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8x15x7, Bronze $3000
Douglas Aja

Ethan holds a dead blossom
5x4, Watercolor $NFS
Carol Ashton-Hergenhan

Sunrise at Bryce Canyon
36x24, Acrylic $35000
Livia Ayal

Tidal Drifter
24x30, acrylic on panel $NFS
Del-Bourree Bach

12x16, Oil $1100
Diane Lennox Bares

Head Over Heels
12x10x17, Bronze $2500
Serena Bates

21x30, Transparent Watercolor $NFS
Brenda L Bechtel

A Good Life, SS
9x25x13, Bronze $8600
Joy Beckner

Colorful Cassowary
10 x 17, Soft Pastel $750
Cindy Berceli

Charlie's Catch
39x32, Acrylic $3000
Michael Bignell

White Garden
30x24, Oil $2000
Katherine Bleser

D Artagnan
15x10x10, Wax $NFS
Val Brochard

Hilton Head Dunes
20x26, Soft Pastel $3500
Linda Brown

Kingsley and the Peacock
9x12, Charcoal $NFS
christiane casella

Open Horizons
16x22, Soft Pastel $1500
Amy Chang

Then Their Were Two
18x14, Watercolor $1200
Candace Cima

American Homestead Vermont
14x18, Oil $1200
Kathleen Richards Clark

Chapel in Tuscany
12x9, Oil $400
irene costello brandle

Seaside Charm
24x18, Soft Pastel $2500
Lisa Cunningham

Dana in Winter
6x8, Watercolor $400.00
Mary Helen Davis

Illumination (My Desk Lamp)
12x16, Oil on gessoboard $950
James DePietro

Grand Salute
22x13, Oil $4800
william dodge

Eggplant and Lemon
20x16, Oil $995
Gary Eckhart

Morning at Greenacres, Indian Hill, Ohio
11x14, oil $800
Bruce Erikson

My Girls
8x10, Oil $NFS
Lisa Falconieri

Hot Spots
14x13, colored pencil, watercolor pencil $500
Kendra Ferreira

Skimming The Treetops II
27x18x9, Bronze $7500
Cathy Ferrell

Domenica's Legacy
14x18, Oil $NFS
Lillian Forziat

Juicy Fruits
24x18, Oil $NFS
Alberta Geyer

Rocky Creek
12x18, Soft Pastel $500
Anita Gladstone

The Time Keeper
34x32, Soft Pastel $11300.
Lisa Gleim

Spring Pond
16x24, Oil $$2900
Michael Graves

Green Blankets 11AM
16x20, Soft Pastel $850
Jeri Greenberg

4x9, Soft Pastel $3500
Rob Gregoretti

In The Wings
27x20, Conte and Charcoal $2500
Carol Gromer

'The Clothesline'
8x18, Acrylic $400
art gunther

Below the Breithorn
12x15, Pastel $1200
Annette Hanna

Elisa's Trees
14x11, Oil $NFS
Konrad Hansalik

Snow Day
11x14, Acrylic $700
Arthur Henderson

Moon Dance
36x30, Oil on linen with gold and silver leaf $4800
Leah Hopkins Henry

