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Sumi-e Society of America, Inc.
56th Annual Juried Exhibtion of the Sumi-e Society of America

Sumi-e Society of America, Inc.

56th Annual Juried Exhibition

Artistry at the Bloomington Center for the Arts

Bloomington, Minnesota

August 9 - September 20, 2019


The Ming Chiao Chapter and the National Board of Directors of the Sumi-e Society of America, Inc. invite you to enter the 56th Annual Juried Exhibition at Artistry at the Bloomington Center for the Arts in Bloomington, Minnesota. The purpose of the exhibition is to publicly show the best current East Asian brush painting and calligraphy and to further the Society’s mission. A combination of cash and other awards, approximating $4500.00 in value, will be awarded.


ELIGIBILITY: This competition is open to all artists.

Brush painting or calligraphy must be in Asian ink, or Asian ink and watercolor on rice* paper or silk.

*Generic term for those papers traditionally used for East Asian brush painting, but not limited to those containing

rice fiber.


PAINTINGS & CALLIGRAPHY -Paintings and calligraphy must be the original creation and composition of the artist submitting it. Copying a painting by another artist or teacher, with a few details changed, is not considered an original work. No touch-ups, changes, or additions by another artist or teacher are allowed.
-Paintings and calligraphy must be painted within the last two years and not previously exhibited in a Sumi-e Society annual exhibition. Previous entry elsewhere is permitted.
-Entries will be accepted only from the artist, not by or through agents.


NON-TRADITIONAL PAINTINGS must be executed with water-soluble Asian ink with or without watercolor on rice paper, gold and silver papers, shikishi boards or silk. The predominant element must be ink and direct brushwork on the base; however, techniques such as monoprinting, suminagashi, spraying, or non-relief collage may be incorporated. If you used one of these techniques, note it in your title.


CALLIGRAPHY other than signature or date must be accompanied by a typed English translation of the calligraphy on both painting and calligraphy artwork.



May 6 ----DEADLINE for entering at

June 10 ----NOTIFICATION of Acceptance - email reminder Artist must open their Artist Profile on website at Check each artwork to see which artworks were accepted and which were declined.

July 29 - August 2----SHIPPED ARTWORK DUE in Bloomington

August 3 ----HAND DELIVERIES - Before NOON.

August 9 ----EXHIBITION OPENS to public

September 6 ----ARTIST RECEPTION Friday - 6:00 - 8:00 pm - Artistry at the Bloomington Center for the Arts

September 7 ----AWARDS CEREMONY BANQUET Saturday - 6:00 - 9:00 pm at the Hilton Minneapolis/ Bloomington with Remarks about the exhibition by Yuming Zhu and Hong Zhang

September 6, 7, 8 ----2 WORKSHOPS with Zhu and Zhang - 9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm

September 20 ----EXHIBITION CLOSES

September 21 ----PICK UP ARTWORK - 8:00 - 11:00 AM - Package artwork for return shipping

September 23 ----Shipped artwork scheduled pick up




Yuming Zhu is originally from Shanghai and studied under the masters at a young age. After receiving his BA in China, Yuming came to the United States and graduated in 1991 with an MA from Sonoma State University. Working in oils, pastels and Chinese/Sumi-e Watercolors, Yuming’s work is a unique blend of East meets West artistry. It is a style that Yuming refers to as “Transism”, a reference to constantly evolving interests, which include observations on modern life, a love of music, and an exploration of his own unique heritage. “I paint to achieve balance and harmony. Once I reach that, I will for sure break it.”








Hong Zhang, Chinese brushwork artist and instructor, has developed a passion for the cultural and poetic aspect of the Asian art form. Inspired by scenes from nature, Hong likes to create works of Chinese calligraphy and Chinese landscape paintings in both traditional and contemporary styles. Hong also carries expertise in other subjects like bamboo, plum blossom, various calligraphy scripts, etc. In addition to mastering the brushwork techniques, Hong has taught for more than twenty years at the University of Minnesota and in his private studio. He has published three books to help students elevate their understanding and appreciation of Chinese calligraphy history and concepts. His works are currently on display in numerous corporate offices and personal collections, and he continuously updates the gallery in his studio. He highlights the importance of symbolism in Chinese art, and has composed poetry for many meaningful, custom-designed works for special celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, and housewarmings.







