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Be sure to read the prospectus in its entirety before continuing.

Sumi-e Society of America, Inc.
60th Annual Juried Exhibition of the Sumi-e Society of America, Inc.

Sumi-e Society of America, Inc.

60th Annual Juried Exhibition

June 1 to July 1, 2023


The National Board of Directors of the Sumi-e Society of America, Inc, the Chinese American Museum DC and the National Capital Area Chapter invite you to enter the 60th Annual Juried Exhibition to be held at the Chinese American Museum in Washington DC. The purpose of the exhibition is to publicly show the best current East Asian brush painting and calligraphy and to further the Society’s mission. A combination of cash and other awards, approximating $4500.00 in value, will be awarded.




ELIGIBILITY: This competition is open to all artists.

Brush painting or calligraphy must be in Asian ink, or Asian ink and watercolor on rice* paper or silk.*Generic term for those papers traditionally used for East Asian brush painting, often containing mulberry, cotton, hemp, and occasionally rice fiber.


PAINTINGS & CALLIGRAPHY - Paintings and calligraphy must be the original creation and composition of the artist submitting it. Copying a painting by another artist or teacher, with a few details changed, is not considered an original work. No touch-ups, changes, or additions by another artist or teacher are allowed.

- Paintings and calligraphy must be painted within the last two years and not previously exhibited in a Sumi-e Society annual exhibition. Previous entry elsewhere is permitted.

- Entries will be accepted only from the artist, not by or through agents.


NON-TRADITIONAL PAINTINGS must be executed with water-soluble Asian ink with or without watercolor on rice paper, gold and silver papers, shikishi boards or silk. The predominant element must be ink and direct brushwork on the base; however, techniques such as monoprinting, suminagashi, spraying, or non-relief collage may be incorporated. Collage is acceptable if it is created with approved paper painted by the artist in water media. Use of newsprint, magazine materials, patterned origami paper, patterned wrapping paper or computer-generated materials is not acceptable. Indicate technique to create collage in Description box on entry form.


CALLIGRAPHY other than signature or date must be accompanied by a typed English translation of the calligraphy on both painting and calligraphy artwork. Indicate in Description box on entry form.



April 10----       DEADLINE for entering at

April 24 -----    NOTIFICATION of Acceptance - email reminder 

                           Artist must open their Artist Profile at

                           Check each artwork to see which artworks were accepted and which were declined.

May 22–26 -    SHIPPED ARTWORK DUE - to arrive at the shipping company.

May 29 -----     HAND DELIVERIES to Chinese American Museum DC before Noon

June 2-------    ARTIST RECEPTION - Friday 6 to 8 PM at Chinese American Museum DC

June 2, 3, 4 -   PAINTING WORKSHOP with Dr. Kan, Kit-Keung

June 3 -------   AWARDS CEREMONY BANQUET 5:00 - 8:00 pm EDT

                                    with Remarks about the exhibition by Dr. Kan

July 1 --------    EXHIBITION CLOSES

July 3 -------     PICK UP ARTWORK – 10 AM to 12 Noon.




At an early age, Kan Kit-Keung studied traditional Chinese painting under Leung Pak-Yu, Chow Yat-Fung and Kan Maytin, and calligraphy under Au Kin-Kung. He obtained his PhD degree in Physics at the University of Maryland in 1975. He first exhibited his work and participated in art competitions in Hong Kong in 1964. Since then, he has held more than forty solo exhibitions, including one at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, and participated in more than one hundred two-person and group exhibitions in Washington DC, New York, Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and many other cities throughout the world. 


He started his personal innovation of Chinese landscape painting by using traditional techniques to study rural landscapes of Hong Kong in the 1960s and created abstract landscapes through simplification in the 1970s and 1980s. After that, he developed his painting vocabulary anew and embarked on paintings of white water, waterfalls, and other themes of Nature. These works have enhanced his reputation as a master painter and he is credited by some with creating a new style of brush painting. In calligraphy, he has established individualistic styles in each of the five major scripts. His elegant style emphasizes the fluidity of brush strokes and their interrelationships. He also works on installations with his calligraphy.


On two separate occasions Dr. Kan has been Visiting Artist at Chung Chi College, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His work is in the collections of the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, University Library, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Chung Chi College,The University of Hong Kong, the International Monetary Fund, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Art Bank of the State Department, the American Embassy in Moscow, Copelouzos Museum in Athens, Greece, and many private and corporate collectors.




Technical Competence

Whether it is executed in brush strokes or in Pomo, in color or in ink monochrome, in painting or in calligraphy, technical proficiency is fundamental. The judge will only accept work that a sufficient degree of technical competence is achieved so that the artist's idea can be expressed without hindrance in the piece.



The use of space is important for any two dimensional work. It cannot be ignored in any abstract or representational piece. Therefore, composition and the treatment of the subject matter are both imperative criteria in the judging process.



Originality is the most important element of a piece of artwork. Originality can show in many forms. It can be in technical styles, in subject matters, or in emotional expressions. The judge will look for pieces where the artistic ideas shine through and resonate with the viewers.


