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Eastern Sierra Temple
20x24, Oil $2200
Charity Anderson

The Last Time
24x24, Oil $NFS

15x15, Photography $360
Stewart Beyerle

The Douro River in Portugal
12x16, colored pencil $400
Christine Bourg

10x10, Acrylic $275
Fran Cain

24x24, Mixed Media $300
Toni Carpenter

24x24, Oil on Panel $1850
David Casterson

Turquoise and brown fence in Pleasanton, CA
12x24, Oil $1500
Hyunjung Chae

The Song of Spring III
11x8.5, Ink and Color $700
Wei Ting Chuang

The Song of Spring I
11x8.5, Ink and Color $800
Wei Ting Chuang

Opus #1
16x28, Acrylic $1,500
Thomas Cory

Just Before Sundown on Mt. Diablo
22x16, Soft Pastel $2000
Marsha Dalmas

Festive Autumn
16x20, Oil $650
Wing Yan Fan

Flying over Daisy
18x24, Oil $850
Wing Yan Fan

30x30, Oil on canvas $2400
Niloufar Farzam

Hot-Hazy Delta-Day Almost-August
10x15, Watercolor $600
Michael Friedland

Mt Diablo in Fall
24x48, Acrylic $400
Randy Garber

Desert Daybreak
18x24, Oil $$1350
David Gates

– Dream – Lady in the balcony
24x36, Oil $1400
priyanka gawande

B is for Boat
9x20, Soft Pastel $
Irene Georgopoulou

Back in Time
9x11, Soft Pastel $
Irene Georgopoulou

Solved in three minutes
30x22, Mixed Media $2250.00
Dmitry Grudsky

Vista del Rio
26x40, Watercolor $1900
Juanita Hagberg

Line of Hurt
33x24, Dye Painted Silk $650
Susan Helmer

After The Flood
24x30, Acrylic $1300
Jennifer Huber

Tilden at 12
18x24, Acrylic $300
Jennifer Huber

Euphonic Colour No. 18
48x30, Acrylic $$4000
Angela Johal

Sonic Flower No. 2
48x48, Acrylic $$5500
Angela Johal

Sea Ranch Chapel at Night
16x24, Photography $480
Kyle Jones

Sihgad- Creative landscape
11x14, watercolors and acrylic $400
Rekha Joshi

Swim Break
19x15, Watercolor $3900
Melanie Lacki

Value Plus
14x11, Mixed Media $350
Maureen Langenbach

Keep This Coupon
14x11, Mixed Media $350
Maureen Langenbach

18x24, Graphite on Paper $450
m lasack

Wren Perch
18x24, Graphite on Paper $450
m lasack

Moving House
16x20, Oil $2500
Carolyn Lord

Linen Tablecloths
36x48, Oil $600
Pete Maciel

Silver Napkin Rings
36x48, Oil $600
Pete Maciel

Reflecting Pool
24x36, Oil $1000
Michael Manente

Books and Tea
12x16, gouache $1000
Heather Martin

Summer Love
16x12, Watercolor $475
Samantha McNally

Winter Sanctuary
24x36, Oil $4300
Marlene Metropolis

Bavarian Countryside
14x21, Watercolor $725
Meghana Mitragotri

30x40, Oil $2500
david nakahara

Mug Shot
16x12, Oil $$1600
Farshid Namei

The Forbidden Apple
36x36, Oil $2600
Christine Ong-Dijcks

7x10, pencil on watercolor background $800

10x7, Watercolor $800

Construction Site
11x14, Watercolor $480
Lillian Peng

Cuban Musicians
24x18, Oil $300
David Peterson

the spinning room
11x15, Photography $240
Ronald Rigge

Sandhill Cranes in Dawn
12x24, Color Photograph $220
Lisa Rigge

Subtopia II
24x24, Acrylic $500
Mark Shawver

30x40, mixed media $$1200.00
Lynne Shephard

Resting On Avila Pier
13x17, colored Pencil $950
Joanne Spurr

18x24, Acrylic $1500
Chandana Srinath

Springtime in Round Valley
14x11, watercolor $350
Lorraine Wells

The Year the Rats Ate the Pomegranates and One Orange
6x11x10, Bronze $5000
Dan Woodard


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