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Meridian Arts Commission, City of Meridian, ID
2019 Initial Point Gallery Exhibitions

Initial Point Gallery Call to Artists for 2019 Exhibitions



The Meridian Arts Commission (MAC) seeks proposals for the display of two-dimensional and/or three-dimensional artwork as part of the 2018 Initial Point Gallery Series, a series of one to two-month exhibitions in Initial Point Gallery.  MAC aims to have multiple artists in the space each month. Initial Point Gallery is located on the third floor of Meridian City Hall (33 E. Broadway Avenue, Meridian, Idaho), and is open to the public during City working hours.  Initial Point Gallery provides 100 feet of total wall space for hanging two-dimensional artwork and four enclosed display cases for three-dimensional artwork. 


Entry Fee:

$35 flat fee per application



All artists in the Northwest region are welcome to apply, but artists must be present for scheduled installation and removal. Two-dimensional works displayed in Initial Point Gallery must be comprised of professional-quality, ready-to-hang, original art. Three-dimensional works may be of any medium, but must fit within the four supplied display cases.  No artwork will be displayed which: cannot be safely hung or displayed using the gallery’s equipment; requires unusual maintenance, handling, or security; or is disruptive or likely to offend the sensibilities of the general public.  Selectees will be asked to enter into an Acceptance Agreement with the City setting forth specific conditions of display.  Selectees and invitees may reapply annually and if selected again, 75% of the display must be artwork that has not been previously displayed in Initial Point Gallery.  Organizations and small, informal groups are welcome to apply.


Entering Your Images:

•      You can enter your images online at  

•      Help in photographing your work and properly sizing your images can be found at:

•      For best results, images should be 1920 pixels @72 dpi on the longest side, and in JPEG format, sRGB color space.

•      If you need assistance, please contact or call 949-287-8645.



Images will be juried by a committee who will choose the artists to be represented in the gallery. MAC may group more than one artist in each exhibit. In evaluating eligible proposals, the following factors will be considered:

· Adherence to the Call to Artists;

· Quality of work;

· Appropriateness of subject and concept for a functioning government workplace;

· Consistency with City policy and community values; and

· Contribution to aesthetic and cultural atmosphere of Meridian City Hall.


Artwork Guidelines:

All hanging art must be equipped with d-rings for secure hanging. Wires, eyehooks, and clip frames may not be used for hanging.  The number of artworks to be included in each exhibit depends on the size of the pieces included. MAC asks that artists plan to have appropriate negative space in between each piece to allow for labels and breathing room. Two-dimensional works should not exceed 5’ in height. Display cases have acrylic tops of varied sizes including: 3½’ tall, 3’ tall, 2½’ tall, and 2’ tall. All display case bases are 2’ wide and 2’ deep.


Exhibition Details:

On the third floor of Meridian City Hall, directly across from the Mayor’s Office reception area, the Meridian Arts Commission maintains Initial Point Gallery. The carpeted gallery, filled with natural light, features about 100 feet of wall space for the display of two-dimensional art, as well as four hand-crafted display cases for the exhibition of three-dimensional works of art. The Meridian Arts Commission schedules individual and group exhibits and artists’ receptions in the gallery throughout the year. Initial Point Gallery receptions are held once a month.


In addition to the works of local and regional artists, the gallery has hosted works by nationally- and internationally-known artists. In 2011, Initial Point Gallery was chosen as one of only five venues nationwide to host the prestigious traveling show of the National Watercolor Society’s 90th Annual Exhibition.


Initial Point Gallery is free and open to the public any time during normal Meridian City Hall business hours – generally Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, excluding holidays.


The gallery has a track system that allows for easy hanging and adjustments. MAC works with a small crew of volunteers that can help artists with installing and removing their exhibit. The gallery also has space to display the artist/exhibit statement and price list. The City may promote the artist receptions in the form of Facebook events, post on community calendar, and/or mention in promotional videos.


MAC requests that artists voluntarily donate to MAC 20% of proceeds from sales of art displayed in Initial Point Gallery.


Display Categories:

Quarter Gallery wall (hanging/2D display)

Half Gallery wall (hanging/2D display)

Full Gallery wall (hanging/2D display)

Display Cases (3D or small easels)


Special Requests:

Please let us know if one of the following apply to you:

·         I would like to have local student musicians play at my reception. MAC will try to coordinate this with the help of a commissioner liaison.

·         I would like to invite my own musical talent to play at my reception.

·         I would like to show with a specific individual/individual(s). (Please reference this in your application.)



All sales are managed by the artist directly. Commissioners and City Staff can direct patrons to the artists’ contact information.



Artists are responsible for securing their own transportation and lodging.



September 24, 2018 Deadline for Receipt of Applications by Online Juried Shows

October 1 – 5, 2018 Applications juried

October 15, 2018 Notification to artists

February 1, 2019 First monthly exhibit installed



Applicants acknowledge the following stipulations and agree that if this proposal is selected for display at Initial Point Gallery, such display shall occur subject to these general terms and conditions, as well as subject to other specific terms and conditions that shall be set forth in a separate, written Acceptance Agreement between Artist and the City of Meridian.  By submitting this application, Artist specifically acknowledges that:


1.       Before my work will be displayed in Initial Point Gallery, I will be required to enter into an Acceptance Agreement with the City of Meridian establishing the specific terms and conditions of the display of the particular works displayed.


2.       If my work is selected for display in Initial Point Gallery, the City of Meridian and its agents will exercise professional care in handling and securing all artwork displayed in Initial Point Gallery, but cannot and will not assume liability for any loss or damage.


3.       Any insurance of the artwork displayed in Initial Point Gallery shall be the sole responsibility of the artist. The City of Meridian shall not provide insurance to cover loss, theft, or damage of artwork displayed in Initial Point Gallery.


4.       While artwork displayed in Initial Point Gallery may be passively offered for sale by means of an informational table, board, or handout as provided or allowed by the City of Meridian, no piece displayed in Initial Point Gallery may have a visible price tag.


5.       While it is intended that each exhibit in Initial Point Gallery will be displayed for a one- to three- month period, this period by be shortened by the City of Meridian for any reason, without notice to the artist or organization.


6.       The City may display the work of more than one artist or organization in Initial Point Gallery at any time, at the City’s sole discretion.


7.       Artwork submitted for display in Initial Point Gallery must be original works conceived and created by the artist (or by artist members of the organization) submitting this application.


8.       An opening night reception can be scheduled by MAC; though a table and minimal staff/volunteer support will be provided, I understand that I am the host and as such will be primarily responsible for any and all reception invitations, publicity, refreshments, music, set up, tear-down, and clean-up. 


9.       Meridian City Hall is primarily a place of public business and Initial Point Gallery is a public place.  The City seeks to encourage artistic expression and public dialogue, but must simultaneously ensure that City Hall is a place where citizens, employees, and visitors of diverse ages and perspectives feel welcome and comfortable.  To this end, only artists and artwork meeting the eligibility standards described in the Call for Artists and following the terms set forth in the Acceptance Agreement shall be displayed in Initial Point Gallery.


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