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M 10-2, T-F 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

7x9, cyanotype $150
Christine Acebo

Blackbird ..... Fly
11x14, photography $150
Christine Acebo

16x14, --Please Select-- $800
pam ackley

24x20, Oil $1200
pam ackley

Flamenco Dancers
18x14, Watercolor $500
Barbara Alex

Wondrous Wetlands
11x14, Cold Wax and Oil $430
Denise Balcanoff

14x11, Cold Wax and Oil $430
Denise Balcanoff

Madonna and Child or Not?
48x36x2, Oil $2000
Debra Baldwin

Looking Back
20x20, Acrylic $475
Bernadette Bellizzi

I am from Here
18x24, Acrylic $300
Dina Belyayeva

16x20, Acrylic and Paper on Board $$500
Rosemary Benivegna

16x20, Acrylic and Paper on Board $$550
Rosemary Benivegna

Famous Octopus
14”x25”x3”, Mixed media, copper, wood, glass, aluminum $1100
Shelby Bonomo

Autumn Leaves
30x24, Oil & Cold Wax $700
Diane Brown

Botanical Tapestry VII
9x8, mixed media collage $400
Mary Burk Smith

Botanical Tapestry VI
9x7, --Please Select-- $400
Mary Burk Smith

Boat Meadow Creek
30x40, Acrylic paints on pima cotton, quilted $NFS
Diane Cadrain

24x48, oil on canvas with gold leaf $3,000
Amy Conover

the appropriate sense of space
36x18, Acrylic $1250.
Cynthia Cooper

a three poem day
24x36, Acrylic $1850.
Cynthia Cooper

Palm Shadows
60x30, Acrylic $3500
Rosemary Cotnoir

Leaf Litter No. 1
50x22, Oil $2300
Rosemary Cotnoir

Reclaimed Youth
19x15, Fiberart, Cotton Rag Paper $NFS
Peggy Dembicer

Miss Mardi Everyday Inside
18x19, Fiberart, Bead Tapestry $2000
Peggy Dembicer

Stained Glass Flower
6x, Fiber art-embroidery thread on felt $900
Carol Dixon

Cerulean Pando
16x16, MONOTYPE with drawing $750.00
Adell Donaghue

Hidden Lives
52x24, Acrylic and India Ink on Arches Hot Press Paper $4000
Anne Doris-Eisner

Letter To Myself
30x22, Acrylic, India Ink and Graphite on Arches Hot Pres $2750
Anne Doris-Eisner

¡No Pasarán!
20x16, Oil on Panel $1100
Gina Dunlap

Waiting for the Strike
12x9, Altered Photograph $175
Carol Dunn

9x6, Photopolymer Etching $195
Carol Dunn

22x30, Cyanotype, Ink, Acrylic $300
Beverley Fisher

The Miracle of Life
30x40, Oil $2,500
Veronique Fournier-Wynne

7x9, Relief Linoleum Print $100.00
Susan Goldberg

Blue Lagoon Iceland
48x24x1, oil ink, resin, enamel on plexiglass $4000
Carla Goldberg

7x9, Relief Linoleum Print $100.00
Susan Goldberg

Coco Plum Beach Bahamas
20x20x1, oil ink, resin, enamel on plexiglass $1400
Carla Goldberg

Red Mosaic
30x22, Mixed Media $$1800
Ellen Gordon

Hello old friend
22x30, Mixed Media $$1800
Ellen Gordon

Waters Edge
12x12, Oil $400
Deborah Greco

In the Thicket
12x12, Oil $400
Deborah Greco

The Struggle
18x24, Photography $700
Ann Hodgdon-Cyr

I Want to BE Human
36x42, Photography $600
Ann Hodgdon-Cyr

The Hidden Valley, Nevis Gorge, Scotland
16x20, soft pastel $550
marianne holtermann

