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The Orange Feeder
8x11, Mixed Media $1100
Sue deLearie Adair

Twilight Stars
16x9x9, Bronze $6800
Carol Alleman

Right Where I Want To Be
24x24, Oil $5700
JaNeil Anderson

A Common Language
30x36, Oil $4500
Heather Arenas

Sunset Sunburst
30x30, Oil $4500
Diane Arenberg

Abby in Contemplation
24x17, Oil $3500
Suzanne Lago Arthur

Briskly, and with Purpose
22x22, Watercolor $3800
Helen K. Beacham

Into the Light
36x36, Oil $8700
Chula Beauregard

Workin Girls
18x30, Oil $3000
Ginger Bowen

Code Talker
30x24, oil $6900
Jane Bradley

Up and Over
11 X18, Watercolor $3000
Melinda Brewer

Pink Cascades
40x30, Oil $7000
Jenny Buckner

Color Riot
16x16, Oil $2600
Karen Budan

20x22, Oil $5200
Ellen Buselli

22x15, Watercolor $1500
Carol Carter

30x40, Oil $6200
Kim Casebeer

The Honored Gift
24x24, Oil $5800
Vicki Catapano

One Hundred and Ten Years Later: A Tribute to Harry Wilson Watrous
24x30, Oil $6500
Donna Catotti

