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The Jumper
11x14, Oil $500
Hershel Abelman

24x18, Oil $825
Cookie Addison

Pacific Grove in May #3
11x14, Oil $400
Andrew Ballantyne

Cello Practice
11x14, Watercolor $NFS
Emily Barton

Facing one's fears
14x11, Graphite $350
Gary Beattie

Defense of family
11x14, Graphite $650
Gary Beattie

Truck Rusted
20x30, Watercolor $645.00
Teresa Beyer

Baker's Beach
22x15, Watercolor $475.00
Teresa Beyer

Springtime, Pt. Lobos
12x12, Soft Pastel on Sanded Paper $225
Carol Bower

A Safe Place
18x27, Oil $NFS
Claudia Browne

Ruby Sky
11x14, Soft Pastel $NFS
Cristie Buckminster

Body, a ghost gold town
24x30, Oil $600
Alain Couder

Fountain of Youth
18x24, Oil $NFS
Cyra Cowan

Sea to eternity
24x30, Oil $1250
Cyra Cowan

The Pinnacles
19x19, Watercolor $NFS
June Crowe

Garden walk
20x30 canvas, Photography $225
Patricia Dennis

Journey to Tranquility
16x24, Photography $225
Patricia Dennis

Yosemite Falls
28x36, watercolor plus collage $600
Kay Duffy

44x11x9, White Oak $690
Syd Dunton

8x10, Acrylic $240
Emily Eskite

16x40, Acrylic $1,920
Emily Eskite

Autumn in the Vineyards
14x18, Acrylic $425
Marge Faucher

18x36, Oil $1300
Liz Fennell

Water Serenity
7x10, Watercolor $$275
John Giannotti

Grape Still Life
7x10, Watercolor $$275
John Giannotti

FILOLI Water Lilies
18x24, Acrylic $NFS
Nicole Golko

Budding Dahlias
12x12, Acrylic $NFS
Nicole Golko

Spring Flower Field
16x20, Acrylic with Pencil $695
Claudia Gray

Fresh Produce
9x12, Watercolor $350
Annie Haines

8x10, Oil $200
Tia Hsian

Soft Whisper
9x12, Oil $300
Tia Hsian

Abandoned - Puget Sound
16x20, Photography $NFS
Felisa Ihly

Street Scene One, Fort Bragg, 2018
12x18, Photography $$ 650.00
Ingeborg Jakobson

Phoenix, 2018
12x18, Photography $$ 650.00
Ingeborg Jakobson

Homeless Man
11x14, Oil $250
Jeffrey Janoff

Cuban students
8x10, Photography $150
Jeffrey Janoff

28x21, Watercolor $350
Susan Jochheim

Santa Teresa Barn
18x24, Watercolor $300
Susan Jochheim

From Billions to None - The Sad Story of the Once-Abundant Passenger Pigeon
16x20, Acrylic $1500.
Kathy Kleinsteiber

Riding the Stars
20x20, Acrylic $800
Diann Klink

10x10, Mixed Media $400
Jill Kroh

Fountains of the Deep
30x40, Oil $450
June Laman

Ayala Weekend
12x24, Oil $850
Leslie landers

Across the Bay
9x12, Pastel $250
Patricia Larenas

Peeled Orange
8x10, Acrylic $NFS
Suzanne Levy

The Fisherman and the Bird
22x18, Watercolor $NFS
Iris Lian

Garrapata Bluff Trail
20x30, Photography $220
Jane Loomis

Garrapata Sea Caves
20x30, Photography $220
Jane Loomis

Into the Valley
12x16, Oil $425
Ed Lucey

Ancient Vines
9x12, Oil $475
Marie Massey

Rainy Walk
11x15, Watercolor $350
Elwira Barbara Maszara

8x8, Oil $150
Betty McGuire

Grazing in the Lupine
18x24, Soft Pastel $795
Maralyn Miller

12x16, Soft Pastel $595
Maralyn Miller

Morning Light on Eucalyptus
10x13, Gouache $850
sara mordecai

Torn at the border
22x28, Oil $2000
Dennis Moreno

Blue Room
22x16, Watercolor $NFS
Sayeko Nakamura

Out of Service
23x17, Watercolor $NFS
Sayeko Nakamura

Stampede Mesa
19x24, Ink& acrylic $300
Elizabeth Parashis

Dinno - Diamond in the Ruff
11x14, Pigmented Ink and Acrylic $975
John M. Perez

Kettle with Lemons and Grapes
8x10, Oil $275
Majella Pinto

Sunday Stroll
12x16, Oil $595
Radha Rao

Hakone Gardens
12x 9, Watercolor $450
Elvira Rascov

Tracy CSMA
24x18, Watercolor $350
Michael Rogan

18x24, Watercolor $580
Eric Saint Georges

9x4x4, Bronze $1400
Eric Saint Georges

Torrey Pines Beach
14x11, Soft Pastel $425
Helen Scheel

white oak
22x15, transparent watercolor $NFS
Bonnie Joy Sedlak

Fallen Arch, Santa Cruz
12x16, Oil $780
Al Shamble

Picchetti Winery
12x16, Oil $535
david stonesifer

The Grand Bretagne
36x24, Oil $8500
Thalia Stratton

Homage to Sargent
30x24, Oil $7500
Thalia Stratton

Carved Coast
14x18, --Please Select-- $950
Nancy Takaichi

Dream Workshop
12x16, Oil $750
Nancy Takaichi

Puppy Eyes
11x15, Watercolor $340
Grace Tang

The path to freedom II
18x18, Acrylic $375
Beauty Tingalay

Love those flowers I
36x18, Acrylic $1250
Sandra Tingalay

Behind All That - Tranquility
36x24, mixed Media, Acrylic $1200
Rachel Tirosh

Passage of life
12x9, Watercolor $450
Christy Tsai

A Peaceful Domain
36x36, Oil $1800
Diane Warwick

Got The Distance
8 x 8, Oil $300.00
Rebecca Lillis White

Garrapata Cove
8x10, Soft Pastel $275.00
Marianne Woosley

In the Making, San Francisco
9x12, Oil $1500
ni zhu

18x24, Oil $3000
ni zhu


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