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M 10-2, T-F 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

Il Tavolo Blu
30x30, acrylic and collage $875
Marcy LaBella
First Place Award

Covid Garden
9x11, Photography $NFS
Nancy Oates
Second Place Award

Lollipop Pile
28x22, Oil $1100.00
Patti Lizotte
Third Place Award

Cellular Organelles
32x32x0.25, textile $375
Mary Lachman
Juror's Award

Wrapped Ponies
22x30, Pencil $NFS
Nancy L. Greco
Council Award

Name Something Yellow #10 (Daffodil)
13x16, Everyday Trash, upcycled frame, adhesives $300
Sarah Schneiderman
President's Award

24x20, Oil $1200
pam ackley
Honorable Mention

Shadows: Leaves, Light and Air No. 2
36x24, Oil $800
Marny Lawton
Honorable Mention

Dancing With the Stars
30x24, Acrylic $NFS
Janet Leombruni
Honorable Mention

And Then I Ate Them
12x12, Photography $$150
Christine Acebo

Emilia Grace
16x16, Charcoal $NFS
pam ackley

Between the Lines
18x24, Oil $NFS
Margaret Bayalis

24x24, Oil $1200
Margaret Bayalis

22x30, Transparent Watercolor $NFS
Brenda L Bechtel

12x12, Weathered copper collage $500
Shelby Bonomo

Blue & Yellow Series #5
12x16, Mixed Media $NFS
Diane Brown

Earth Series I
12inx6inx6in, stoneware high fire $450
Mary Burk Smith

Warrior IX
10inx7inx6in, stoneware high fire $400
Mary Burk Smith

Sandy Neck II
14x18, Mixed fiber $500
Diane Cadrain

Scored Saggar Fired Pot
4.5x6x4.25, Stoneware clay fired in a foil saggar in a raku ki $70
Joanna Case

Bouquet of Love
10x10, Acrylic $NFS
Joanna Cistulli

Coastal Series #1
16x20, Oil w/mixed media on canvas $500
Sharon Coffin

48x24, Acrylic $1850
Cynthia Cooper

The Blue Atlas
10x10, Oil $1100
Patricia Corbett

Dana in Winter
6x8, Watercolor $400.00
Mary Helen Davis

Golden Eyes
7x13, Digital Photography $NFS
Pauletta De Lucia De Lucia

View Aloft
18x24, Oil $1100
Linda DeStefanis

Girl with a Green Scarf
12x9, Oil on Arches paper $600
Gina Dunlap

Flower Lady
16x20, Oil $1200
Veronique Fournier-Wynne

Roman Forum
10x8, Printmaking $450.00
Diane Francis

Deep End
24x30, Acrylic $750
Denise Gaffney Hartz

Fossil Record
24x30, Acrylic $750
Denise Gaffney Hartz

MB 6
12x12, Digital photography manipulation $40
Ellen Gaube

Ocean View
14x11, Egg Tempera $450.00
Teri Glassman

Power Lines
11x14, Relief Linoleum Print with Monotype $160.00
Susan Goldberg

Oak Tree
11x14, Relief Linoleum Print with Monotype $160.00
Susan Goldberg

Mom's Chair
11x14, Relief Linoleum Print with Monotype $160.00
Susan Goldberg

Mother and Son
8x7, Printmaking: Block print $200
Annie Hayami

The Little Washer Woman
13x9, Soft Pastel $350
marianne holtermann

We're All in it Together
11x14, Mixed Media $450.00
Renee Hughes

The Boys
28x40, Oil $NFS
Krista Johnson

Village Cinema
20x16, Oil $2100
Jacqueline Jones

Blue Dream I
38x50, Oil on canvas $3500
Hannah Jung

Comforting Arms
24 x 15, Soft Pastel $1200
Elaine Juska Joseph

5x5, Water-soluble Oil on Heavyweight Paper $NFS
Rebecca Keller

Dangerously Cute Bobcat
12x15, Soft Pastel $450
Dian Kingsbury

Silver Fish
20x20, India Ink, Pigment Marker, Aluminum Leaf, and Goog $2500
Suzanne Kirschner

