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M 10-2, T-F 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

Auspicious Day
11x14, mixed media and collage on fir panel $500
brenda anderson

40x29, Gouache collage $2400
Arista Baltronis

14x20, painted paper $
Joan Mall Baral

22x32, Mixed Media $NFS
Charles Baron

21x32, Mixed Media $NFS
Charles Baron

22x32, Mixed Media $NFS
Charles Baron

Portrait of an Architect , v1 (2016)
8x11, Mixed Media $300
Brandin BarĂ³n

A Moment Relished
8x10, Mixed Media Collage $525
Susanne Belcher

Abstract Landscape
24x30, Mixed Media $500
Shant Beudjekian

Fair Warning
16x20, Torn Paper Collage & Objects $
Janet Black

13x41, vintage and antique textiles $950
Cynthia Brannvall

Letter from Sloan
10x12, Mixed Media $1200
Stephan Brigidi

Here's Looking at You
10x35x4, assemblage $1600
Sharon Brooks

Especially Between
16x21, Mixed Media $500
Linnie Brown

18x36, Mixed Media $1500
Susie Brown

Space/Time Portal 2
18x24, Mixed Media $125
Donna Brunjes

Indigo Violet
10x10, Acrylic painted paper collage on paper $500
Mary Burger

Phantom Brand
10x12, Mixed Media $400
Allison Caesar

Spider Freak
10x12, Mixed Media $400
Allison Caesar

Garden of Delights
48x48, Acrylic collage,handmade papers,beads dyed yarn $900
Marie Chapian

9x6, Collage $325
Michael Church

11x14, Mixed Media $350
Carolyn Cunningham

16x20, Mixed Media on Canvas $
Victoria Daniel

6x4, Mixed Media $300
Cheryl Dawdy

Circles vs Squares
24x24, Collage $313
Deborah De Bono

Owl See You Now
10x8, Collage $225
Marian Devney

22x30, Mixed Media $750
Phyllis Doyon

12x27, collage, pen and paint $675
teri dryden

Unsung Fears
27x20x9, Found Objects $900
Ale Eckelberry

Pick Up Sticks #2
17x30, Mixed Media $750
Toni Elkins

Ruined Beauty
36x18, acrylic, chalk. printed pages $900
Julie Feldman

20x14, Mixed Media $2000
Marla Fields

24x24, Mixed Media $1300
Heather Freitas

Ode to HBC
24x30, Acrylic, found objects $
Sharon Fyfe

Umbrella on the Rocks
6x5, Recycled Mixed-Media Collage $225
Ann Blessing Gallagher

Not Complicated
6x4, Recycled Mixed Media Collage $225
Ann Blessing Gallagher

Joshua Tree Rockin' Birds
24x18, watercolor collage $550
Susan Gesundheit

The White Dress
24x36, Mixed Media $1600
Carole Gillin

40x30, Mixed media maps only $700
Florencia Glas

Like Night and Day
13x21, watercolor, gouache and collage on newsprint $NFS
Flora Golden

Family Ties
8x10, Collage w/ found object $250
Sandi-Jo Gordon

14x11, Collage/Ink $450
Sylvia H Goulden

20x29x44, Found Objects $4500
Susan Hazard

No Gravity I
11x14, Mixed Media $350
Dorothea Heger

Melted: 42.1N, 80.0E
18x24, Encaustic $1200
Vicky Hoffman

Buried: 26.31S, 29.07E
18x24, Encaustic $1200
Vicky Hoffman

16x20, Mixed Media $400
Kristin Hough

Altered Faces Black
20x20, Mixed Media $500
Sondra Jolles

It is extinct
16x20, acrylic, Xerox photos, glitter, $
Monica Juarez

20x24, Acrylic, collage, oil, stenciling $1000
Sherrill Kahn

8 x 10, hand-cut collage $500
Axelle Kieffer

Theatre of consciousness
7x5, Mixed Media $195
Clive Knights

Reunion (no. 1)
11x14, Gouache, cyanotype, wool, found textiles, paper $375
Theresa Knopf

