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Drizzle IV
8x6, photo on kozo paper over 23 k gold leaf $$400
Christine Acebo

Rainy Night in Toledo
12x8, Photograph $150
Christine Acebo

12x12, Acrylic $250
Barbara Alex

Moody Skies
12x16, Watercolor $600
Sarah Baskin

18x36, Oil $900
Virginia Bilodeau

Into the Distance
20x16, Acrylic $650
Nancy Brockett

Live Oaks and Saw Palmettos
14x12, Mixed Media $350
Diane Cadrain

36x36, Oil $1500
Eileen Carey

Wade in the Water
40x30, collage $1500
Polly Castor

18x14, Pen and Ink $850
Jeanette Compton

30x24, oil x canvas, mixed media $2500
Amy Conover

I wanted to be sure to reach you
69x33, acrylic on shaped canvas panels $3950.
Cynthia Cooper

orange ecstasy (moment of imagination)
36x50, Acrylic $3450.
Cynthia Cooper

Jersey Girl
24x24, collage $2000
violet davenport

Foot Rest
21x17, Loomwoven Beadwork $2500
Peggy Dembicer

Goddess of Renewal
52x24, Acrylic on Arches Hotpress Paper $3500
Anne Doris-Eisner

Nature Glory
9x15, Trace Monotype on Rice Paper $NFS
Jean Galli

Caldor 2021
7x9, relief Linoleum Print $180
Susan Goldberg

Golden Pond
9x12, Relief woodcut print $200.00
Susan Goldberg

20x20x1, Mixed media Sculptural Drawing $1800
Carla Goldberg

Sunflower in the Sand
18x12, Photography $350
Sarah Grote

Getting Complicated
12x12, Acrylic $1200
Joan Harvey

Ritual Memory IX
18x18, Mixed Media $750
Charlotte Hedlund

West Bank, Luxor
11x14, Soft Pastel $550
marianne holtermann

30x30, Mixed Media $1200
Renee Hughes

Ripples Trigger Waves
24x24, Acrylic, Mixed Media on Panel $875
Renee Hughes

Promenade with Ann
23x6x3, Blackened Steel $1400
Deb Jennings

The Wood
5x5, oil on arches paper $NFS
Rebecca Keller

drinkers of nectar ... The Coast of Maine by Richard Eberhart
17x25, Photography $700
constance keller

Two Cats on the Couch
15x21, fiber and acrylic on stuffed canvas $750
Amy LaBossiere

18x18, --Please Select-- $350
Mary Lachman

Trojan Horse
36x36, Acrylic $900
Janet Leombruni

Realm of Possibility 1
18x24, Acrylic $420
Tara Lucky

State of Flux
12x12, Acrylic $360
Crystal MacLean

I Soar With Song
18x14, Watercolor $850
Katie Moirs

Portal 2
52x60, Watercolor ink, pigment and pen on Paper $3000
day moore

Portal One
52x60, Watercolor ink, pigments and pen on Paper $3000
day moore

Keep a Sharp Eye on the Scissors
13x25, Collage $1100
Sue Mullaney

Striped Single Budded Jar
10"x6.5x6.5, Glazed Stoneware $400
Donna Namnoum

Orange Poppy Jar
14x9.5x10, Glazed Stoneware $680
Donna Namnoum

Pac-Man on the Pond
12x12, Digital Archival Photograph Sublimated to Aluminum $250
Julie O'Connor

Notorious Luxury
16x24, Digital Archival Photograph Sublimated to Aluminum $350
Julie O'Connor

Abstract Landscape
11x14, Acrylic paint $350
Michelle Peterson

9x6, Colored Pencil on Bristol $450
Margaret A. Phillips

9x6, Colored Pencil on Bristol $450
Margaret A. Phillips

Green Ball Jars with Silver Lids
20x22, Watercolor $2900
Jeanne Carol Potter

20x20, Tetra pak print $200
Deborah Sacks

Who I Am (Piece of Mind Series)
20x12x11, Sculpture/Assemblage $NFS
Barbara Scavotto-Earley

Shopping Spree
30x20, Mixed Media $1500
Karen Schlansky

Weather Landed
8x8, gel medium gesso acrylic $800.
Julie Schnatz Rybeck

Brooklyn Brownstones
28x22, Oil $2000
Kimberley Scoble

Crack to Reveal
12x12, Photography $NFS
Kara Simmers

On My Way
12x18, Photography $NFS
Kara Simmers

If Walls Could Talk No. 6
36x24, Cold Wax & Oil $1200
Victoria Sivigny

You Are My Sunshine
46x34, Fiber Art $2000
Phyllis Small

37x46, Fiber Art $2200
Phyllis Small

Salmon Poppy
16x20, Oil $$1500
Kathleen Smits

Vectors in the Sky
12x16, Digital Photography $595
Kathleen Smits

Moon Dance
18x18, Acrylic $1200
Marjorie Sopkin

The Wind is Right
24x24, Acrylic $1500
Marjorie Sopkin

Text Me
12x14, Oil $$550
Georgia Stathoulas

Destination Unknown
20x20, Acrylic $725
DJ Stenson

16x20, Acrylic $700
DJ Stenson

Dreaming Again
16x20, Mixed Media $460
Kelly Taylor

Songbird Elegy
22x12, Mixed Media $950
lisa tellier

Fly Over Country
61x50, Acrylic $4000.00
michele tragakiss

Gradually then Suddenly
59x46, Acrylic $4500
michele tragakiss

7x5, Mixed Media $650
Rosanne Walsh

Stems and Petals
17x20, Acrylic on Corrugated Board $800
june webster

The Justines
32x40, Oil $4500
Mayann Weinberg

Onto The Beach
23x19, Collage: I use torn magazine swatches for my color $1200
Alexandra Wetmore

Still Mystic
15x23, Collage: I use torn magazine swatches for my color $1300
Alexandra Wetmore

landscape 406
26x18, monotype $1500
NC whitcher

Henry Plays with Fireworks
18x24, Cyanotype on Handmade Watercolor Paper Diptych $1000
Jen E. Wilkosz

A Silent Music Room
18x12, Archival Pigment Print $700
Jen E. Wilkosz

Comfort in Melancholy, Out of the Blue #83
22x18, oil pastel, oil on panel $2200
Margaret Wilson

Hide and seek
12x12, Acrylics including collaged papers $200
Gretchen Wohlgemuth

14x6x6, Wood fired stoneware $NFS
Jessica Zamachaj


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