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M 10-2, T-F 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

Japanese Robe
20x20, Oil $4,500
Susan Prentice
1st place

Looking Deeper
24x24, Mixed Media $900
Kelly Taylor
2nd place

24x36, Oil $950
Eileen Carey
3rd place

Sliced Bread
9x12, Oil $500
Patti Lizotte
Jurors Award

Seattle Dinghies
16x20, Oil $950
Kimberley Scoble
Council Award

Sap Rising
30x30, Oil $1000
Roberta Shea
President’s Award

Crimson Cover
20x18, oil & cold wax $450
Barbara Alex

Guitar Player
18x24, Oil $500
Barbara Alex

Danu in Peril
72x30x10, driftwood, paper mache, saw blade, water color, wi $800
Jacqueline Allen

4x6, Graphite $225
Shelby Bonomo

11x14, Graphite $575
Shelby Bonomo

The Outer Limits
16x16, Oil & Cold Wax with paper $$400
Diane Brown

Epochal Seasons
9x13, collage, monotype $600
Mary Burk Smith

Nature's symphony I
9x8, monotype collage sewn $400
Mary Burk Smith

Sandy Neck II
14x18, Fiber and beads $350
Diane Cadrain

12x24, Oil $950
Eileen Carey

36x24, Oil $2000
Polly Castor

Insta3, #Vivace
24x24, oil on canvas $2000
Amy Conover

sheaf (made thing)
18x12, Mixed Media $195
Cynthia Cooper

Wax and Weave
22x18, Oil Paint, Cold Wax, Beads, Threads, Weaving, Knot $500
Peggy Dembicer

All That Glitters
12x12, Mixed Media $650
Peggy Dembicer

16x24, Monotype (oil-based ink on paper) $850
Kathleen DeMeo

Between Day and Night
16x24, Monotype (oil-based ink on paper) $850
Kathleen DeMeo

Ocean Blues
30x30, Oil $2500
Linda DeStefanis

Floral Fantasy
6x6, Mixed Media $900
Carol Dixon

The Alchemist
11x14, Mixed Media $450
Gina Dunlap

Forest #1
24x30, Acrylic $750
Denise Gaffney Hartz

First Light
24x30, Acrylic $750
Denise Gaffney Hartz

Malibu 14A-2g3
12x12, Digital Photography Manipulation $200
Ellen Gaube

10x14, Digital Photography Manipulation $300
Ellen Gaube

Second Thoughts
24x24, Oil $1200
Joan Harvey

Lost in Thought
11x13, Photography $500
Ann Hodgdon-Cyr

Beauty is its Only Excuse
11x13, Photography $500
Ann Hodgdon-Cyr

The Secret Garden
9x12, Soft Pastel $NFS
marianne holtermann

Little Boy Exploring Canoe
9x12, Soft Pastel $350
marianne holtermann

Paradox of Choice
11x11, Monotype $350.00
Renee Hughes

Infultrated Shapes
12x12, Acrylic $500.00
Renee Hughes

24x36, Oil $2800
Joan Jardine

20x20, oil on paper $1800
Joan Jardine

Cinema Village
20x16, Oil $1800
Jacqueline Jones

Down Posey Lane
9x11, Soft Pastel $500
Dian Kingsbury

Red Barn
9x11, Soft Pastel $400
Dian Kingsbury

A Little Bird Told Me
16x5x11, Stoneware, cone 6, fabric, metal $450
Marcy LaBella

Bird Song in the Scarlet Garden
14x9, acrylic and collage $525
Marcy LaBella

Grow Hill Farm Hampton
24x36, Oil $1800
Marny Lawton

Reflections: Water's Edge
24x36, Oil $2500
Marny Lawton

Treasure Hunt
16x24, Digital Archival Photograph Sublimated to Aluminum $300
Julie O'Connor

Neon Light Trails, Freedom Tower
20x16, Digital Archival Photograph Sublimated to Aluminum $250
Julie O'Connor