Cloud Cover
20x20, Mixed Media Collage $700
Suki Kuss

I Crossed the Line
26x20, maps $1000
Nancy Goodman Lawrence

Leave me with a smile
30x11, Mixed Media $750
Kathy Leader

30x30, Mixed Media $600
Mona Lind

A Daydream III
24x18, Collaged Monotype $1040
Michelle Lindblom

13x9, Collage $300
Nina Lo

Punks and Prizes
16 x 21 x 1, Mixed Media $850
Kwei-lin Lum

Eclipse no.1
5x7, Drawing, ink, oil paint, collage on wood panel $265
Noelle Maline

When Words Escape
4x7x2, Mixed Media $650
Barbara Margolies

hanoi scene
16x20, Mixed Media $400
Rachelle Mark

Papers 11
16x20, Gouache,acrylic,tempera,found photograph & papers $350
Erin McCluskey Wheeler

Ganesha Bring us Justice (Black Hoodie Series)
8x9, acrylic,collage,textile trimmings,mirror,crystal $350
Marla McLean

Falling Leaves
12x12, Mixed Media $500
Helen Merken

Cheshire Cat
9x18, Collage $300
Vickie L Myers

18x9, Collage $300
Vickie L Myers

Grounded #38
10x10, encaustic,book page collage,paint and image transf $285
Adam Nisenson

Farmers of the Dell
30x30, Mixed Media $2500
petrea noyes

12x12, Intaglio/Mixed Media $250
Elise Parisian

Alive, Absent, Dead
33x25, Intaglio/Mixed Media $1000
Elise Parisian

The Reckoning
26x14, Traditional Cut-N-Paste Collage $860
Melissa Parra Morrow

Girl With The Pink Hair
18x24, Collage $800
Esther Pearlman

24x24, Mixed Media $1600
Andrea Raft

Mister Bingo
24x24, Mixed Media Collage $795
Lois Ramirez

Tutti Fruti
18x24, multi-medi $350
Linda Rand

30x22, Mixed Media $450
m. Rheuban

Art Historian
8x7, paper (cut and pasted) $250
Jennifer Robertson

I Spy 3 Birds
14x12, Collage & Acrylic Paint on Gold Leaf $400
Debbi Saunders

All the Single Ladies
24x36, Fashion magazine clippings collage $800
Jennifer L. Schmidt

Curtain Going Up
13x16, Mixed Media Collage $925
Penny Seldin

11x14, Collage & graphite $1600
John Selleck

She's Leaving
8x8, Collage & graphite $1600
John Selleck

Buddha - All Paths Lead to One
10x10, Encaustic Assemblage $180
Shima Shanti

Wonder Box
3x3x3, Mixed Media $50
Martha Slavin

Basilica San Francesco
16x20, Acrylic, Ink, Papers $900
Debra Sokolow

The Mirror of Journaling
85x11, paper, paint, pencil $125
Elaine Sonne

Accepting the Nomination
11x15, Watercolor, Ink Pen, and Paper $
susan spector

Day Is Done
11x15, Watercolor, Ink, and Paper $800
susan spector

Let it Go
30x40, Mixed Media $1800
Barbara Tabachnick

Alternate Universe
15x4, Monoprint Collage $300
Curtis Taylor

California Soaring
16x20, Mixed Media $750
Patricia Thayer

Home Movies
18x18, Mixed Media $700
Wendy Tigerman

Ruins Renewed
14x11, Mixed Media Collage on Canvas $400
Elizabeth Tokar

The Last of Mount Rainier
16x20, Recycled Brown Bags & Acrylic Collaged on Canvas $10000
Leah Tomaino

7x16x5, Assemblage $200
Robin Tripaldi

In the Long Run, Part 2
24x36, nihonga, walnut ink, children's book cut outs, thr $675
Michelle Urbanek

Proclamation In Blue
12x12, Collage Acrylic $700
Anita Van Tellingen

Expansion / Contraction
12x12, acrylic-based collage on wood panel box $800
Frank Ventrola

Characterization of Man
20x12, Mixed Media $750
Stephen Wagner

Escena IV
10x10, Collage on cradled board $150
Marti White

Uphill 1
16x16, Mixed Media $330
Sara Willadsen

5x7, Collage and mixed media $90
Connie Zane

12x16, Collage $
Adeline Zee

Natural Abstractions #3: Volcano
30x15, Mixed Media $1200
Robert Zimdahl

37x30, Mixed Media Collage on canvas $
Jeanne Zinniker


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