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M 10-2, T-F 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

Christmas on Fifth Avenue
10x6, Photo on Kozo Paper- Gold Leaf $300
Christine Acebo

The Nature of Butterflies
17x18, Mixed media/collage $1600
Lynne Arovas

47x24, Paper collage on handmade wooden board, beads, sto $2250
bayda asbridge

Inner Circle
30x40, Gold leaf $850
Hanka Augustinova

Drifting Away
24x24, Oil and Cold Wax $1450
Denise Balcanoff

Here and There Panel #14
22x18, oil on canvas boards float mounted on painted birc $1450
Laura Barr

Architectural 4
13x21, Acrylic & Layered Paper on Board $450
Rosemary Benivegna

Table with cookies
35x30, Oil $950
Virginia Bilodeau

Teapot 18
6x6x6, Stoneware fired in oxidation $150
Angel Brame

Korpa's Image
16x20, Acrylic $650
Nancy Brockett

Going For The Gold
9x12, Oil & Cold Wax $240
Diane Brown

24x36, Acrylic $2000.
Jill Butcher

Fence Creek22
22x22, Acrylics on cotton $$700
Diane Cadrain

Gum Arrangements; Garden
12x9, Scanner Photogram on Archival Print $350
Leah Caroline

Landscape 20.11
4x4, monotype with sgraffito $NFS
Alice Carpenter

Orange Ice
12x8, Photography $350
Susan Chamberland

Cat's Eye
12x12, mixed media collage $400
Anne Coffey

18x24, Pen and Ink $1200
Jeanette Compton

10x18, Photography $175
Eve Coolidge

dragonfly uprise
36x44, Acrylic $3850.
Cynthia Cooper

Sunset Gift Wrapped
24x36, Acrylic $1800
Rosemary Cotnoir

Dance of the Spicebush Swallowtails
18x24, --Please Select-- $595
Amanda D'Agostino

Under Construction
30x, Mixed Media $$2000
violet davenport

6.75x9.5x9.5, Earthenware, underglaze, clear glaze, metal $NFS
Karley Deets

Sunlight Touches Clouds
8x6, oil on brushed silver aluminum $495
Linda DeStefanis

My Pyrrhic Victory - for Dante
16x19, --Please Select-- $$2200
Adell Donaghue

Still Life with Raw Meat
11x14, Acrylic $500
Amber Dong

Morning Dew
12x9, Altered Photograph $175
Carol Dunn

Horizon 1
22x22, Oil $1200
Dale Emmart

Everything Has A Space
12.5x11.5x12, clay, silk, encaustic $900
Sheri Fafunwa Ndibe

The Guardian
24x30, Acrylic $1200
Karen Fieldstad

Herd of Elephants
16x20, Oil $1,295
Veronique Fournier-Wynne

Rowes Wharf
10x8, Printmaking ( Woodblock Print) $550.00
Diane Francis

African Elephant
16x20, Colored markers, Pencils and Oil Paint $NFS
Jean Galli

9x12, Relief Linoleum Print with Monotype $160
Susan Goldberg

The Foam Line
20x20x1, Oil ink and resin drawing on rescued covid shield $1500
Carla Goldberg

Lost in Thought
30x23, mixed media on paper $2000
Ellen Gordon

Fiona and the Stormy Skies
12x18, Photography $350
Sarah Grote

Veiled Space in Ocher
36x24, Oil $2600
kate henderson

Current Situation
24x24, Mixed Media $1200
Renee Hughes

Stronger Now
11x11x1, Alloy Steel $1100
Deb Jennings

Headed to Work
24x30, Oil $2000
Elaine Juska Joseph

A sake for one
11x14, Watercolor $500
Irina Kaplan

Release My Eye
18x24, Mixed Media $1800
Karen Kassap

Road Trip Fire and Ice
27x24, oil on panel Diptych plus hung vertically 3 "apar $1500
Rebecca Keller

The boy and the pelicans
36x36, Oil $2000
Arpita Kurdekar

Pool Party, The Sequel
20x20, wool roving and acrylic paint on canvas $1900
Amy LaBossiere

Blue Green
12x12, Rug Hooking $195
Mary Lachman

Marais Salant
16x20, Oil $650
Carol Lambiase

42 Boxes- White
26x33, Mixed Media $2600
Joanie Landau

And (full)
15x12x5", Porcelain, stoneware, glaze $1500
Stephanie Lanter

Drink the Wild Air
29x37, Graphite, colored pencil, watercolor and collage o $3800
Nancy Lasar

Vasillisa: Fiat Luxe
30x24, Acrylic $2400
Janet Leombruni

40x40, Acrylic $4000
suzanne levy

Under a blanket of blue
14x16, Monotype $600
Joan Macfarlane

Evening Patrol
13x14, Soft Pastel $1500
Donna Martell

Sandhill Cranes Metaphysical
14x20, fiber, handmade paper collage $$600.00
Susan McHale

Stronger Than You Know
18x24, Watercolor $1100
Katie Moirs

Adler Hotel 1
12x18, Photography $380
Carol Mossa

Green-Tongued Blue Blossom
12x13x13, Glazed Stoneware $550
Donna Namnoum

16x22, Photography $300
Carolyn Pelkey

Shadowy Passage
14x11, Soft Pastel $600
Jane Penfield

Lessons in Chemistry
12x16, Oil $500.00
Liane Philpotts

Pollution, From Land to Water
60x46, Acrylic with used objects on canvas $$5,000
Ann Phong

Ten Decades
18x18, Pastel $$1,000.0
Mary Louise Pollock

28x22, Watercolor $NFS
Jeanne Carol Potter

20x20, Oil $3,000
Susan Prentice

The Kiss Redux
9x12, Mixed Media $160
Laurel Rogers

Getting to the Other Side
15x11, Soft Pastel $NFS
Diana Rogers

Way Beyond
30x30, Oil $1200
Karen Schlansky

Blue Bottle
12x9, Oil $450
Elizabeth Scott

20x16, Photography $400
Judith Secco

Can't Rush Spring
20x24, Acrylic $NFS
Hillary Seltzer

Forever Summer
30x30, Oil $750
Roberta Shea

Self-Portrait: Strange and Unusual
12x9, Photography $NFS
Kara Simmers

Black Reign
24x30, Acrylic on Canvas $2,222
Dana Simmons

Blue Bird
36x24x6, Wood and rebar $1200
Lynn Simmons

Late Night
43x45, Fiber Art $4800
Phyllis Small

20x20, Acrylic $750
Joan Sonnanburg

The Challenge
18x24, Acrylic $850
Suzanne Starr

Honey Bee
16x20, Oil/canvas
Georgia Stathoulas

Leap of faith
30x40, Oil $4950
jacqueline stella

Still Life with Greens
24x20, Oil $700
Ashley Stringer

Jay Migration
20x20, Pencil $800
Amanda Surveski

In the Moment
24x18, Collage $1200
Kelly Taylor

Moosehead Magic
22x16, collage $900
lisa tellier

No Fear
12x19x12, Ceramic,Spraypainted $800
Bianca Turner

Connosco I Miei Polli - I Know My Chickens
14x20, Printmaking $$100
Veronica Vaughan

The Only Thing With Both My Name And Their Name Is A Rejection Lette
14x11, Latex paint and resin on wood panel $1300
Jenny Wu

Heron's View Hammonassett
30x20, oil on board $800
Vivian Zoe


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