JURYING: Digital images will be juried for inclusion in the exhibition, using accepted standards of East Asian brush painting. Calligraphy entries will be considered for their artistic merit and not necessarily as a form of communication. This does not exclude classic calligraphy. Artists, whose work is accepted, will ship the original work for the judging of awards and inclusion in the exhibition. The Sumi-e Society reserves the right to refuse any artwork that it deems improperly presented, unsafe, damaged, or not the same as represented in the digital image submitted for judging. No withdrawals, substitutions or price changes (except to NFS) will be accepted after a work is juried into the exhibition.



            Artists may enter one or both categories.

MEMBER ENTRY FEES for Members of Sumi-e Society of America, Inc.

            Paintings - 1 or 2 paintings for $40

            Calligraphy - 1 or 2 calligraphy for $40

            Painting and Calligraphy - $60 (1 or 2 paintings and 1 or 2 calligraphy)


            Paintings - 1 or 2 paintings for $95

            Calligraphy - 1 or 2 calligraphy for $95

            Painting and Calligraphy - $115 (1 or 2 paintings and 1 or 2 calligraphy)

            (The Non-Member price includes SSA dues of $50 for 2023)


            Fees cover all entries, up to two (2) per category, four (4) per entrant.

            Pay through using PayPal or Credit Card.



1. Works must be WET MOUNTED, SIGNED AND SEALED before photographing. Show only the image, no frame or mat in the photo. The digital image should accurately portray the original art. Be sure your images are rotated with the correct side up.

2. IMAGE SIZE must be listed to the nearest inch.

3. DIGITAL IMAGE SIZE must be at least 1920 pixels on the longest side at 72 dpi, but smaller than 4MB. Images must be in JPEG format, RGB color space. If you need help photographing your work or sizing your images click on



            Fill out an Artist Profile to register with Online Juried Shows

                        or Log In if you registered before.

            Find the Sumi-e Society of America logo on


            Click on “Enter This Show.”

            Upload your artwork images one at a time.

            Pay entry fee through

                        by PayPal or Credit Card.

5. HELP is available from the videos on the website and from Sumi-e Society Board members. For help with your entries, email or call 888-666-1351.

6. EMAIL - Please add to your email contact list to ensure notifications are received.








Measure the outer edge of frame

Multiply the height by the width of the frame.

For example the outer dimensions of the frame could be

20” x 25” or   15” x 33”


For example the frame could be

10” x 15” or   8” x 18.75”


FRAMING SPECIFICATIONS: Metal sectional frames in silver, gold, pewter, gray or black are highly recommended for durability and ease of hanging. All paintings must be wet mounted, framed and under acrylic or Plexiglas, ready to hang. Do not use glass. Framing used must be strong enough to withstand all necessary handling.


MATS: Outer mats must be a LIGHT, NEUTRAL COLOR. Mats that are too dark will be excluded or included in the show at the discretion of the National and Chapter Chairs.

!!Hanging scrolls will not be accepted!!


ONLINE ENTRY DEADLINE: APRIL 10, 2023 All digital entries must be submitted online not later than midnight.


DELIVERY OF ACCEPTED WORKS: Shipped works must arrive in Maryland May 22 – 26. Artwork must be shipped prepaid with prepaid arrangements for return shipping provided in reusable packing cases such as Airfloat, Strongbox. Complete shipping instructions will be with your notification letter in your Artist Profile at


LOCAL DELIVERY: Hand delivered works will be accepted at the Chinese American Museum  DC on Monday, May 29 before NOON.


NOTIFICATION / ACCEPTANCE: APRIL 24, 2023 - Notifications are sent through Constant Contact from To ensure receipt of this notification, please add to your contact list, or safe senders’ list. Artists are responsible for checking their Artist Profile at Artists who fail to provide work accepted into the show will not be permitted to enter the national show the following year.


LIABILITY: Every care will be taken by the Society, the Chinese American Museum DC and the shipping company, their members or agents. However, no liability is assumed for loss or damage from whatever cause. It is the responsibility of the artists to insure their artwork.


SALES: The Chinese American Museum and the Sumi-e Society do not participate in the sale of artwork on exhibit. Anyone wishing to purchase an artwork will be put in contact with the artist. No painting may be removed during the exhibition period. The artist should make a donation to the Museum and to Sumi-e Society of America, Inc for any artwork sold. The artwork should have a monetary value posted for insurance purposes even if listed as not for sale on their entry form with If the artwork is NFS, please add the monetary value to the description box on your entry form.


CATALOG: The Exhibition Catalog of Award winners and the DVD showing all the exhibited images will be sent to all Society members. Additional copies will be available from the Sumi-e Society for $8.00 in the US, $10.00 to Canada and Mexico, and $15.00 outside North America by airmail.


PUBLICATION: Artists give the Sumi-e Society the rights to use the images of all submitted works in the print and digital publications of the Society.


WORKSHOP: There will be one three-day workshop - June 2, 3, 4  --- Painting with Dr. Kan Kit-Keung. More information will be emailed to SSA members. Information will also be posted on the Society website


QUESTIONS: If you have any questions about the exhibition, please contact:


Carole Yee, National Co-Chair

Rockville, MD



Carla Jaranson, National Co-Chair

Burke, VA


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