The Conversation
36x48, Oil painting on linen $10000
Bruce Horn

Fish Market
12x19, Pastel $2000
Chin-Hwa Huang

North Rim
24x18, Oil $NFS
Mark Hunter

Out of a Dream
16x16, pastel $2100
Karen Israel

Finding Daylight - A day at the races
24 x 18, Oil $NFS
Len Jagoda

Enduring Obsession
18 x 23, Watercolor $NFS
David Jaycox Jr

James Joyce
38x30, Oil $NFS
Thomas Joyce

15x21, Soft Pastel $10000
Jodie Kain

Sunday's Pose
28x22, oil $3100
Tricia Kaman

Yellow Breasted Brush Finch
9x12, Watercolor $$900
Aki Kano

Admiral Yi Sun Shin Vowing to his sword
64x46, Oil $
Nam Soon Kim

Autumn Light
14x18, Soft Pastel $NFS
Marianne Knipe

Fireflies And Fog-Barrington Hills Forest Preserve
18x24, Oil $700
CLJ Lancaster

Familiar Territory.
16x11, watercolor monotype $$ 800
Joan Lane

14x9, brushed powdered graphite and pencil $NFS
Michael Lattanzio

Sunrise, Venetian Lagoon
22x24, Oil $5500
geoffrey leckie

My First Easter
14x11, Soft Pastel $NFS
Shuk Susan Lee

40x45, Watercolor $1600
J. (Jie) Li

Ballet Dancer in Yellow Tutu-2
14x11, Oil $3700
Floarea Liceica

Park Avenue Facing South
20x16, Acrylic/Canvas $NFS
Nina Maguire

Along the Seine
16x20, Soft Pastel $800
Sheldon Marks

40x30, Watercolor $7225.
antonio masi

16x12, Oil $1150
Susan Matteson

H.M.S. Bounty
11x14, Oil $1500
Mike Mazer

36x16x10, Bronze $1600
Georgene McGonagle

Autumn on the Cape
6x9, Oil on Panel $1400
Johanna McKenzie

The Great Spiral
36x48, Acrylic $NFS
Vickie McMillan-Hayes

Young Tahitian Dancer
40x30, Watercolor $NFS
Jenny Medved

I Rest My Cases
13x10, Soft Pastel $1500
Jacqueline Meyerson

Amish Country Harvest Time
24x36, Oil $15000
Victor Mordasov

Late Light Eilean Donan Castle
18x24, Oil $1700
Ken Northup

24x36, Oil $3800
Sara O’Connor

18th Hole
11x14, Oil $NFS
kasey passaic

28x36, Watercolor $975
Diana Patton

13x11, Soft Pastel $NFS
Christine Pausche

14x21, Watercolor $NFS
Ann Pember

Going With the Flow
11x14, Colored Pencil $875
Andrea Placer

Watching the Sunset
20x16, Soft Pastel $1450.
Peggy Davidson Post

Gabriela's Roots
36x36x6, Clay to Aqua-resin and aluminum $4000
Denisa Prochazka

11x14, Acrylic $4800
cher pruys

Feeling Blue
9 x 12, Watercolor $1000
Richard Ressel

Joe's Boathouse
8x10, pastel $1000
Elizabeth Rhoades

Day Break
10x7, Soft Pastel $NFS
Donna Rossetti-Bailey

High Tea With Friend
14x11, --Please Select-- $NFS
sharon savitsky

Gondola Racers
14x21, Watercolor $NFS
Michael Scherfen

Meandering Tide
12x16, Oil $$1100
Grace Schlesier

Skeleton Key
8x10, Oil $1400
Salvatore Scrivo

End of Summer
10x8, Acrylic $575.
J Elaine Senack

The Paintbox
24x29, Soft Pastel $3500
Marie Sheehy-Walker

yacht magic 1870
18x24, Watercolor $$800.00
Barry Shiff

36x36, Oil $3000
Dino Sistilli

Brief Snow
14x11, Oil $800
Nadine Sokol

A New Beginning
8x8, Oil $$450
Kelly Sooter

Waiting forMom
30x30, ac $6144
Cindy Sorley-Keichinger

24x30, Pencil $800
Suzanne Starr

Iced In
21x29, --Please Select-- $5500
Robert Steedman

18x24, Watercolor $1200.00
Diane Stolz

Beautiful Spirit
14x14, Oil $2000
Angela Stratton

Four Koi
22x30, Watercolor $2000
Helen Stutz

Lenox Avenue, 1939
16x20, pen and ink $NFS
richard tartaglio

22x15, --Please Select-- $NFS
Don Taylor

Junk Metal
12x12, Oil $1100
Tatyana Teichberg

Lost But Not Beaten
19x17, Pencil $2800
Lewis Testa

24x30, Oil $NFS
Thomas Torak

2x9x6, Bronze $NFS
Amy Bright Unfried

Silvery Light
5x7, Oil $250
Sharon Way- Howard

Woman With Gold Earring
10x8, Soft Pastel $1000
Barbara Kitty Williams

Know Your Worth
17x9x8, Stoneware $3500
Deborah Williams

Book Browsers
18x18, Oil $NFS
Fran Wood

Venice Night
9x12, Oil $NFS
Leila Yassami

Natures Cry Of Beauty
22x16, Oil $NFS
William Yenkevich


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