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M 10-2, T-F 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

Eternity Quilt: Nine Maidens Dance within Four Borders with Symbols of Eternity
36x36, Acrylic $3000
Jody Abssy

Women Walking: Bordered by Cutlture
36x48, Mixed Media:Acrylic, Prints, Cut and Fringed Canv $5000
Jody Abssy

13.5x18.5, Acrylic on inkjet print $800
Christian Carson

Still Life I
24x30, Acrylic $1200
Christopher Chung

Field Workers 1
12x24, Photography $815
Michael Depue

construction border
18x24, Photography $715
Michael Depue

Skirting Around The Edges
40x60, Mixed Media $2025
Ellen Dieter

24x48, Oil/Acrylic on wood $2200
Jennifer Drinkwater

Private Military 3
8x8, acrylic, screen print and glue on canvas $NFS650
Chad Erpelding

No Trespassing
20x16, Oil $NFS 750
Dr. Jenny Ferrone

20x16, Photography $NFS700
Christine Finkelson

20x16, Photography $NFS700
Christine Finkelson

Diamond Dogs: Cloud & Crown
36x36, Acrylic $900
Kenda Francis

Rupture at the Boundary
36x48, Oil $NFS980
Kaori Fukuyama

Street Market
21x29, Watercolor $950
Sue Zinngrabe Gold

Blue Horizon
9x18, Fabric and paper $450
Doria Goocher

Tijuana Street
5x7, Oil $NFS450
Kevin Inman

Tijuana Street 2
5x7, Oil $NFS450
Kevin Inman

Naples Ombre
24x18, hand casr paper, acrylic on canvas $800
Kathleen Kane-Murrell

Sunday Color Comic Strips 1950's
36x60, Acrylic $3500
John Kazanjian

Crossing into the Refuge
12x24, Oil $475
Rick Kelso

Storm on the Border
24x18, Oil $650
Rick Kelso

Red Hot Blues and Shoes
58x60, Mixed Media $800
Dottie Korn-Davis

Space of Sleep Diptych
2 -22x10, Oil $1200
Margaret Larlham

fence boarder
24x30, Acrylic $1300
roz lord

Borders and Strata
12x12, Mixed Media $350
Ann Loud

Borders and Strata II
12x12, Mixed Media $350
Ann Loud

The Visitors
28x22, Acrylic $950
carol mansfield

Fields of Green
14.375x20, Mixed Media $650
Joan McKasson

Border Bus Stop
18x24, Mixed Media $800
Barbara Mosher

Borders 16
18x24, Photography $1500
Anne Murray

Crossing Under the Red Moon
24x16, Acrylic/collage $650
Margie Murray

Frontier (Badlands)
10.25x8.5, Ink $250
Patricia Pauchnick

Frontier (Larry's Lookout)
10.25x8.5, Ink $250
Patricia Pauchnick

Frontier (Curiosity)
10.25x8.5, Ink $250
Patricia Pauchnick

Frontier (East County)
10.25x8.5, Ink $250
Patricia Pauchnick

Code Defied SKater Mission Beach
26x30, Oil $1500
Leslie Pierce

20x16, Etching $450
Julianne Ricksecker

Harris Beach, Oregon
10x12, Etching $300
Julianne Ricksecker

AT the Border
36x60, Oil $7000
Don Ryan

Cosmos VI Series VII
24x24, Mixed Media $1600
Vita Sorrentino

Privilege Proverb No. 3 (this message is brought to you by concerned groups who have benefited from or are otherwise attached to an institutionalized bias)
22.5x16.5, silkscreen on gold foil paper $NFS500
Amelia Spinney

3x4, Acrylic $
tatyana stark

New York City
12x16, pen and ink $
Serena Sun

Tolantongo en Route
18x24, Still from Video $300
Ana Trevino

Pick 7 Ladies Only
12x18, Photography $350
Jane Waddick

Masks of War
48x48, Mixed Media $4800
Gary Walker

Strange Horizon
34x8, postcards, tape $NFS500
Katherine Wood

By Invitation Only
52x60, Acrylic $3500
Layla Wu

A New Angle
19.5x16.5, Photography $649
Pamela York


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