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Hidden Agenda
48x60, Acrylic $800
Zafirah Ahmed

16x20, Composite Photography $250
Ashleigh Clayton

Quiet Thoughts H:32 ft W: 14 ft D: 1 inches
14 ft by 32 ft , Thin layer of stucco over the foam, spray paint $NFS
Giselle Daneshmand

72x60, Acrylic $NFS
Manyu Gao
xx, 16mm transferred to digital, clay $NFS
Stephanie Huang
xx, videographics, VHS $NFS
Stephanie Huang

seven self portraits as a cowboy
xx, oil on linen, sisal, horseshoes $2500
Stephanie Huang
xx, 16mm film transferred to digital, clay $NFS
Stephanie Huang

The Revolution Will Not Be TELEVISED
18 x 68, Mixed Media $1800
Jonah Jackson

Home Is Where The Hatred Is
xx, Found Objects $NFS
Jonah Jackson

not here to educate you
28x18x22", fabric, thread, wire, chicken wire, fiber fill, po $650
Lauren Moradi

incapable object 2/tape measure
3x22x1.5", fabric, thread, epoxy, found tape measure $250
Lauren Moradi

functioning object 2/jigsaw
7x21x2.5", fabric, thread, fiber fill, epoxy, found saw blade $950
Lauren Moradi

functioning object 3/mixer
9x12x4.5", fabric, thread, foam, fiber fill, found mixer, rhe $950
Lauren Moradi

Obelisco de Chicharon
62x36x26, n/a $NFS
luis j moreno napoles

el tiempo es una embestida
60x45x12, masa, papel mache, chicken wire $NFS
luis j moreno napoles

xx, Fabric, acrylic paint $500 each
Haylie Roche

The Life and Death of Clementine
42x44, Mixed Media $2500
Haylie Roche

I Thought I'd Live forever, But Now I'm Not So Sure.
xx, Found Objects $NFS
Briar Rosa

Private Sphere
48x48, Acrylic $$500
Pamela Rush

Ain't It A Shame When You Hate The One You Love
Adjustable, Video $NFS
Pamela Rush

10x14x7, Assemblage $300
Adrienne Sacks

12x13x9, Assemblage $300
Adrienne Sacks

10x10x8, Assemblage $300
Adrienne Sacks

14x10x7, Assemblage $300
Adrienne Sacks

8x6x6, Assemblage $300
Adrienne Sacks

30x40, Oil $800
Ziba Safavian

45x30, Acrylic $300
Danielle Trent


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