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Patchwork Landscape
12x12, --Please Select-- $1100
Christine Alfery

Totem for Tim No. 2
10x4.25x6.75, Found objects, door knob, printer’s block, window $300
Diane Anglim

10x20, Collage $295
Cathy Barcroft

10x8, Mixed Media Collage on Monoprint with Transparency $950
Susanne Belcher

Bathed In Light
16x20, Digital Photo Collage on Acrylic substrate $1100
Susanne Belcher

To Greener Pastures
10x8, Digital $200
Karol Blumenthal

Cave Paintings
11x14, Digital $100
Shelby Bonilla

The Mortification of Innocence, #1
14x8, Mixed Media $NFS
Rodney Boone

The Mortification of Innocence, #4
21x15, Mixed Media $
Rodney Boone

Forever Bound
18x11x11, assemblage $70000
sharon brooks

OH Martha
18x24, Mixed Media $480.00
sharon brooks

11x14, Mixed Media $540
Micki Brown

16x16, Acrylic, Pastel and Collage on Canvas $600
Micki Brown

The Queen’s Domain
14x14, Mixed Media Collage $600
Marka Burns

15x20, Mixed Media $600
Gloria Cassidy

18x18, Mixed Media $300
MaryJo Clark

It's All Connected
10x10, Mixed Media $400
Elaine Daily-Birnbaum

The Happiness of the Soul
8x8, Mixed Media $300
Elaine Daily-Birnbaum

Suspended Conversation
7x5, Mixed Media $200
Marian Devney

My Mechanic
12x9, Mixed Media $NFS
Marian Devney

writer's block 2
15x12, paper collage $400
Sarah Esmi

12x9, paper collage $600
Sarah Esmi

6x8, collage on handmade paper $250
Abigail Fels

6x8, collage on handmade paper $250
Abigail Fels

For Frida (And Other Female Artists Left to the Margins
11x14, Mixed Media $350
Pennie Fien

Happy Childhood?
9x12, Photos,Papers,Wallpaper,Silk,Washcloth,Paint,Ink $325
Pennie Fien

Breaking Through
20x12, Collage $185
Lynda Frautnick

Arisen from the faults of language
8x6x1, Vintage dictionaries and thesauruses; matte medium $200
Torea Frey

4.5x8x1, Found papers; glue; acrylic and spray paints $200
Torea Frey

16x12, Mixed Media $NFS
Patrice Gelband

Field Notes
16x12, Mixed Media $NFS
Patrice Gelband

Abstract Language
20x16, Mixed Media $600
Gayle Gerson

It Takes a Village
16x12, Collage Fabric, packaging materials, paper clip, b $475
Susan Gesundheit

12x12, Mixed Media $NFS
Carole Gillin

12x11, Assemblage, Found Objects $650
Sylvia H Goulden

16x6x6, Assemblage, Found Objects $450
Sylvia H Goulden

Growing From the Flow
14x11, painted papers and fibers, colored pencil, pens $325.00
Jean Griffin

Love Sees the Beloved Face Beneath the Bandage
5x5, Mixed Media $NFS
LucyJulia Hale

14x16x14, Repurposed mirror, tile, dish, wood and grout $375
S. P. Harper

Ply 5
12x15, Collage painting $1200.00
Jean Hess

Ply 1
11x8, Acrylic paint and resin over paper collage on wood $600.00
Jean Hess

solar eclipse
8x10, collage $295
marian hoffman ting

Hidden Figures Looking for a Home
11x9, Mixed Media Collage $400
Carol Kay

A Catch of Caprice V
22x16, Digital $600
Peter Knapp

Spiritual High
11x15, collage, watercolor, pressed flowers & leaves $NFS
Dori Kulwin

14x14, --mixed media, acrylic and collage-- $2300
louise lachance

mission impossible
10x10, Mixed Media $500

remembering Kyoto
12x12, Mixed Media $650

Dolphin Play
10x10, painted digital collage on panel $950.00
Elaine Langerman

16x16, maps, found papers $950
Nancy Goodman Lawrence

Woman in Repose
16x16, maps, vintage style wrapping paper $950
Nancy Goodman Lawrence

She kept loving
9x9, Mixed Media $300
Jennifer Lentfer

Surrounding (Sarah's Systems)
9x6, Mixed Media $300
Jennifer Lentfer

Woman with glasses
12x16, Mixed Media $600
Lynda Levy

Hand Out Who Gets
12x24, Mixed media collage $NFS
Kwei-lin Lum

Capital Gains
12x18, Mixed Media $480
Monica Marks

12x14, Mixed Media $300
Helen Merken

Sutton Hoo
8x8, Layered water media collage on panel $550
Kathleen Mooney

20x20, Analogue collage $1100
Li Newton

20x16, Mixed Media Collage $1400
Carol Orzack

Chaos I
11x14, Mixed Media $995
Janet Perkin

In The Woods
8x5, Mixed Media $895
Janet Perkin

11.5x9.5x3, Assemblage $375
Laurie Plevin

At the Gallery
9x12, Mixed Media $175
Carol Priamo

12x9, Digital Collage $175
Carol Priamo

Outer Visions
14x11, Mixed Media $500
Marian Rich

Which Way to Face?
10x9, paper collage, cut and paste $500
Jennifer Robertson

Cyclical Satori
10x9, paper collage, cut and paste $500
Jennifer Robertson

Everyone I've Lost is Still With Me
18x20, Mixed Media $600
Stacy Russo

Imaginary Travels
8x8, Mixed Media $NFS
Bonnie Ruttan

Covid Communications
8x10, Mixed Media $NFS
Bonnie Ruttan

The Cowboy Life
16x16, collage $600
Toby Salkin

11x5, Mixed Media $175.00
Karen Schifman

Landscape, Portrait, Still-Life
10x8, Mixed Media $250.00
Karen Schifman

Their Day to Celebrate
14x11, Low Relief Collage and Fine Point Felt Pen $1200
John Selleck

6x6, Digital $NFS
Trudi Sissons

Pushing Boundaries
16x16, Digital $175.00
Trudi Sissons

Dancing on Your Grave
18x15, fiber $650
Kim Svoboda

In the City Buildings
10x8, Digital $325
Barbara Tabachnick

Natural Ingredients
16x16, Mixed media on wood $500
Carol Tanenbaum

Combustible Waters
, Watercolor and collage $350
Carol Tanenbaum

11x14, Digital Collage $365
Wendy Tigerman

Olde Phonograph
11x14, Digital $386
Wendy Tigerman

Water's Edge
9x12, Acrylic $150
Cynthia Walker

Into the Glacier
9x9, Watercolor $150
Cynthia Walker

The Teacher
15x5x7, Assemblage $400
melinda warren

Hanging by a Thread
10x16x10, Assemblage $900
melinda warren

24x24, mixed media collage on canvas $1500
Brenda Welsh

Sticks and Stones
8x6, Collage $NFS
Martha Whittemore

Headed Out
20x16, mixed media collage $550
Patricia Williams

12x12, Mixed Media $200
Barbara Zager-Mathis

From Another Place #18
18x18, collage, paper, acrylic paint, India ink, charcoal $$1500
James Zver


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