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M 10-2, T-F 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

Heron - Anthotype
9x12, Photography $NFS
Christine Acebo

Emilia Grace
16x16, Charcoal $7500.
pam ackley

Green cardigan
12x16, Oil $2000
Jimena Agra

Gestalt Woman
24x18, Acrylic $1260
Cecilia Anastos

Dusted Crystal
30x40, Oil $NFS
Valentine Aprile

If You See Something, Say Something #2
8x10, Colored pencil, vellum, thread, watercolor $250
Bethany Bash

South Farms Copse - 1
12x16, Watercolor $600
Sarah Baskin

Ladybug Picnic ~ Chanticleer
20x12, Oil on Linen $3800
Brenda L Bechtel

Red Moon
12x12, Acrylic $300
Margaret Bekeny

Deux Pêches
6x6, Acrylic $600
Dawn Bisharat

Clear Cut
36x36, oil $1200
Susan Bradley

Leaving The Park
21x25, Acrylic $800
Anne Brecher

Sand and Foam II
40x27, Wool roving, nylon tulle, beads $1200
Diane Cadrain

August Light
40x30, Acrylic $1500
Polly Castor

24x36, Photography $1600
Susan Chamberland

Mountain Bikers
14x18, painted paper collage $375
Anne Coffey

Salt Marsh and Field #2
12x16, Oil, cold wax w/mixed media $500
Sharon Coffin

Summer Cruise
20x16, Acrylic $850
Jan Cohen

little orange bug (attention seeker)
24x42, Acrylic $1250.
Cynthia Cooper

Snow Jam
20x16, Oil $2500
Patricia Corbett

Dogwood Reverie
10x10, Oil $295
Amanda D'Agostino

My New Hat Series #31
40x32, Acrylic $2400.
Mary Davidson

19x15, Fiberart Bead Tapestry $3000
Peggy Dembicer

8x6, Oil on brushed silver aluminum $475
Linda DeStefanis

Rooster Vase
9.75x8x3.25, Stoneware, underglaze, glaze $NFS
Kimberly Deyo

Bury Me In The Garden (So I Can Feed You)
9x12, Woodcut Print $180
Kimberly Deyo

Pacific Tides
40x30, Oil $3600
Jessica Fallis

Vive La Reine
24x16, Digital $1200
Donna Faranda

24x36, Oil $2650
Felicia Feldman

9x7, Monotype/ paper lithography $300
Maura Galante

24x18, monotype/ paper lithography/wax $700
Maura Galante

Driftwood Drawing with Ravens
12x23, Graphite $1500
Jean Galli

Squirrel & Stick
9x12, Acrylic $350
Lisa Helene Goetze-Keiser

9x12, Lino Cut Print $180
Susan Goldberg

Trenzas de Amor
18x24, Oil $400
Alejandra Gonzalez

60x20, mixed media collage on canvas $3000
Ellen Gordon

Lizard Parade
24x24, Oil $2400
Katherine Grossfeld

The Farm House Pantry
15x11, Soft Pastel $550
marianne holtermann

Embracing Abundance
24x24, Mixed media: acrylic,graphite on panel $
Renee Hughes

18x24, Acrylic $750
Kristina Hunter

George Floyd
12x6x7, ceramic with fired glaze $5000
Lee Hutt

Steeped in Memory
20x15, soft pastel $1600
Karen Israel

Tell me what you feel
48x48, Acrylic $1500
Agnes Jackiewicz

Yellow Bird
20x26, oil on paper $2500
Joan Jardine

Sea Stacks Setting Sun
16x20, Oil $1400
Irene Jeruss

30x22, Watercolor $1500
Ellen Joyce-Trayer

I Am What I Am
30x40, Oil $1500
Danielle Julius

Shirley at Thirteen
24x16, Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag $1500
Marcy Juran

