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Farm Alone in the Coming Storm
9x14, Photography $200
Barbara Altevers

Solitary Water Lily
14x9, Photography $200
Barbara Altevers

City Slicker
18x36, Oil $850
Andrea Ambrose

Blue Lagoon, Iceland
12x12, Oil $225
Andrea Ambrose

36x24, Oil $575
Andrea Ambrose

Japanese Lantern Lighting
5x5, Gouache and Graphite on Paper $125
Micki Brown

Old Guy Resting
12x17, crayon and watercolor $240
Gregory Brown

Senior in Green Pants
18x10, crayon and watercolor $160
Gregory Brown

48x36, Oil $5000
Wanda Brown

The Box
30x24, Oil $2500
Wanda Brown

If You Were A Bluebird
30x24, Mixed Media $750
Denise Cerro

Shimmerlight Reef
11x15, Acrylic and Ink on Paper $250
Christopher Conroe

Midnight Bramble
11x15, Acrylic and Ink on Paper $250
Christopher Conroe

Dr. Seuss Tree
12x12, Photography $450
Susan Coppock

Time passages
26x22, Photography $900
Emanuel Dale

Alone in a croud
27x23, Photography $700
Emanuel Dale

The Old Waterman
24x18, Partially acrylic and oil $800
Kevin Daly

Off to the Circus
16" by 13" by 6", Clay $450
Sue DeWulf

Adventures with a Good Book
14"by 9" by 7', Clay $550
Sue DeWulf

Soo Goomoso, I am Badass, Hear me Roar!
45x62, Mixed Media on canvas $3750
Ellen Dieter

Feet on the ground...head in the clouds
10x8, watercolor on yup $
Barbara DiFrancia

Shifting Sea
11x10, Clay $850
Julia C R Gray

A Piece Of Me
18x4.5x7, Clay $2000
Julia C R Gray

Night & Day
18x24, Collage/Photography $450
jennifer griffiths

18x24, acrylic ink and india ink on mixed media paper $300
Victor Jasso

Baño de Espuma
26x39, Tempera on paper $2000
Kirby Kendrick

The Judge
30x22, Watercolor $2800
Chuck McPherson

Beached Caballero
18x24, Watercolor $2800
Chuck McPherson

24x24, Acrylic on Canvas $2400
Arie Menes

24x24, Acrylic on Canvas $2400
Arie Menes

24x21, cyber serigraph on canvas $320
carl mikeman

That's Almost Interesting
36x18, Mixed Media $400
Margo Palmer

36x24, Oil $NFS
Margo Palmer

Don't Go
24x24, Acrylic $300
Margo Palmer

12x18, steel, construction 12"x12"x18" $3600.
Dan Peragine

8" w x 11" h, photo 8 1/2" w X 11" h, frame 15 3/4"w X 17 3/4"h $400.00
ernie pick

lunar landing@15:09
16x12, Mixed Media $400.00
ernie pick

Looking for God in Liverpool
36x48, Mixed Media $1500
Constance Rawlins

Up Until Recently & Every Time Before That
24x32, Mixed Media $1500
Constance Rawlins

San Clemente Oak
9x7, Intaglio $350
Julianne Ricksecker

Spirit of a Garden.
24x20, Oil on canvas $1300
Viktoria Romanova

Desert Chicory Among Desert Pincushionn
18x36, Oil $1200
Vanessa Rusczyk

Bike In the Night
16x12, Photography $300
Steve Schlesinger

Silhouette of Star Light Essence
30x30, Digital $965
Doriana Sinnett

Silhouette Trombone
30x30, Digital $965
Doriana Sinnett

35x25, Photography $1500
Robert Stratton

Riviera Reprieve
16x20, Oil $1500
Francesca Towers

A Fool's Folly
30x30, --Please Select-- $3500
Gigi Woodward

Silence is Golden
40x40, --Please Select-- $2500
Gigi Woodward

Sunbathing in Lisbon
24x24, Oil $2880
Yahel Yan


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