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M 10-2, T-F 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

Speed of Light, Forest and Field #4
13x12, Photography $400
Debra Achen

Achieving Wholeness
48x36, Oil $6000
Steven Andresen

Aloha Sphere
24x30, Photography $500
Cecily Anne

Dark Matters
9x12x5, Black Steatite $475
Jeff Arnett

Transendental Breeze
36x48, Mixed Media $2500
Melissa Behr

Baja Hibiscus
45x45, Acrylic $450
Lorrie Bogner

Underwater Garden
24x16, Photography printed on metal $300
Steve Booth

Beach Sunset
30x30, Acrylic $500
Mary Brooks

Landforms, Suggestion of Place
36x36, Oil $1875
Gary Coleman

August Morning
48x48, Oil $5500
john crawford

Moving On
25x19, Watercolor on yupo $1900
Taryn Curiel

Cubist Carafe
22x30, watermedia $575
linda curtis

48x48, Acrylic $3000
Sheila Daube

Formation of a Star
24x18, Hand-pulled print $375
Cindy Davis

Santa Fe Cool
36x48, Acrylic and ink on canvas $1900
Mardi de Veuve Alexis

30x30, Various Hardwoods $900
Syd Dunton

Eye of the Storm
36x48, Oil $2500
David Fleming

Electric Sea
11x14, Photography $300
Jodi Frediani

Sky of Gold
12x18, Digital $220
Jeanne Gadol

25x23, Oil $2500
Anne Greene

24x18, Oil $750
Laurel Hanson

Outside In
16x16, Acrylic $400
Deena Haynes

Spirited: 19.4N, 155.2W
12x12, Encaustic $650
Vicky Hoffman

24x36, Acrylic $2550
Stephanie Holznecht

48x30, Oil $1800
Sarah Hull

Architectural Variations
55x30x7, Mixed Media $3000
Elaine Jason

40x40, Oil $3250
Peggy Jelmini

16x20, Acrylic $240
Beverly Jensen

18x18, Vintage paper with oil on board $1200
wewer keohane

Decent Into Madness (with purple hope)
30x40, Acrylic $1200
Susan Kessler

The Magicians Box of Tricks
30x40, Acrylic $1000
Jill Kroh

Untitled 3
40x40, Acrylic $950
Timothy Liddiard

Cupid's Trail
15x15, Photography $330
Sherry Malotte

Solar Wind
36x36, Acrylic $3500
james march

Beach Lagoon
24x30, Acrylic $900
Merlyn Moreno

Road Less Travelled
24x30, Acrylic $500
Eileen Murray

Shaking Off Sadness
18x24, Watercolor & Ink $1500
Kay Nam

moving waters
24x24, Oil $500
Kathy Severns Ohannesian

Cruden Bay 4/10
13x19, handmade mono print $850
Joe Ortiz

44x22x13, Wood $500
Rosy Penhallow

42x60, Acrylic $1975
Jim Potterton

Twilight Spring Hills
48x48, Oil $2500
Charles Prentiss

Red Pond
30x30, Acrylic $
Cher Roberts

Celestial Circles
19x19, Pen and Ink $2500
Thomas Rowe

The Forest
30x24, Encaustic $1500
Heidi Rufeh

on the edge
22x15, transparent watercolor $750
Bonnie Joy Sedlak

Moving On
48x48, oil, wax and graphite on canvas $4000
Beth Shields

Monet Doesn't Live Here Any More I
36x48, Acrylic $2500
Jill Shure

Jack of Heats
24x20, acylic and direct acrylic transfer $300
Ed Smiley

Hill Country Colors
16x16, Oil $600
Debbi Smith Rourke

Blue Intuition
24x30, Oil $1500
Anna Lee Steed

Shadow Dancer
42x29, Acrylic $1200
Dorothy Stonely

It's Not All Blue
18x18, Mixed media on canvas $850
Kathryn Stowell-Loitz

The Second Shaping
12x9, Soft Pastel $625
Ginger Toomer

Fire Opal 2
24x30, Acrylic $675
janet Trenchard

The Village Tragedy
48x81, Mixed Media $2000
Jarem Van Dyke

Abstract #22
16x22, Pigment on Paper $325
Mark Wainer

Heart of the Matter
18x24, Mixed Media $750
Terry Walker

Running with the Sunset
24x30, Acrylic $780
Janet Weidel

While the winter wind advances
31x25, Oil $1200
Catharina Widborg

Abstract 2
22x15, Watercolor $500
Richard Yemington

34x36, Oil $1400
Sydney Zentall


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