The Letter
24x24, Oil $4200
Therese Conte

A Moment in Time
24x24, Acrylic $4500
Lynette Cook

Wine Merchant
24x18, Oil $3000
Sandra Corpora

30x22, Colored Pencil on White Paper $6650
Natalie Dark

Leaning Toward the Past, Marfa, Texas
18x24, Oil $1750
Julie Davis

21x8x12, Clay for bronze $3500
Angela De la Vega

Writing On The Wall
24x18, Watercolor $1550
Sandy Delehanty

19x38, Charcoal, pastel, chalk $9500
carmen drake gordon

Shades of Gray
18x24, Oil $3200.00
Barbara Summers Edwards

Sorolla's Studio
18x24, Oil $3200
sheri farabaugh

Skimming the Treetops
17x14x16, Bronze $5500
Cathy Ferrell

34x16, Oil $5600
Cynthia Feustel

32x40, Oil $8500
Elizabeth Floyd

Provencal Sunflowers
12x16, Oil $3000
kelli folsom

Old Mill Casita
12x16, Soft Pastel $2300
Terri Ford

24x30, Acrylic $15000
Ellen Fuller

Hell's Bell
40x30, Oil $12000.00
Tina Garrett

She Stopped To Look Up
24x24, Oil $2,400
Heather Gibson

The Secret Keeper
40x32, Soft Pastel $5000
Lisa Gleim

30x40, Oil $10500.00
Linda Glover Gooch

32x15x9, Bronze $4620
Sandy Graves

11x14, Watercolor $750.00
Jan Guarino

30x30, Oil $5900
Terry Cooke Hall

Vantage Point
36x36, Oil $3400
Anne Harkness

Western Homestead
30x40, Acrylic $3650
claudia hartley

Lion and the Lamb, Agave and Sego lily, Sedona, AZ
40x30, Oil $6100
Dyana Hesson

Last Glance
30x30, Oil $6900
Paula Holtzclaw

In The Eye Of The Beholder
20x9x14, Stone $6850
Cathy Jenkins

Icelandic Shimmers
18 x 36, oil $3600
Jacqueline Jones

Tunnel Vision
20x16, Oil $2595
Debra Keirce

Tres Amigos
24x30, Oil $6400
Laurie Kersey

67x70x24, Found Objects $20000
Debbie Korbel

13x5x5, Bronze $2500
Kim Kori

Caramel Apples
30x22, Transparent Watercolor $5000
Chris Krupinski

boy on llama
20x16, Oil $2500
Kate Lackman

Wild Solitude
34x34, Oil $3000
Nancy Lane

September Fields
18x24, Soft Pastel $5200
Denise LaRue Mahlke

Catch Me If You Can
24x36, watermedia
Linda Loeschen

Feather Fan Dancer
36x18, Oil $4300
Dana Lombardo

Diamond Girl
14x11, Pencil $2300
Cindy Long

Spring Planting
8x15x11, Bronze $3250
Diane Mason

A Moment in Time
36x36, Oil $12900
Dianne Massey Dunbar

Lone Wolf
24x36, Colored Scratchboard $15000
Sally Maxwell

On the Cusp of Magic
24x19x9, Bronze $3900

Channunpa Wahkan - The Sacred Pipe, Lakota
40x30, Oil $17900
Krystii Melaine

Rippling Through Quiet Waters
16x24, Oil $4200
Kami Mendlik

Alley Off Elm
20x16, Soft Pastel $1800
Nancie King Mertz

A Different Perspective
20x20, Watercolor $3000
Kim Minichiello

Flowers For You
18x24, Oil on Linen $2,900
Rosa Montante

24x18, Oil $12000
Kathy Morris

16x20, Oil $2200
Anita Mosher Solich

I'm Sorry!
20x16, Oil $3800
Farshid Namei

24x24, oil $3,200
Julie Nighswonger

13x20, Colored pencil $3,200
Eileen Nistler

Glass Bottom Boat
11x14, Soft Pastel $1950.
Nancy Nowak

Twilights Harmony
24x30, Oil $7200
Rachele Nyssen

Heading Out
30x30, Oil $3850
Donna Nyzio

Allure of Kimono
30x22, Watercolor $2800
Carla OConnor

Leaning into the Sun
24x18, Oil $1250.00
Sally Painter

Beary Sharing
21x18x17, Bronze $14500
Pokey Park

Madera Canyon Gpbbler
20x16, Acrylic $3700
Anne Peyton

Into Thin Air
36x36, Oil $10,000
elizabeth pollie

Range War at the Lariat Saloon
32x40, oil on canvas $6800
Sharon Pomales

Courvoisier Cognac
8x10, Oil $$2,500
Rene Porter

They Shall Inherit the Earth
30x20, Oil $9800.00
Heide Presse

Chromed Grace
5x7, --Please Select-- $650
Ann Ranlett

Silver Queen
18x24, Oil $6500.
Connie Lynn Reilly

20x24, Oil $4400
hope reis

Mo & Benson
23x30x8, Bronze $18000
Stephanie Revennaugh

Summer Bouquet
20x20, Oil $3800.00
Elizabeth Robbins

Journey Home
33x24, Oil $8800
Gladys Roldan-de-Moras

Balancing Act
9.5 x 17.5 x 4.5 inches, Bronze $2800
Jan Rosetta

Spring Creosote Blooms
24x36, Oil $2950
Vanessa Rusczyk

Toys in the Attic
18x24, Oil $7000
Claudia Seymour

Jazz is Jazz
22x20, Watercolor $4500
Alisa Shea

A Sun Loving Monster
4x4, Watercolor $1575
Rachelle Siegrist

Winter Is No Picnic, Unless You're in Sunny Colorado
18x24, Oil $1595
Shelley Smith

Mourning Dove
36x24, oil and metal leaf on board $8800.00
Laurie Stevens

A Touch of Pink
24x20, Oil $3000
Patricia Tribastone

Our Friend Emanuel
16x20, Oil $2000
Karol Tucker

39x48x10, Bronze $15000
Diana Twining

Concert in the Cathedral
18x24, Oil $4200
Michele Usibelli

18x18, Pencil $2000
Suzanne Vigil

24x28, Watercolor $3700
Carrie Waller

She Is Me But I Am Not Her
20x16, Acrylic $1250
Paige Wallis

An Elegant Affair
24x24, Oil $2700.
Ann Watcher

24x30, Oil $1600
Karen Weihs

13x15, Oil $2200
Kathie Wheeler

Horse Medicine
10x16x5, Bronze $3400
liz Wolf

House and Willow
24x30, Oil $5500
romona youngquist


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