Artifact of Resilience 2
24x24, Mixed Media on Panel
Renee Hughes

Quiet Exhalation
24x24, Mixed Media on Panel
Renee Hughes

Whitefish Bay
24x20, Mixed Media $450
Sheila Kaczmarek

Aurelia III
14x10, Glazed clay $350
Sheila Kaczmarek

Priscilla in Red
6x6, Oil $350
Rebecca Keller

The Goon Show: Fred & Gladys
24x30, Acrylic $1200
Janet Leombruni

Sphere: Sky
48x30, Acrylic $2200
suzanne levy

Evening Colors
22x28, Oil $1100
Linda Lilling

Evening Clouds
18x24, Oil $950
Linda Lilling

Drama Queen
10x8, Mixed Media $350
Sharon Morgio

Calligraphic Robe
14x10, Mixed Media $500
Sharon Morgio

14x11, Collage $NFS
Sue Mullaney

12x12, Collage $700
Sue Mullaney

Neu Construction
23x9, Collage diptych on wood panels $180.

The Red Room, Sacher Hotel, Vienna
16x20, Digital Archival Photograph Sublimated to Aluminum $250
Julie O'Connor

Birds in the Snow, Vienna
16x24, Digital Archival Photograph Sublimated to Aluminum $300
Julie O'Connor

Winter Wave
6x8, Watercolor $NFS
Nancy Oates

7x6, Watercolor $NFS
Nancy Oates

Orange maze
12x16, Mix media $325
Michelle Peterson

Healing Garden
24x18, Oil $1000.00
Liane Philpotts

On the Charles
12x24, Oil $600.00
Liane Philpotts

Nargwaya (Don't Trife With Me)
17x14, Mixed Media $300
Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti

Grandma’s Hands
20x16, Mixed Media $200
Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti

A Sound
8x10, Acrylic $800.
Julie Schnatz Rybeck

Walk on the Beach
12x16, Oil $800
Kimberley Scoble

October Fishermen
18x24, Oil $1500
Kimberley Scoble

All Citrus
10x8, Oil $250
Elizabeth Scott

After the Rain
36x30, Oil $1000
Roberta Shea

Nothing Stands Alone
24x24, Oil $900
Roberta Shea

Doubling Connection
10x8, Metal Print $NFS
Kara Simmers

Truth in the Dark
8x12, Metal Print $NFS
Kara Simmers

If Walls Could Talk #14
20x16, Oil & Cold Wax $650
Victoria Sivigny

If Walls Could Talk No 9
20x16, Oil and Cold Wax $650
Victoria Sivigny

Tuna Tim
12x12, Fiber Art $NFS
Phyllis Small

Hanging Out
22x20, Fiber Art $NFS
Phyllis Small

Don't Stand Behind
12x12, Mounted Fiber Art $155
Catherine Smith

Your Mountain is Waiting
12x12, Mixed Media $155
Catherine Smith

Democracy's Demise
11x14, Digital $475
Kathleen Smits

Party Shoes
17x10, Mixed Media $NFS
Joan Sonnanburg

This is not a frame
20x20, Acrylic $1200
Joan Sonnanburg

I Am Listening
16x20, Oil/canvas $1200
Georgia Stathoulas

Whistler's mother during covid
8x10, acrylic and collage $250
Peggy Steinway

Siblings of the Nile Island
20x24, Oil $1800
Ashley Stringer

Moody Blues No. 1
12x12, Mixed Media $300
Kelly Taylor

Winter Mist
12x12, Oil $700
Patricia Trapp

At One with the Sea
18x24, Acrylic $2500
Janet Veenema

The Autumn of My Life
37x32, Fabric Collage $NFS
Carol Vinick

Passage: To The Room Of Columns
30x40, Oil $2400
Cindy Wagner

Her Many Colored Blanket
18x24, Oil $2000
Sarah Warda

Yellow Barn Abstraction
24x18, Watercolor $800
june webster

LLama Miniature
6x4.25, Pencil $350
Sandra Weiner

13x8, Pencil $1200
Sandra Weiner

The Party
14x20, monotype $800
NC whitcher

12x12, Mixed Media $300
Gretchen Wohlgemuth

Steppin out
30x30, Mixed Media $1300
Gretchen Wohlgemuth


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