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M 10-2, T-F 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

20x20, Mixed Media $450.
Lana Blades

What If
19x13, Mixed Media $750.
Lana Blades

Everything Purple
24x24, Mixed Media $700.
Lana Blades

Living It Up In LA
8x10, Mixed Media Collage $275
Karol Blumenthal

LA's Low Rider Car Culture
11x14, Digital Collage $275
Karol Blumenthal

What if I lived here? #5
9x12, Collage $200
Andrea Bottancino

Hidden Prayers
25x15x3, found items $430
sharon brooks

What if Things Were Different Around Here
17x22, Collage $175
Marie Chapian

8x8, Acrylic & Collage $175
Susan Dukow

On the Mount
16x20, Acrylic & Collage $600
Susan Dukow

Medusa Sea Foam I
30x13, Mixed Media, fabric and house paint on paper $300
Susan Gesundheit

Godzilla Grid
25x13, Mixed Media, fabric and house paint on paper $300
Susan Gesundheit

Medusa Sea Foam II
25x13, Mixed Media, fabric, acrylic, house paint on paper $300
Susan Gesundheit

Big Bear Cabin
11x14, Mixed Media, Paper collage $275
Susan Gesundheit

Sea Diety
21x21x3 , Mosaic and found metal $1400
Gail Glikmann

28x20, Mixed Media Collage $850
Carol Kay

what if there was peace on earth
9x12, Mixed Media $400

watching over me
30x23, Mixed Media $1500

Babe in a Boat
6x9, mixed media assemblage $850
Elaine Langerman

Refuse 1
18x24, collage, acrylic, my digital drawing scraps $NFS
Kwei-lin Lum

Fish and Plastic,
10.5x8x8, Mixed Media $450
Barbara Margolies

Bad Dreams Bed
6.5x7x7, Mixed Media $375
Barbara Margolies

;my blue lady
36x24, --Please Select-- $500
Rachelle Mark

dance of the spheres
24x16, --Please Select-- $450
Rachelle Mark

my id
20x16, --Please Select-- $350
Rachelle Mark

Ways To See The World Of Endless People
12x16, Mixed Media $400
Monica Marks

The ‘What If’s’
12x12, Mixed Media $400
Monica Marks

What If I Cut These Away
24x24, Mixed Media Collage/Assemblage $1200
Monica Marks

City Scape
8x10, Mixed Media $250.
Rea Nagel

Second Thoughts
28x22, Acrylic and collage $NRS
Lois Ramirez

Cut it Out- Venus
12x16, Collage and Pastel on Paper $1500
Sinan Revell

Cut it Out-Duette
12x16, Collage and Pastel on Paper $1500
Sinan Revell

Cut Out/Basquiat
24x18, Collage and Pastel on Paper $1500
Sinan Revell

13x20, Collage $285
Shawn K. Riley

Remnants of Memory
8x10, Mixed Media on canvas $NFS
Shawn K. Riley

My Grandmother Loved Songbirds
22x17, Mixed Media $400
Stacy Russo

Silent Street
14x11, Collage & Acrylic $1200
John Selleck

24x30, Mixed Media $1120
karen stein

18x24, Mixed Media $975
karen stein

Out of My Head
10x17x10, Cast stone, Bronze wool $1800
Marilyn Stempel

And Trees
24x24, Collage $800
Barbara Tabachnick

Waxing Cactus
20x16, Mixed media encaustic $700
Barbara Tabachnick

11x14, Mixed Media $333
Christel Thompson

Taking Form
12x12, Mixed Media
Christel Thompson

The Calling
19x14, Assemblage $800
Christel Thompson

Sahara Beara
11x14, Digital $335
Wendy Tigerman

11x14, Digital $335
Wendy Tigerman

Shooting For The Moon
18x15, acrylic monotype with collage on paper $500
Brenda Welsh

Snow Play
20x16, acryli paint with collage on canvas $500
Brenda Welsh

Dragon's Treasures
17x20x1, Mixed Media $150
Robert Zimdahl


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