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19x19, Watercolor $875
Cary Smith

Whimsical Forest
15x11, Watercolor $350
Gary Alexander

Yellowstone Cowboy
16x20, Watercolor $750
David Belling

22x30, Watercolor/Gouache $1500
Selma Blackburn

An Eye for an Eye
33x39, Watercolor $600
Carole Canino

Three's Company
38x30, Watercolor $1800
Judi Coffey

Simple Measures
25x23, Transparent Watercolor $3000
L. S. Eldridge

Here Fishy Fishy!
11x14, Mixed Water Media $600
B. Jeannie Fry

Table for Two
28x20, Watercolor $$2800
Susan Gibson

31x23, Watercolor $2200
randy globus

All American Girl
30x22, Watercolor $1200
Marlene Gremillion

Green Awnings
22x30, Watercolor $2400
Nancy Harkins

A Tricolored Heron
21x25, Gouache $4000
Margaret Harrell

Without Reason
28x11, Watercolor $2700
Lance Hunter

23x18, Watercolor $1250
John James

Long Tail Trio
18x22, watercolor $800
Paula Kalina

Reflection is the New Black
15x22, Watercolor $700
Cheryl Kellar

Bill's Legacy
10x8, watercolor $200
Bryan Kellar

20x24, watercolor $500
Ronald Kinkaid

Summer Lace
15x22, Watercolor $5000
Shirley Kleppe

Montenegro Fisherman
11x14, Watercolor $525
Patricia Langewis

Quiet Time
17x17, Watercolor $595
Linda Larey

Study in Texture 8
29x21, Watercolor $1800
sandra Marson

Inside Out
30x22, Watercolor, gouache, graphite $1800
Reita Miller

Baubles, Bangles and Beads
18x12, Watercolor $750
Carol Roberts

Great Blue
18x24, watercolor $$600
Gary Simmons

Tea Cups and Other Treasures
12x12, Watercolor $360
Tana Smith

About the Web
15x22, Watercolor $1200
Mary Spellings

Split Decision
15x11, Watercolor $315
Mary Ann Stafford

Lookin' Back
15 x 22, Watercolor $1200
Eileen Stearman

Braxton Dixon Reminiscing
24 x 18, Watercolor $2500
Tuva Stephens

Early Morning Light
11x28, Watercolor $2,000
Richard Stephens

The Gossipers
14x20, Watercolor $895
Annie Strack

Suspended in Glass
28x17, Watercolor $1200
Marietta Tucker

Seen Better Days
20X14, Watercolor $1400
Donna Twyford

18x18, Watercolor $2800
Carrie Waller

15x22, Watercolor $1000
Kathryn Wedge

14x11, Watercolor $400
Lyn Whaley

The Fallen Angel
17x15, Abstract Watercolor $200
daphyne williams

Lonely Street
25x16, Watercolor $900
Valdoris Wright


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