Yuming Zhu’s Comments on Sumi-e

--Painting with one’s soul is the cornerstone of Sumi-e and calligraphy. The intent of a brush painting is not to copy what you see, but what you feel so that the spiritual likeness of the subject shines through. A flower, even seemingly roughly painted, but full of life, is more striking than a beautifully/accurately painted one.

--Simplicity imbued with spiritual richness governs all of Sumi-e. Creativity and originality are achieved with energetic, disciplined brush strokes and thoughtful composition.

--A good ink painting can embody both the following of traditional rules as well as deviation from them as long as it is done with wisdom and energy. The incorporation of Western composition and color into Sumi-e art can reveal an artist’s style, creativity, culture and personality.

--Signatures and seals are an integral part of any Sumi-e artwork. Rules exist, but creativity can overrule tradition.

--Sumi-e is the expression of the Dao, the absolute principle that governs the universe.


Hong Zhang’s Criteria for Appreciating and Evaluating Chinese Calligraphy

Master-Apprentice - Chinese calligraphy is an art with a strong influence of the master on the apprentice such that the influence of a master or school can be seen in the good calligraphy of the artist.

Use of Brush - Although Chinese calligraphy has a common set of fundamental rules, each script has its own unique rules. Without applying skillful and fluent stroke rules and techniques, a fine and exquisite stroke is difficult to achieve.

Character Formation - The shape and feeling of every stroke of a character needs to be in relationship to other strokes and between characters to create balance and express harmonious Yin and Yang, to achieve the ‘Qi’ movement (energy flow).

Use of Ink - An outstanding piece of calligraphy must show a good control of ink - dark, light, dry, wet. A strong and powerful brush stroke, with proper, adequate ink will deliver the beauty and form of Chinese calligraphy.

Composition - A piece of calligraphy art is not just putting characters together. First establish a theme, then develop a composition, select a Script to express the theme, the size of characters, stroke quality, character arrangement, etc. All are  needed to achieve an artwork of coherence, consistency and harmony.

In Summary - an excellent piece of calligraphy, in my point of view, must have:

· Vigorous and vivid expression

· Well composed with good character arrangement

· Good use of brush and ink.


JURYING: Digital images will be juried for inclusion in the exhibition, using accepted standards of East Asian brush painting. Calligraphy entries will be considered for their artistic merit and not necessarily as a form of communication. This does not exclude classic calligraphy. Artists, whose works are accepted, will ship the original work for the judging of awards and inclusion in the exhibition. The Sumi-e Society reserves the right to refuse any artwork that it deems improperly presented, unsafe, damaged, or not the same as represented in the digital image submitted for judging. No withdrawals, substitutions or price changes (except to NFS) will be accepted after a work is juried into the exhibition.


ENTER THE EXHIBITION -There are two Categories - PAINTING and/or CALLIGRAPHY. Artists may enter one or both categories.


MEMBER ENTRY FEES for Members of Sumi-e Society of America, Inc.

Paintings - 1 or 2 paintings for $40

Calligraphy - 1 or 2 calligraphy for $40

Painting and Calligraphy - $60 (1 or 2 paintings and 1 or 2 calligraphy)



Paintings - 1 or 2 paintings for $85

Calligraphy - 1 or 2 calligraphy for $85

Painting and Calligraphy - $105 (1 or 2 paintings and 1 or 2 calligraphy)

(The Non-Member price includes SSA dues of $40 for 2019)

Fees cover all entries, up to two(2) per category, four (4) per entrant. Pay through


1. Works must be WET MOUNTED, SIGNED AND SEALED before photographing. Show only the image, no frame or mat. The digital image should accurately portray the original art. Be sure your images are rotated with the correct side up.

