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Buck Creek Cave
x, Scratchboard $1500
John Agnew

The Lizard King
12x9, Graphite Scratchboard $1500
John Agnew

Two Heads Are Better Than One
16x8, Scratchboard $1850
Tracy Anderson

2.5x3.5 inches, Scratchboard $600
Lonetta Avelar

Quiet Watch
3x3 inches, Scratchboard $600
Lonetta Avelar

5x3, Scratchboard $350
Shan Chen

The Bond
5x7, Scratchboard $NFS
Linda Clark

8x10, Scratchboard $1500
Linda Clark

Creeping Iguana
9x12, Scratchboard $1200
Nathan Cole

Ancient Menagerie
8 x 10, Scratchboard $600
Kathy Conroy

Robin's Egg Blue
14 x 11, Scratchboard and Ink $950
Kathy Conroy

First Down
24x16, scratchboard $2000
Patricia Davis

2020 Vision
8x10, Scratchboard $NFS
Patricia Davis

x, scratchboard $3200
Lori Dunn

6x16, scratchboard $3200.00
Kathleen E. Dunn

Some Gave All
11x14, Scratchboard $1200
Susan Everitt

11x14, Scratchboard $1300
Hector Fernandez

The Wedding Day
11x14, Scratchboard $1500
Hector Fernandez

Ready to Rumble
11x14, Scratchboard $1500
Robyn Finchum

Three Grevys
24 x 28, scratchboard $5500
cynthie fisher

The General
16x20, scratchboard $4100
cynthie fisher

Blooming Hearts
12x12, Scratchboard $900.00
Danna Fruetel

12X12, Scratchboard $1500
Jiuli Guo

The Carrys
5x7, Scratchboard $500
Jiuli Guo

Beautiful Gaze
x, Scratchboard $5500
Steve Hammond

x, Scratchboard $5500
Steve Hammond

8x10, Scratchboard $1400
Patrick Hedges

12x6, Scratchboard $750
Jenna Hestekin

Reaching Between Generations
9 x 12", scratchboard $500
susan hoffheimer

Feeling cute
12x16, Scratchboard $1350
Diana Höhlig

36x24, Scratchboard $NFS
paul hopman

Major Mac
18x14, Scratchboard $1100
Shirley Isola

Audacious at Play
12x9, Scratchboard $625
Shirley Isola

Cozy up
x, Scratchboard $850
Maaria Kader

wise up
x, Scratchboard $1200
Maaria Kader

Ready for adventure
12x12, Scratchboard $1200
Elena Kolotusha

Finding Peace
8 x 8, Scratchboard $2000
Scott Krohn

Finding Happiness
11x14, Scratchboard $3000
Scott Krohn

Ruby Throated Hummer
11x14, ink on scratchbord $750
Judy Lavoie

Locked In Time
8x10, ink on scratchbord $400
Judy Lavoie

The Young and Curious Hunter
11x14, scratchboard and acrylic $3500
Debbie Lentz

Pride of the Herd
11x14, Scratchboard $1300
Melissa Mason

Four Hungry Fledglings
11x14, Scratchboard $850
Joan McKay

Dark Horse
6x6, Scratchboard $695
Alison Oman

Stripes in strife
7 x 5, Scratchboard & ink $1310
Tamara Pokorny

6 x 8.4, Scratchboard & ink $NFS
Tamara Pokorny

Chrome Rising
6 x 6, scratchboard $675
Ann Ranlett

Hooded Merganser Splash
5x7, Scratchboard with watercolor $1495
Martiena Richter

Eagle Nest Crossing
24x18, Scratchboard $NFS
Tim Roberts

Morning Preening
12x9, Scratchboard Ink $1600
Tom Samson

Bliss in a Kiss
18x24, Scratchboard and Ink $4850
Cathy Sheeter

36x24, Scratchboard $10500
Cathy Sheeter

Let's Go Scratchin'
8x14, Scratchboard $875
Linda Shewey

Mirror Mirror
3x5, Scratchboard $350
Linda Shewey

Challenge Me - Dare Me - Defy Me - Don't Underestimate Me
12x12 set of 4, Scratchboard Series 12x12 each- set 4 $2600
Linda Short

Summer Morning
16x12, scratchboard $975
Joe Smith

Bee on a Bottlebrush
8x10, Scratchboard and Watercolor $600
Doug Souza

Getting Under the Paint
16x20, Scratchboard and ink $1,200
Doug Souza

Rightful Ruler
11x14, Scratchboard $1700
Amy Stauffer

Gentle Giant
5x7, Scratchboard $500
Amy Stauffer

Family Resemblance?
11x14, Scratchboard $995
Sally Terrell

11 x14, Scratchboard $$995
Yvonne Todd

10 x 8, Scratchboard $795
Yvonne Todd

A Mother's Hug Makes Everything Better
12x9, scratchboard $1100
Heather Ward

Crossing the Bridge of Uncertainty (Red Panda)
12x16, scratchboard - watercolor - oil $1500
Rick Wheeler

The Family
12 x 36, scratchboard $2200
Yefim Zhelezov

Warm In The Winter
10X8, Scratchboard $1000
Li Ping Zhu

Family Dinner
8X10, Scratchboard $600
Li Ping Zhu


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