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Where the Streets Have No Name-Joshua Tree
8x16, Oil $700
Kirsten Anderson

Summer Reflections
16x8, Oil $700
Kirsten Anderson

Nicaraguan Childre
16x20, Oil $2200
Echo Baker

Heritage Series #2
12x16, Oil $1800
Echo Baker

A walk in Eisenhower Park
8x10, Watercolor $325
Chris Baldassarre

8x10, Pencil $300
Chris Baldassarre

Working Factory, Oakdale
15x21, Watercolor $1350
Steve Bjorkman

Maple Keepsake Box
5x5x5, Wood, fossil, turquoise $325
Tom Borusky

Pet Cremation Urn #104
5x5x5, Wood $325
Tom Borusky

Spring Promise
16x12, Soft Pastel $950
Dawn Buckingham

And So it Goes
24x36, Acrylic $2600
Kara Bullock

Down in the meadow
8x10, Acrylic $225
Laura Campos

Reflective Whispers
20x20, Mixed Media on Panel $2000
Nick Capaci

Walking Home lll
12x12, Mixed Media on Panel $1000
Nick Capaci

Spring Vista
30x15, Oil $3850
David Chapple

Ticket to Ride
9x16, Oil $800
Sarah Ciavarella

Green Machine
9x16, Oil $800
Sarah Ciavarella

18x18, Oil $400
Melanie Cooper

Navy and White
12x9, Oil $
Dana Cooper

Night Rider
11x14, Soft Pastel $650
William Crawley

8x16, Mixed Media
Suzanne Currie

12x12, Mixed Media $
Suzanne Currie

In the Cool of the Bushvelt Shaddow
18x24, $2500
Toni Danchik

Wrapped in Love
14x18, $2000
Toni Danchik

Blackstar Afternoon
16x20, Oil $800
Kevin Davidson

Moonlight Over Laguna
8x16, Oil $600
Kevin Davidson

Out for a Walk
9x12, Soft Pastel $525
Dori Dewberry

Packages of splendor
24x36, Oil $3600
Monica Edwards

Segmented Wood Vessel
14x14x14, WOOD $950
J Michael Evans

Walnut Natural Edge Bowl
10x9x9, WOOD $350
J Michael Evans

8x10, Mixed Media $250
Princess Geisinger

Cherry Bench
18x39x16, Wood $1150
Robert Graupensperger

Beach Tribe
30x30, --Please Select-- $1600
Deborah Harold

Brazilian Pirouette
9x9x3, Brazilian Mystery Wood $550.00
Bill Haskell

Maple Sugar
9x9x3, Spalted old maple $525
Bill Haskell

Full Tilt
9x30x4, Glass $1900
Christine Head

Roses Are Red ... I Like Shiny Things
9x12, Oil $1200
Carol Heiman-Greene

Mare Mosso (Stormy sea)
24x18, Oil $2157
April Hoskins

The Doll Hut
24x32, oil on panel $3000
Mark Hosmer

After the Storm
8x13, Fiber Art, Cross Stitch Picture $1250
Mariana Ivanova

Stormy Sky
10x7, Fiber Art, Cross Stitch Picture $1350
Mariana Ivanova

Tempest Vase
18x12x12, Clay $1200
Sharon Jackman

20x7x7, Clay $1200
Sharon Jackman

Out All Night
12x14, Acrylic $0.00
Claire Jacobson

8x8, Scratchboard $675
Maaria Kader

12x16, Oil $700
Steve Kell

14x10, Oil/Cold Wax $450
Ellen Kirwan

Reaching High
12x12, Oil/Cold Wax $375
Ellen Kirwan

The Man and the Sea
18x24, Oil $300
Kat Krueger

24x30, Oil $400
Kat Krueger

Remover of Obstacles
8x10, Watercolor $600
Prerana Kulkarni

Farm Truck
16x20, Oil $2950
Greg LaRock

Resting Deere
12x16, Oil $1850
Greg LaRock

Abstract Wine Scarf
14x72x1, Textile Art $100
Julie Leah

Blue Mystic Scarf
22x72x, Textile Art $150
Julie Leah

Full Bloom
14x11, Watercolor $1500
jason li

33x22, Watercolor $4950
jason li

Woven Board
14x10x1, Mahogany, Walnut, & Maple Wood $180
Andrew Maltsev

Wavy Plate
8x8x2, Mahogany Wood & Resin $120
Andrew Maltsev

The Heavens Seas
9x17, Photography $100
Ryan McGarrity

Side Street Streams
11x17, Photography $100
Ryan McGarrity

Treasure Island Beach
6x12, Oil $300
Claire Miller

Still Flying
7x3x2, Vintage/Antique Books $400
James Minidis

4x3x2, Book Covers and Paper $400
James Minidis

35x2, Acrylic $
Ian Montelongo

Self Portrait 1
8x12, Photography
Shelby Montelongo

Self Portrait 2
8x12, Photography
Shelby Montelongo

Gentle Giant
12x18, Photography $399
Arpad Petrass

Coastal Path Taken
9x9, Soft Pastel $1350
Patricia Prescott Sueme

12x12, Soft Pastel $2375
Patricia Prescott Sueme

2x7x04, jewelry $395
Shirley Price-McGrew

5000 Islands
6x7x04, jewerly $525
Shirley Price-McGrew

Victoria Beach
36x48, Oil $700
Sofie Restrepo

Highrise Balconies
12x18, Photography $250
Jason Roberts

Afternoon in the Park
10x14, Watercolor $800
Pete Roberts

One of a Kind
15x12, Photography $150
Laura Roberts

Lady In Red
24x18, Mixed Media $2200
Janine Salzman

Time to Play
12x16, Mixed Media $1250
Janine Salzman

Peaceful Morning - Cowan Heights
24x20, Oil $950
John sawyer

Serrano Creek Trail
20x24, Oil $950
John sawyer

Diego's Letters
33x23, Textile $3200.00
Teresa Shippy

Boulevard Blush
12x12, Oil $550
Kathleen Strukoff

Cove Gold
24x12, Oil $700
Kathleen Strukoff

12x12, Oil $600
Denise Tabari

In Gion
18x12, --Please Select-- $2750
Marie Tippets

Celebrating Cherry Blossoms
24x18, --Please Select-- $4000
Marie Tippets

No title
29x6x10, Wood Japanese traditional chiyogami yuzen paper. $650
Charles Uehara

Natures Salad
20x20, Oil on linen $2400
Taffy Van Calcar

SF Giant
24x18, Oil $3000
Kim VanDerHoek

Corners of Time
24x18, Mixed Media $2200
Lynn Welker

House at the Corner
24x18, Mixed Media $2200
Lynn Welker


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