marilyn Swift

Lenox Avenue, 1939
16x20, pen and ink $NFS
richard tartaglio

8x10, Soft Pastel $3500
Mary Taylor

30x22, --Please Select--watercolor $1600
Don Taylor

Girl in Red
24x18, Oil $1500
Tatyana Teichberg

Portrait:Tony Regis
11x14, Oil $1300
Karen Jobe Templeton

Native American Warrior
23x17, Pencil $2800
Lewis Testa

After Sunday lunch
24x30, Oil $1000
Anna Tevanian

The Hot Dog Painting
20x24, Oil $4800
Thomas Torak
Columbian Towers Development Merit Award for Oil

Dance Night
10x12, Oil $4200
Elizabeth Torak

Evening Boil
18x20, Oil $9000
John Traynor
Alden Bryan Memorial Award

10x8, Pencil $2000
May Rolstad Trien

7x10x3, Assemblage $600
Richard Turchetti

11x8, Soft Pastel
Kathleen Ullman
Claude Parsons Memorial Award

Head of Diana
19x11x13, Cast Resin $2000
Amy Bright Unfried
Barbara Newington Award for Sculpture

Messages of New York No.2.
31x24, on wood panel $15,600.0
Villo Varga
Honorable Mention

Antique dutch market
10x16, Acrylic $600
Dimitris Voyiazoglou

A Work In Progress
10x11, Acrylic $NFS
Sue Wall

28x20, Oil $10000
Jingtao Wang

Safety 2019
22x16, Soft Pastel $5000
Di Wang

Overhead Bridge
15x22, Oil $1800
Durre Waseem

Canna Lily, Yellow
18x13, Watercolor $750
Sharon Way- Howard

20x20, Oil $2800
Renate Wehmeyer

Morning Mist
24x36x, Oil $3500

Heart of the Mist
15x14x11, Stoneware $2700
Deborah Williams

Tucked In
12x13, Soft Pastel $1500
Barbara Kitty Williams

Plums, Pomegranates and Lustreware
10x20, Oil $900
Fran Wood

Divine Comedy
17x17, pigment ink $10000
QiangJie Wu
AAPL President’s Award

Meat Series III
24x35, oil on linen $3580
Yingshuo Wu

16x12, Oil $7150
Shunxiang Xia
Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff Award

Master's started
28x39, Oil $no sale

Yi nationality's old lady
32x32, Soft Pastel $7150
Ping Yan

Flower of Hope
15x20, Soft Pastel $1500
Nancy Yang

The Love Song of Prufrock
30x40, Oil $2888
Lin Yang

24x18, Oil $NFS
Leila Yassami

Running Whippet
xx, Bronze $8000
Fan Yu

Granny under the sun
22x15, Watercolor $8000
yanqi Zhai
Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff Award

Under Subway Rail Road
19x25, Soft Pastel $1800
Li Jiang Zhai

Little Girl Droma
31x21, Watercolor $1000
Qi Zhang

Years are quiet
32x24, oil on linen $800
Hong Zhang

Youth No.2
28x36, Oil $6800
Xiaowei Zhao

Hope for happiness
39x24, Oil $29000
Yaoming Zhao

16x16, Oil $4280
Wei Zhou

If emotions can be touched
24x20, oil on linen $14500
Jie Zhuang

Marion Amongst The Ruins
24x24, Oil $2800
Doug Zider
Allied Artists of America Award


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