13x18, Archival Digital Photography $400
Nancy Oates

Razor Cut
13x12, Archival Digital Photography $400
Nancy Oates

The Art Lesson
11x13, Archival Digital Photography $500
Nancy Oates

12x16, Watercolor $375
Michelle Peterson

Maine Serenity
12x16, Watercolor $375
Michelle Peterson

Mystery Woman
24x30, Oil $NFS
Clare Philips

Adoption Story
8x10, --Please Select-- $NFS
Clare Philips

Obsession 1
14x16, Photography $125
Cheryl Prevost

24x24, Mixed Media $800
Linda Rahm

Robinson Crusoe
13x10, Pen and Ink on green splatter $NFS
Rae Robinson

Desert Bloom II
17x21, Acrylic on Canvas $$350
Ann Rosebrooks

10x20, FIBER ART $100

16x20, FIBER ART $200

Impressionist Puppy
12x16, Oil $700
Barbara Rossitto

A Regal Pose
12x16, Oil $700
Barbara Rossitto

Waiting at the Corner of Walk and Don't Walk
13x11, Graphite $1500
Nan Runde

A Moment of Stillness
16x12, Graphite $1400
Nan Runde

Imagine With Pink
24x36, acrylic, gel medium, mixed medium on gesso $1300.
Julie Schnatz Rybeck

War Hawk (45’s National Security Advisor #3 - John Bolton)
25x21, Found and Recycled Objects and Everyday Trash $1700
Sarah Schneiderman

Ocean Tumult
10x10, Oil $450
Kimberley Scoble

A Change in Seasons
36x24, Oil $1000
Roberta Shea

30x20, --Please Select-- $NFS
Anne Sheffield

Waters Of Babylon Shawl
80x30x0, Nuno felting, mixed media, stitching $500
Patricia Frank Sher

Doves Cry
16x20, watercolor $2000
barbara simonson

If Walls Could Talk...#1
24x24, Cold Wax and Oil $1000
Victoria Sivigny

If Walls Could Talk...#3
36x24, Cold Wax and Oil $1300
Victoria Sivigny

Kusama's Polka Dots
29x26, Fiber Art $NFS
Phyllis Small

I Like Nonsense
12x12, Fiber Art $75
Catherine Smith

Contemplating Democracy's Stage
16x20, Digital $495
Kathleen Smits

Flight of Woman Rising
16x7x4, linen, wax linen $650
Barbara Solomon

Double Talk
12x12, Acrylic & Pastel on Paper $450
Marjorie Sopkin

30x22, Mixed Media $910
Susan Spaniol

Making Ripples
16x20, Oil $850
Georgia Stathoulas

24x28, Oil $1200
Georgia Stathoulas

Garden Glory
20x24, Cold Wax and Oil $600
Regina Thomas

The Guardian of the Shore
24x20, Cold Wax and Oil $800
Regina Thomas

Truth is a Marshmallow
23x23, acrylic and ink on canvas $800
michele tragakiss

Lonesome Pine
24x18, Acrylic $1800
Janet Veenema

Culture Vulture
24x30, Fabric Collage $750
Carol Vinick

Willimantic:Sanctuary City
38x24, Fabric Collage $750
Carol Vinick

7x7, Fiber $600
Kristen Walsh

Route 8
6x9, Collage $200
Diane Ward

Over the River and Through the Woods
30x30, Mixed Media $750
Diane Ward

Wendy by Northlight
18x24, Oil $1400
Sarah Warda

8x10, Oil $700
Sarah Warda

The Fashion District
18x24, watercolor $850
june webster

16x20, monotype $400
NC whitcher

10x14, monotype $600
NC whitcher

7x9x4, Stoneware, Barbed wire $450.00
Jessica Zamachaj

18x24, Oil $1000
Anna Zatorski

13x25, Oil $NFS
virginia Zimmermann

Redondo landing
21x16, Oil $2000
virginia Zimmermann


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