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36x24, Mixed Media $1000.

24x24, Acrylic $900
Dan Adams

10x10, Acrylic $500
Dan Adams

10x10, Acrylic $500
Dan Adams

30x40, Oil $3500
Basia Aroyo

Secret Garden
30x30, Oil $4800
Antonios Aspromourgos

A Glass Menagerie
40x30, Oil $5500
Antonios Aspromourgos

Warren Bakley

24x30, Acrylic $1200
Suzanne Beckstrom

Lemon Tree
60x60, Oil $1800
Neil Brooks

Los Jilgueros Preserve
30x48, thrown and splattered acrylic paint on canvas $5500.
Diana Carey

Think Tank
25x14x13, High Fire Stoneware $1200
Sandra Chanis

Homage To Wyeth
17x11, Photography $700
Emanuel Dale

Pretty in Pink
13x7x6, Clay $500
Sue DeWulf

By the Seashore
16x8x6, Clay $600
Sue DeWulf

We are All the Same but Différent
48x48, Mixed Media $3500
Ellen Dieter

Cardiff Dawn #2
30x48, Acrylic $NFS
Juan Flores

Two Cardiffs Nocturne
30x40, Acrylic $3500
Juan Flores

Trailer Park
43x32x16, Mixed Media $6250
Kat Flyn

24”x24”, Mixed Media $500.00
Martita Foss

Willow Creek
12x24, Oil $765
Susan French

Night Couch
16x20, Gelatin Silver Photograph $1000
Will Gibson

Repotting Time
30x42, oil on linen $2800
John Groff

Con-Tained Movement
23.6x23.5x11, natural fibers, stainless steel and acrylic $5500
becky guttin

LA,Lawns and Lies
48x48, Oil , Cold Wax, collage $4800
Holli Harmon

La Jolla Fields 0079.2019
42x42, graphite and pigments suspended in resin emulsion $8,990.
James Kendall Higgins

Observe From A Far
50x40, Acrylic and Mixed Media $2095
Kate Joiner

12x9x9, Clay $725
Bianca Juarez

Elegance of Moss
40x40, Oil $2500
Kathleen Kane-Murrell

48x60, Acrylic $1000
Susan Kogan

Leave A Light On
16x20, Interpretive Digital Photography $260
Kurt Lightfoot

Pier Into The Fog
16x20, Interpretive Digital Photography $260
Kurt Lightfoot

The Cricket Woman's Two Daughters
20x30, digital collage with pasted on paper $475
John Linthurst

Red Ribbon
24x30, Oil $3000.00
Cathy Locke

Masia Mara 4
20x13, Lino cut $800
Susan Lyon

Alhambra Confluence #182
40x30, Acrylic $3200
Michael Maas

Dichroic Human Skull
6x4x6, Glass $1500
Dan McStocker

Dunkin Donuts
3x7x7, Glass- Size and price refers to one donut $600
Dan McStocker

Shadow Mirror
9 3/4 x 11, Photography $300
Andrew Meyers

Struggle 6433
18 x 12, Photography $350
Andrew Meyers

Home Alone
12x14, Digital $500
Donald Mohr

33x40, Digital $1800
Donald Mohr

I Am An Immigrant
36 x 36, Canvas, Acrylic $$2,500
Michelle Moore

Woolsey Fire-After Fires
48x72, Acrylic on Canvas $8500
Allan Morrow

14x20, Watercolor $1600
annalise neil

Abandoned Diptych #6
w27x h10, Photography $500
Annie Omens

Mirror Neurons
22x30, serigraphy monoprint $1150
Kelsey Overstreet

The Little Prince
36x58, Oil $NFS
Gail Oyer - aka ~ Mercedes

Wisconsin and strand
12x30, Oil $1800
george papciak

12x12, Photography $150
Brigid Parsons

60x60, oil, wax, charcoal, pigment and graphite on canvas $11500
Alison Haley Paul

48x60, oil media $2600
carol perry

48x60, ACRYLIC $6800
Ilona Peteris

Aspens in Aspen and a Bighorn Sheep
24x36, Photography on Acrylic $900
Ana Phelps

Aula Magna
8x11, Digital $300.00
ernie pick

Fading Light : Crystal Cove
12x12, Soft Pastel $2600
Patricia Prescott Sueme

Enter the Garden #9
24 x 30, acrylic on canvas $18000
Karrie Ross

52x84, Charcoal $5000
Catherine Ruane

Woman And The Violin
30x30, Digital $900
Doriana Sinnett

The Drummer
30x45, Digital $1800
Doriana Sinnett

Kim and Jean
42x57, Oil $NFS
Michael Sitaras

raining upwards
36x36, (The piece is an installation of hundreds of plast $1200
Cheryl Sorg

I try to remind myself that I am connected to others
36x36, Mixed Media $1700
Cheryl Sorg

9x9, Japanese Woodblock Print $NFS
Daniel Streck

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice, from the series Family Matters
16x24, Photography $1200
Jane Szabo

Melody Liquor
24x36, Acrylic $4500
Michael Ward

Hold Fast
68x36, Oil $8000
Brady Willmott

St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYC
6x4, Photography $$75
Danielle Zhang


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