24x49, Oil $1,500.00
Candace Klein

Martini on the Rocks
19x27, Soft Pastel $5000.00
Tracy Klinesteker

Badlands at Dusk
5x5, Photography $200
Julianna Kristoff

Far Away
18x24, Acrylic $825
Marcy LaBella

The Entertainer
24x30, Acrylic $NFS
Janet Leombruni

After the Corn is cut
11x15, Watercolor $NFS
Judith Levins

Jackie And A Painting
30x40, Oil $4800
Tiantian Ma

Birds of a Feather
8x6x6, Soapstone with slate base $1250
molly mcdonald

Family Portrait
13 x 13, Photography $nfs
Nina McKitty

Sunny Window
8x10, Oil $500
Janet Miller

16x12, Mixed Media $400
Sharon Morgio

14x14, Acrylic $475
Sharon Morgio

24x24, Oil $1000
Naomi Nevo Ben Ari

You Won't See Me Fall Apart
36x24, Acrylic $4490
Samantha Nieves

California, Before the Gigafire
18x24, Digital Archival Photograph Sublimated to Aluminum $400
Julie O'Connor

Truth Matters
9x11, Photography $NFS
Nancy Oates

Covid Mind
9x11, Photography $NFS
Nancy Oates

Window with Painted Shutter
22x30, Photography $600.00

Evening Blue
24x36, Oil $1200
linda peduzzi

Decanted Roses
11x14, Oil $800.00
Andi Pepper

Short Supply
10x8, Oil $NFS
Liane Philpotts

I Met Her on Zoom
15x12, Soft Pastel $NFS
Joy Rademacher

Some Like It Hot
19x25, Pastel $NFS
Lynda Regina

Opening Act
18x22, Pastel $NFS
Lynda Regina

Peaceful Protest
16x20, Acrylic on Canvas $$400
Ann Rosebrooks

Let Freedom Ring
16x20, Acrylic on Canvas $$400
Ann Rosebrooks

10x12, Watercolor $750
Grace ScharrMcEnaney

Kite Sky Series
40x30, gel medium, acrylic and gesso $1700.
Julie Schnatz Rybeck

Sustainable Seafood: Don't Eat the Queen Parrotfish - Initial Phase
6x12, Found and recycled materials and everyday trash on $115
Sarah Schneiderman

Midday Dinghies
12x24, Oil $850
Kimberley Scoble

11x14, Oil $NFS
Kimberley Scoble

Early Summer, Lockwood Farm
11x14, Soft Pastel $1000
Elizabeth Scott

Glacier's Journey Above T’ooch’ Áayi
10x12, Digital Photography $NFS
Kara Simmers

Palimpsest No. 18
16x16, Cold Wax and Oil $640
Victoria Sivigny

The Joy of the Ride
39x20, Mixed Media $NFS
Catherine Smith

Woman Taking Flight
14.5x4x3.5, Linen and Wax Linen $500
Barbara Solomon

The Lucky Ones
30x20, Acrylic $2400
Marjorie Sopkin

City Parks
12x12, Mixed Media $NFS
Jessica Sperry

Cathedral Pile
8x10, Mixed Media $NFS
Jessica Sperry

Best Friend
11x14, Charcoal $NFS
Suzanne Starr

Best Buddies
11x14, Charcoal $NFS
Suzanne Starr

Fluffy’s Dream Barn
24x30, Oil $700
Georgia Stathoulas

20x30, Acrylic $650
Caitlin Sweet

6x8, Soft Pastel $NFS
Patricia Tanger

Angles and Lines No. 2
10x10, Collage and Photo Transfer $260
Kelly Taylor

Rabbit Hole
61x50, Acrylic,ink,gel, pencil. Unstretched canvas $4000.00
michele tragakiss

Flower Power
8x8, Acrylic $300
claudia van nes

25x10x8, Carrara Marble $NFS
Frances Violante

See the Forest?
16x20, Mixed Media $350
Diane Ward

By The Southeast Lighthouse,BI
24x30, Oil $2200
Sarah Warda

The world as we use to know it
36x34, Oil $2400

11"x4"x, Raku /stoneware $NFS
NC whitcher

36x24, Archival Digital Infrared Photography $795
Karin Forde Whittemore

The Quietude of the Cottage Closet
24x36, Archival Digital Infrared Photography $795
Karin Forde Whittemore

Linda Staphos Wosczyna

Sealing Wax Palm: Intersection of the Culm
24x18, Pastel $2500
Jane Wright Wolf


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