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Rope Truck on Monhegan Island
5x10, Hand-Coated Gum Bichromate over Cyanotype $300
David Aimone

Landscape 13
10x6, Ink $200
elisa albrecht

12x10x5 in., Gourd, ink, pine needles, sinew on wood stand $$295.00
Nancy Austin

Way West
10x9x5 in. , Gourd, ink, pine needles, glass, thread, sinew $$285.00
Nancy Austin

8x10, Acrylic and Resin $1000
Mark Basco

To Rutland, Vermont Train Station
12x9, Oil on Birch Panel $700
Deborah Bayly

Winter on Wallace Brance
8x10, Oil $500
Chris Bell

Tessa in the Window
8x10, Photography $135
Tiina Bockrath

Breakfast Under the Apple Tree
8x10, Photography $135
Tiina Bockrath

4x4, Enamel on canvas $300
Fulvio Celico

#729 Main St. Greenwich, NY.
9x12, Oil $400
Matt Chinian

Saggar Fired Vessel 1
5x7x7, Clay $175
Pat Collins

Saggar Fired Vessel 2
4x5x5, Clay $150
Pat Collins

Begonias and Geranium
10x10, Oil $600
Susan Coon

6x3x3, Clay $300
Catherine Corrigan

Green Patterns at Black Pond
12x9, Oil $400
Ruth Crotty

Lago Rojo
9x12, Oil $575
Jan Marie DeLipsey

Naked Raku Vase
6x4x4, pottery $80
Ellen Egger-Aimone

Salt Vase
6x5x5, pottery $80
Ellen Egger-Aimone

Antarctica: Icebergs #1
8x10, Pigment Print $200
Reid Elem

8x6x5, Clay $580
Karen Elem

11x6x6, Clay $600
Karen Elem

Antarctica: Iceberg #9
8x10, Pigment Print $200
Reid Elem

7x5, Soft Pastel $250
David Francis

309 Elm Street
8x10, stone subtractive lithograph $300
Donald Furst

End of Beginning,Beginning of End
12x11x6, Steel $2000
George Gabris

5x7, Photography $75
Stephanie Gabris

God's Paintbrush-Bouquet River
5x7, Photography $75
Stephanie Gabris

Path To Euphoria
8x12, Photography $250
Marisa Geraghty

The Gift
10x12, Egg tempera, oil, polymer clay, Swarovski crystals $750
Jon Gernon

Dark Walnut
12x12, Oil on stained panel $300
Aliyana Gewirtzman

Owens Creek, Nelson County, Virginia
6x9, engraving $445
M. Alexander Gray

Pecan Pie
10x10, Watercolor $350
Barbara Harshman

Lemon Meringue Pie
8x8, Watercolor $350
Barbara Harshman

Patchwork City 21
12x12, Mixed Media $750
Marilyn Henrion

Patchwork City 10
12x12, Mixed Media $800
Marilyn Henrion

Hidden Scenes II
4x6, Gelatin Silver Print $200
Tao Ho

9x5x5, Clay $278
Erin Hogan

7x9x9, Clay $300
Erin Hogan

Brant Lake
6x8, Oil $145
Frederick Holman

9x12, Oil $600
Jean-Pierre Jacquet

Craig and Bridget
8x6, Oil $350
elizabeth krebs

Near the Edge I
12x8, B&W Photography $150
Gary Larsen

Trees in the Wood
8x5, Photography $150
Barry Lobdell

Three Birches
5x8, Photography $150
Barry Lobdell

Frida meets Marc
12x12, Oil $85
Maryanne Malecki

8x12, Photography $250
Paul Malinowski

Sweetness of Youth
12x12, Oil $600
Marie Massey

10x10, Watercolor $750
Susan Mauney

Tempe Nights
8x10, Photography $300
Alexis Mazzochi

La Jolla Cove
5x7, Photography $250
Alexis Mazzochi

Guardian X
7x3.25x4, Clay with Terra Sigillata & Mother of Pearl Lustre $200
Allora McCullough

Havana Poinsettia
6x8, Photography $275
Carolyn McLeod

Hamel Alley, Havana
6x8, Photography $275
Carolyn McLeod

It's Not Kansas
8x10, Prismacolor Pencil $425
Lynda Naske

The Yaddo Gardens
10x8, Oil $450
Jerolyn Ouimet

Tuscan Glow
5x7, Soft Pastel $225
Debbie Park-Boussu

Spawning salmon, final journey
5x5x5, Clay $150
Andrea Perez

6x10, Photography $125
Chip Perone

12x9, Oil $350
Linda Peterson

9x7, Watercolor $450
Linda Peterson

5x7, Acrylic/Collage on Wood $200
Lotte Petricone

on the edge of the day
10x10, mixed media on canvas $790
Katrin Reichelt

cello at the fair
4x6, Acrylic $150
dolores rollins

African Pompano
8x12, Mixed Media $280
Sarah Schneiderman

Canopy 3a
8x8, Mixed Media $100
Mike Shannon

Rohlin at Sunset
12x8, Oil $500
Geoffrey Stein

Big Leaf Nest
12x12, oil on board $800
Jean K Stephens

Autumn Yarn Nest
12x12, oil on canvas $800
Jean K Stephens

November 287
12x11x7, Plastic tubes, foam insulation, cable ties, bead c $400
Erica Stoller

Windy Day on the Lake
10x10, Photographic Transfer on Birch Box $165
Eleanor Sweeney

Above a Beaver Dam
10x10, Photographic Transfer on Birch Box $165
Eleanor Sweeney

A Drowning
5x11, Oil $2500
william thompson

Noah Red
6x8, Oil $1484
william thompson

Autumn Glow
4x4, Watercolor and colored pencils $135.00
Jane Starr Weils

Meadow Island
8x10, Oil $550
Susan Whiting

White Series # 243
8x10, Photography $300
Curtis Widem

87 North
5x5, Photography $125
Jennifer Wilkerson

Ellis Island
6x6, Mixed Media $325
Susan Williams

Community Garden, 2016
8x10, High Carbon K7 Print $125
Zack Zoll


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