2. IMAGE SIZE must be listed to the nearest inch.

3. DIGITAL IMAGE SIZE must be at least 1920 pixels on the longest side at 72 dpi, but smaller than 4MB.

Images must be in JPEG format, RGB color space. If you need help photographing your work or sizing your images click on

4. SUBMIT to the Society exhibition by finding the Sumi-e Society of America logo on the website and click on the “I want to enter this show”. Fill out your Artist Profile and the entry form ONLINE completely.

5. EMAIL - Please add and to your email contact list to ensure notifications are received.


ONLINE ENTRY DEADLINE: MAY 6, 2019 All digital entries must be submitted online not later than midnight.


NOTIFICATION / ACCEPTANCE: JUNE 10, 2019 - Notifications are sent through ConstantContact from To ensure receipt of this notification, please add Manager@ to your contact list, or safe senders’ list. Artists are responsible for checking their Artist Profile at Artists who fail to provide work accepted into the show will not be permitted to enter the national show the following year.


FRAMING SPECIFICATIONS: Metal sectional frames in silver, gold, pewter, gray or black are highly recommended for durability and ease of hanging. All paintings must be wet mounted, framed and under acrylic or Plexiglas, ready to hang. Do not use glass. Framing used must be strong enough to withstand all necessary handling.


MINIMUM FRAME SIZE: 14 inches in either direction.

MAXIMUM FRAME SIZE: 42 inches in either direction.

MATS: Outer mats must be a LIGHT, NEUTRAL COLOR. Mats that are too dark will be excluded or included in the show at the discretion of the National and Chapter Chairs. !!Hanging scrolls will not be accepted!!


DELIVERY OF ACCEPTED WORKS: Shipped works must arrive in Bloomington July 29 - August 2. Artwork must be shipped prepaid with prepaid arrangements for return shipping provided in reusable packing cases such as Airfloat, Strongbox. Complete shipping instructions and an Exhibition Loan Consent Form will be included with your notification letter in your Artist Profile at


LOCAL DELIVERY: Hand delivered works will be accepted at Artistry at the Bloomington Center for the Arts on Saturday, August 3, before NOON.


LIABILITY: Every care will be taken by the Society, Artistry at the Bloomington Center for the Arts, their members or agents. However, no liability is assumed for loss or damage from whatever cause. It is the responsibility of the artists to insure their artwork.


SALES: All works on exhibit will be offered for sale, unless marked NFS. No painting may be removed during the exhibition period. A COMMISSION of 35% will be collected by Artistry at the Bloomington Center for the Arts and a DONATION of 5% should be made to Sumi-e Society of America, Inc for sold works.


CATALOG: The Exhibition Catalog of Award winners and the DVD showing all the exhibited images will be sent to all Society members. Additional copies will be available from the Sumi-e Society for $8.00 in the US, $10.00 to Canada and Mexico, and $15.00 outside North America by airmail.


RETURN OF WORKS: Shipped works will be returned to the artists at the end of the exhibition beginning September 23, 2019. Hand delivered work will be picked up Saturday, September 21, 8:00 - 11:00 AM. Complete return shipping instructions will be included with your notification letter in the Artist Profile online.


PUBLICATION: Artists give the Sumi-e Society and Artistry at the Bloomington Center for the Arts the rights to use the images of all submitted works in the print and digital publications of the Society and Artistry at the Bloomington Center for the Arts.


WORKSHOPS: There are three days of workshops with Yuming Zhu (Painting) and Hong Zhang (Calligraphy) on September 6, 7 and 8, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each participant will have the opportunity to experience 1½ days with each of the Artists for calligraphy and painting. They will be limited to 25 students in each group. More information will be emailed to SSA members who will have first priority in registering. Information will also be posted on the Society website


QUESTIONS: If you have any questions about the exhibition, please contact:


Pat Gustafson

Ming Chiao Chapter Chair

Faribault MN 55021



Carla Jaranson

National Chair

Burke, VA 22015




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