Monaco (sun view)
36x48, --Please Select-- $1000
Katie Jurkiewicz

Maeg in a Reading Nook
21x19, Soft Pastel $1400
Elaine Juska Joseph

Chromatic Intensity
24x36, Photography $700
constance keller

A Woman's Heart
24x24, Oil $875
Viktoria King

9x12, SOFT PASTEL $500
Dian Kingsbury

Sunset Flats
12x40, Mixed Media $1,800.00
Suzanne Kirschner

20x20, Oil $NFS
Carol Lambiase

15"x10x7, Porcelain, underglaze, glaze $1600
Stephanie Lanter

36x36, OIL & CHARCOAL $4800

12x12, Pastel $NFS
Linda Lastoff

Elongation on Grey
40x40, Acrylic $4000
suzanne levy

Sur La Plage
36x36, Oil $9000
Sarah Lucas

Barn Shade
18x14, Oil $950
Ariane Luckey

15x11, Soap Ground Aquatint Etching $170
Kim Ly

Birds In Space
40x30, Mixed Media $1200
Melissa Mack

Water Dance
12x12, Acrylic $375
Crystal MacLean

30x30, Oil with Cold Wax $500
LM Manning

Hawk Medicine
18x18, Mixed Media $750
Shannon Marone

Where Do I Begin
x, Watercolor $3500
Nancy Moore

The Barn Cat
39x39, acrylic on canvas $$2600.00
Bobbi Eike Mullen

Turquoise Red Striped-Legged Vase No. 2
12"x9"x9", Glazed Stoneware $400
Donna Namnoum

My Sister, My Mirror
18x15, Watercolor $1400.
Diane Nevinsmith

Castle Creek Valley
16x24, Photograph $$600.00

Labor of Love #2
30x40, Oil $NFS
Jana Ott

12x16, Oil $3500
Rebecca Paul

In The Garden
12x15, Prismacolor Pencil Painting $850
Linda Pearson

Illusions Within
18x24, Photography $300
Carolyn Pelkey

30''x40''x1, ACRYLIC, OIL PAINT ON CANVAS $450.00

Cypress Vigil
22x30, Watercolor and Gouache $$2400
Dorie Petrochko

14x14x3, Wood Sculpture, Bass and Cherry Carving $2000.
Diane Platt

Une Femme en Rouge
15x15, Watercolor $1800.
Jeanne Carol Potter

Exuberance of the Day
16x18, Soft Pastel $$625
Diana Rogers

By the Sea - Sunset
18x12, Mixed Media $80
Deborah Sacks

15x18, Printmaking $360
Sydney Samele

24x24, Acrylic $500
Kathleen Samuelson

No More Apples
18x20, Graphite $300
Carole Sanetti

8x10, Gouache $NFS
Sarah Schlick

Near Breakwater
40x60, acrylic/gel medium/tinted gesso $2000.
Julie Schnatz Rybeck

Upward Progression at Lockwood Farm
14x11, Soft Pastel $1000
Elizabeth Scott

Zinnias at Lockwood Farm
12x12, pastel $800
Elizabeth Scott

A lover's melon
24x34, Photography $$250
Jillian Seymour

Wildly Radiant
30x30, Oil $900
Roberta Shea

8x12, Metal Print $NFS
Kara Simmers

David's Secret Pockets
46x27, quilted paper $NFS
Phyllis Small

Back Pain
44x42, Fiber Art with photo imagess $3500
Catherine Smith

Cosmic Auras
12x16, Digital Graphics and Photography $495
Kathleen Smits

18x18, Acrylic $750
Joan Sonnanburg

Fingers Crossed
36x36, Acrylic & Flasche on Canvas $4600
Marjorie Sopkin

Coco Lemons
14x11, Oil $1200
Georgia Stathoulas

Happy Place
16x20, Acrylic $775
jacqueline stella

Love Birds
8x8, Oil $450
Ashley Stringer

Hidden Potential
12x16, Monoprint $$400
Susan Struck

New England Pollinators
16x20, Graphite $985
Amanda Surveski

Air Mail
16x16, Mixed Media $320
Kelly Taylor

Purple Iris
11x14, Soft Pastel $$525.00
Patricia Trapp

Party Time
10x10, Mixed Media $300
claudia van nes

Bits of Red
16x36, Fiber $600
Kristen Walsh

Just Below the Surface
12x12, Acrylic $475
Anna Webersen

Almost Salad II
19x26, Watercolor $1200
Cheri Weymann

You Met Your Match (After Raphael’s 1511 “Adam & Eve”)
38x28, Acrylic, charcoal, pastel, gold leaf $1500
Margaret Wilson

Dancing in the wild
20x16, mixed media acrylic with collage, finished with co $400
Gretchen Wohlgemuth

30x20, oil on board $900
Vivian Zoe


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